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06 Sep 2011 14:28:03
I see that the Daily Mail are reporting that Blackburn are keeping tabs on Bristol City's Nicky Maynard with a view to signing him in January.If Ashley & co have any sense they will get the lad signed up with some kind of pre jan transfer agreement with maybe Ranger thrown in now on loan if poss. Would be gutted if we missed out to Blackburn on this.

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06 Sep 2011 01:43:31
'01 Sep 2011 11:31:43
Alan Pardew was contemplating resigning at 11pm last night, and was talked out of it by Derek Llambias. He was said to be angry that those above him at the club had not done enough to secure his main priority, a top striker.'

This was me (check IP address to confirm Ed), correct about the Pardew situation, and correct he was talked out of it. I should get more credit round here! I don't say much, but when I do, it's mostly right...

PS When watching Santon at Inter, Graham Carr confirmed that the area was mackem-free.

The Badger

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Pardew isn't going. Why go after 6 months in the job just cause u didn't get a striker.
He's got a great squad otherwise, lacks a bit of depth at the back. But certainly we've laid the foundation of a high paced fast passing team. And we've had a great start.
When people start talking about Pards walking just due to that one striker, then it makes me think that those people are narrowminded and paranoid and cannot see longer than their own nose.

Wake up and smell the roses, Pardew isn't going anywhere. Now stop setting everything up as a giant conspirancy towards Pardew or whoever, and get with the program.

Bah, pisses me off this. Starting using your common sense and stop thinking too much. Clearly not cut out for it.

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So the rumour is true, no one has ever seen a mackem in milan.

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Sorry Badger but Pardew would never resign. Where would he go!
Newcastle is his big break!
And Lame Arse would have accepted to reduce the wage bill!

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Remember puppet said judge me back end of august i will put bums on seats!! well the seats ne ment were in the house Demba Ba is pure s**t i hope he goes the cockney lier

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I never understand why some of our fans diss players we sign when they've not even kicked a ball or have only had a handfull of games......I think we've had some quite good results considering how many changes we've made to the 1st team. Just support the players coz no amount of b*tching is gonna make MA run the club any differently :P

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I agree, i think MA enjoys pissing the fans off. Its one thing after another. I like Pardew and generally believe he thought a striker would be signed and he has every right to be annoyed. Some fans say 'calm down we have a good team and have had a good start' i agree with that also, but if we were to get a few injuried then where would we be. Its the striker situation that is the most annoying, we have known since January that Carrol needed replacing and nothing was done. How come a club as big as ours with alot of money (that MA wont part with) can't compete in the transfer market with, Stoke, Fulham, QPR and more, they all stealed there targets on deadline day y not us? MA and Llambias were putting in bids for players way under the valuation to try and keep us fans happy and claim they tried to make signings.....BULL! funny how a statement was realised by Llambias the day after deadline day (again full of lies) and Pardew wouldn't speak to the press, he refused because he is sick of doing the boards dirty work and i can't blame him. If he was to leave (which he won't) we would struggle to get a league two manager to come to us because it is well known around the country the way the joke of a owner treats his employees!

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Does anyone else think we have loads of strikers (mediocre-crap ones yes but strikers none the less)? This means until a few leave we won't get a new striker, players like lovenkrance need to leave (who knows when his contract ends?), doing this would open spaces for the youth (Vuckic/sammi) and even mean we could buy a striker. Also ranger obviously needs to get out, I think we should loan him out for three months, and agree with the club he's loaned to that they have to buy him in January for 1.5 mill. Speaking of the loan window we should loan several of our midfielders like inman and edmunson to Gateshead, which would help them in their league 2 push and give them more experience.

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I've seen plenty of Mackems in Milan, it's a fairly popular spot for football fans.

I suggest certain supporters need to realise that there won't be any more NUFC fans in Milan! And was Beefy in Milan? He supported the mackems until abou 88 and he was born a mackem

Santon should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on playing left back with his right foot!

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'Santon should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on playing left back with his right foot!'

He's two footed pal, he said so himself. And genuinely, I'm pretty sure the only guys who give a $hit about Beefy are the photographers and the half time announcer.

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Disagree, Ba has played well the past two games, it's unfortunate he's come off the bench, he needs more time to assert himself on the pitch Adstatoon

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