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07 Feb 2014 07:53:24
Mike Ashley is getting ready to sell the club in the summer, with the fee being around £250-300million. Players like Coloccini, Gosling, Ameobi, Jonas, Obertan, Marveaux and Cisse could all leave.

And with Rangers potentially getting promoted To Scottish league one, Ashley is very much interested in buying them, with the strong possibility of champions league


Considering Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour both supposedly payed around 150m for Chelsea and Man City there is no way anybody would pay 250-300m for our club. Until Ashley gets back his loan or the majority of it back and the price lowers nobody will even be interested in buying us.

Jtoon, I posted Ashley to buy Rangers a few weeks ago.

It's very likely that Ashley would sell us to buy Rangers considering he already has shares in the clubs. Probably won't sell for £250m-£300m more likely £100m-£200m at best. As for the leaving players I'd be a bit sad to see Shola go and it'll be tough to replace Colocccini although Williamson and MBiwa may be up to it although we'd need to replace Colo and S Taylor who I think may be on the way out as well

Yeah jimmy, let's hope he does. not spending in the last two transfer windows, picking up money for cabaye. could all add up?

Its like I said, it makes perfect business sense. Ashley knows as a business man to buy cheap, Rangers worth will be less, he won't need to spend much and before you know it they will be back challenging Celtic for Champions league every year. He knows that it would take 100 million to do that with Newcastle. Rangers makes a lot of sense for Ashley

Whilst I agree he might see Rangers as more attractive proposition than Newcastle, especially as it will be a lot easier to get Rangers in the Champs League than NUFC. The problem is finding a buyer willing to stump up the cash.

- Ed, are there any rules stopping Ashley from owning both clubs?

Ashley's requirement is apparently £250m-£300m, which is basically what he's put into the club. You can't ask fairer than that. But that's the sort of money Liverpool got bought for - we don't have the global appeal of them - no matter what anyone says.

Whilst I am not deeply against the way he runs the club, emphasis on 'deeply', I am unhappy at the lack of communication from the club and feel the clus is quite distant from its own fans. I do hope we can find a new owner, not necessarily to splash City/Chelsea style cash but someone who can find a good balance of investment in the club and increasing revenue from other area's.

Apart from Colo the rest should all leave, some of them are barely championship standard.

Mickthemag. never read so little a post which stands out as the biggest pile of @##$.

We have a good 11 12 players. pre cabaye it only needed 2 to 3 added to make it r3alstic challengers with man u. spurs. everton and Lpool For that 4th place.

Only people who need to leave are those who don't xross the white line on match days.

Support the team not the regime

"Apart from colo the rest should all leave" I'm sorry what? Your suggesting that every player should leave, apart from Coloccini? Who can't wait to leave us? Oh dear mick

Remy, Colo, Tiote, Debuchy, Krul and Gouffran are the only players I'd be sad to see leave the club actually add Haidara to that list who I think could be a brilliant LB given game time but other than them I don't rate the rest although I can't include De Jong in that as it's too early to judge him.

My comment was in reply to the original post. Apart from colo none of them are worth keeping. Where are Tiote, Remy and Krul mentioned?

It's been 3 days and no response from jtoon and dannitoon. If you are going to have a go at someone at least have the decency to read posts properly and after last nights performance was I that far out?




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