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06 Sep 2013 19:21:44
According to the Telegraph. Ashley has not paid a single penny to advertise his tacky shop all over SJP.


It's his club and he can do what he pleases when he pleases and we will all sit back and do nothing but moan then renew our season tickets when we are told.

I agree Mick it is his club. But according to 3 the stooges we missed out on transfer targets as we operated in a tight financial way. Surely the extra millions from other sponsorship would have helped. Its further confirms he is only using the club to milk it and further boost his company name.

If he paid for the sponsorship -the only place it would have come from is the club anyway
Makes no odds -he is just letting the club tick over at minimum cost and hope we stay in the premiership
His eyes are on rangers as he sees that as his cash cow

Well the sooner he does 1 the better Rangers bware he''ll have u lot lookin lyk a discount store soon enough

We need to be careful. If we warn rangers fans what he's like they could protest against it and we could be stuck with him!

Just another example of the club getting done over.

The space Ashley is not paying for is space advertisers would pay good money for, which would pay off the debt, which! (wait for it here is the clincher) is debt that needs to be payed back to Ashley lol. Talk about a racket.

At least Glazer is giving his club results while he turns them upside down like a piggy bank.

You slate Ashley off for just wanting to milk the club and take the money, then you suggest he is using free advertising for Sports Direct by using the hoardings. You think he would be using those hoardings if there were actually anyone willing to use them? Think about it, sponsors have to pay for the use of them hoardings, so he would obviously rather have someone come in and pay to use them. After all, he got Wonga to pay for renaming the ground St James Park, even though everyone called it that anyway.

The guy is a business man, and a successful one at that. When he does leave this club, it will be in the best financial shape it has ever been, and he'll probably not get any credit for that due to his footballing decisions, which are shocking there is no getting away from that. However, I personally would prefer a financially stable club than a one with copious amounts of debt stuck in a lower division, like say QPR or Portsmouth.

So in summary, Ashley is a terrible football person, however he is a credible business man and Newcastle dare I say will be better off after he is gone and balanced the books. When Shepherd shovelled money into the club we weren't any more successful and we had a mountain of debt so just think about that.

I think about it everyday. and everyday I come to the same conclusion. I want him to fk off!

In regards to the person who mentioned the renaming of the ground, that was Wonga expecting/being aware of the backlash trying to appease the fans nothing more nothing less.
Any sponsor would of done it, because it is the right thing to do.

In reply to the 8th post. YOU may like to go to the match to look at the balance sheets, WE the FANS want to see ambition and good football.

8th Poster here. Who doesn't want to go and see good football, and personally I don't think we've been playing that bad a standard of football. People have just got a hangover from a bad previous season and are expecting the world. In the game against West Ham the players were booed off the pitch which was disgusting, considering West Ham are a good team and they were playing defensive for the point. The game against Fulham, we were the only team in the second half and if it wasn't for some resolute defending and good keeping we would have won comfortably, yet the doom and gloom merchants were still dissapointed with our performance.

At the end of the day, the way we play football is by direct long balls up to the forwards or counter attack with wingers. It's how we have always played in the Premier League. We used to lump the ball to Shearer who could hold it up, or give it to players like Solano/Robert/Milner/N'Zogbia so they can put a cross in. Yet everyone wants Ben Arfa to get the ball and then expect miracles/ He is good, but he's not Leo Messi. He isn't a team player and he slows us down with his constant indecision, greediness, and wanting to take on as many players as he can. If he had just passed the ball more often this season we would have possibly done better.

And in regards to the person who said that Wonga only renamed the ground St James Park to avoid backlash, well yea that much is obvious. That wasn't my point, my point was Ashley was business savvy enough to get Wonga to pay for the renaming rights. Somethign that was seperate to being our shirt sponsor, otherwise do you not think that Virgin Money would have done the same thing and renamed the ground if they had the option.

Even if no money is changing hands between SD and NUFC the amounts due for advertising must have moved some of the debt from one company or the other

Why would Mike Ashley have to pay to advertise in or on anything newcastle?

Who owns the club, it's just another expensive toy for him.

The only way I can see anything good coming of this, is the money that we owe him could go down? But I wouldn't count on it, as I have said it is HIS CLUB. He won't have to pay to advertise as it is his.




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