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06 May 2013 15:04:58
is debuchy back for qpr?

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Yep it was only one match for a second yellow

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Nope he's out until next season

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When Ashley was told by AP he thought we could finish 3rd he thought at the top of the table

Newcastle are gone lads only 2 weeks of pergutory from these w. s running this club

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If you don't happen to be a SMB then have a little faith. My dollar is on Norwich going down.

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I agree with West Brom and City for the last 2 games I can see Norwich losing both games so if we can get any points at all then we may just get through this in one piece, maybe two, three at the outside

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Debuchy only had a 1-match ban, he is back for qpr.

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Norwich won't go down I can see norwich getting a draw or a scrappy win vs WBA and I can see Wigan losing to arsenal so that's them safe. I think it's between us Sunderland and Wigan simple thing is if we us 3 Newcastle norwich and Sunderland get 1 point and Wigan lose there down.

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Sunderland can still go down, southampton is a very tough match and they will get beat by tottenham

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Simpson has played far better in recent matches compared to debuchy

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So you are suddenly going to win away, come on, get real you are favourite for the drop, and rightly so, you are terrible.

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Paddy Power had wigan at evens and us at 5-1 for the drop before wigan lost to swansea so we weren't then, and certainly aren't now, favourites for the drop.
Doesnt mean we won't go down of course because we have been terrible but your facts were just very wrong and I needed to say!

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06 May 2013 11:36:36
Eds have you heard anything about Ashley having a look for a new manager? I've heard Benitez and Girard being banded about, was just wondering, if Pardew gets the boot in the summer, who do you think is favourite to replace him? {Ed002's Note - Obviously it was me that mentioned Girard, but that was not because of the club looking but because he would be interested if the position became available.}

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So who will be favourite ed? {Ed002's Note - I rather doubt that Benitez will be in the running for the job, and I think Girard would be a good option - particularly now as he has learned English to decent level - although maybe that won't help him on Tyneside. If the job becomes vacant there will be a number of people interested as it is a high profile job and I would not entirely rule out Remi Garde either.}

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Is Girard the Montpellier manager because I've seen rumours linking him to the job if Pardew gets sacked.

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Well i'd not wait i'd get someone now my choice di matteo or someone who can play entertaining football, i'd hate to think we start next season with pardew in charge, whatever league we are in

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Going to keep saying it we are getting Rafa if we stay up.

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Keep hearing Moyes being mentioned. Everton can't give him money to spend and Ashley is willing to bankroll him.

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Moyes would be the best signing since Shearer IMO.

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RDM Is a defensive manager. 1-0 wins etc. Suppose 3 points is 3 points

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Moyes won't come here. Loads of people are putting big money on Moyes to Man U

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Moyes is going United that's pretty much a certainty and Di matteo is certainly not an attractive football manager look at how he won the cl, but don't get me wrong if he can bring that success to us I don't give a flying toss what type of football we play

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