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07 Apr 2012 12:37:27
Willo and Perch looked good again yesterday. Glad they are both in our squad and can play well when needed.


We paid a million pound for Willo. Steal for that price. Yes he is a squad player but is doing the job we ask and doing it well. Lets get behind all the lads for our push for Europe.

We've been lucky to have him is a bit rash, since s taylor has been out injured our defence has conceded a large amount of goals, he has been good the last few games but the fact pardew keeps talking about our centre backs he clearly thinks the same hes just not good enough, perch has certainly matured and will create some good competition in a lot of places but hes a squad player at his best is nowhere near the quality of european football

Williamson is not good enough he's championship at best! The whole midfield is sitting 20 yards deeper to give him and Perch protection. He can't pass, he doesn't put his neck muscles into heading the ball and for a big bloke he doesn't use his strength. I'll support him when he's on the pitch but long term he ain't good enough and hope we get a couple million in the summer.
Leazes end mag

I dont agree with that. Both Willo and Perch are showing real signs of improvements more so Perch. Colo wasn't the world class CB when he first came. Plus Perch is a RB playing at CB. Carries on this form he could replace Simpson when he leaves. Giving good competition to Santon.

Yeah williamson is not in our first choice CB pairing but he is definately a player you want in your squad and one we have been lucky to have this year. When you look at the current top ten he could easily play in a first choice for some of them and to say that he couldnt takes away from the team ethic that we have had all season - he has contributed to the success we have been having. Yeah like most I will be glad to see S taylor back but Im also glad we have someone like Williamson who has really grown and developed this year with strength and his play culminating in him pretty much leading the back four the last 2 games.

Williamson has been shocking all season but has put in some vital performances recently, and as for perch he has shown he can be useful and reminds me of aaron hughes but neither are good enough for a top 10 premiership team if the top 15 even, both deserve a lot of credit for the last 2 games but lets not get carried away here

That's what again means. More than once.

Sorry but both were class AGAIN?? Do you mean for the last two games?

Both were class again.

So grateful Perch overcame his knock. My favorite to partner Collo when he returns.




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