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06 Jun 2013 10:34:23
NUFC linked with Ukrainian prodigy, Yarmolenko. Did very well in the european championships & Shevchenko said he's the future of the national team.

Very pacey winger & strong on the ball

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Don't talk BS. There is no way on earth we would get him. he will go to a top European club. He is pure class but we wouldn't stand a chance in getting him.

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Yeah he looks ac Milan bound.

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Checked him in youtube, similar to Ben Arfa from what I saw. would be a good buy, I guess. {Ed052's Note - No chance o Yarmalennko I am afraid}

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Sick of hearing so called fans bitch and whine well never get this player he's to good go support another club, would be good to see some movement hope its not going to be another last minute job

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Why so called Because they are realists
This club will at best be mediocre under Ashley and you my friend are exactly the kind of fan Ashley wants Stupid

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Just being real. I am a very loyal fan and have had a season ticket for 25 years. you have to be real to what we are capable of signing. as Ed said before no chance f signing him. we don’t spend that sort of money on players or wages and he is one of the hottest prospects in the world at the moment and will be lured to a top European team. we aren't even in the Europa League this year. I think it is you who needs to support another club, Man City, Chelsea or even Monaco and then your team can provide you with the players you desire.

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You said it, he is a hot prospect. if he is that god he will only move to a big club.

The player himself will know how good he is and even if his head isn't about money and it is about the football he will want to be at a team that will win him trophies, make him a a great. a legend.

WHY would he come to us. Unless he's brain dead!

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No you're not being realists. At every opportunity you whine about how bad we are and how we can't afford or attract good players. When we were relegated we were promoted immediately after winning the league, two seasons later we qualified for Europe, reaching the quarter final where it took the finalists and one of the best teams in the competition to beat us. How can you call that mediocre? Most clubs' fans can only dream of that. Your problem is you want to spread your misery and hatred of Ashley because you don't want people to think this club is any good because you don't. To be honest I' struggling to believe you hate Ashley considering the fact that you don't seem to be able to stop talking about him.

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Ashley wants the club to succeed - more success=more tv coverage= more publicity for Sports Direct. Question is, does he know how to make it succeed? He got a scare last season, so I'm (very) cautiously optimistic that he'll order strengthening the team this summer, and that means at least three first-teasers, CB, winger and striker minimum IMO. If it was up to me, I'd go for two CBs and two strikers, but I'm greedy!

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Nugget advising why we the Fans not just me should accept the mediocrity from Ashley
Explain that to WHam Swansea & Norwich Pumpkin

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There's 'realism' and there's blind, stupid pessimism. Realistically, the most sensible thing for the Ashley haters to do is to refuse to buy his products, whether a season ticket or the latest strip.

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If fans of the top 6 clubs can be sceptical & moan the fans of this great club can so also 10 times more watching a person like Ashley murder it

We all need positivity but as yet all the positive things are Dreams and speculation in peoples heads
It is up to Ashley to change that

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Sorry guys I read this blog everyday and I don't really understand you guys. NUFC has to live within its means. Where do you expect funds to come from to buy 25m players? Apart from the top 4 teams in EPL who is spending in excess of 15m on one players. Get real we have good enough players we had a really bad season end of. Maybe we need to invest more in a top class coach and physio players for me didn't seem to be fit enough this season.

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Nobody is asking for 25 million pound players. Only for us to be competitive in the market. You can not tell me that if Ashley wished he couldn't pull 30 million for summer budget especially with the increase in revenue this season as long with the penny pitching from seasons gone by. We finished 5th the season before that is when we should have pushed on. Instead we buy 1 player and then panic in January when we looked odds on for the drop. Can't run a club like that.

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Finishing 5th last year was an overachievment, to say we should have "pushed on" is rather naive. Not many teams consistently finish in the top 6 nevermind top 4. Its my view that Newcastle need firstly to keep key players and to sign in three areas: CB, LSF and CF doesn't mean Ashley has to spend megga bucks. Realistic targets for next season would be at least top ten plus a cup

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Too much emphasis is placed on how much is spent. It is the quality of the player not the price. Michu 2.5 million! If we spent 5 million and brought in 2 strikers of Michu quality I for one would be more than happy. I think the emphasis should be more on properly coaching the players we have we have quality players in the squad.

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Not many teams constantly finish in the top 5? It is the same top 5/6 nearly every season. Spurs are the recent team to really put pressure on the bigger teams. Had we bought the player in the summer that we bought in January we would have been in and around the same area. The fall effect from Ashley tightness is that we finish in the bottom 5 and our better player are wanting to leave. You should always progress from a position of strength. We are now starting over again.

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Players aren't the problem, the manager is

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All coming out soon lads. just keep dreaming
As it seems Newcastle could be in for an overhaul with 3/4 first team players leaving and being replace.

One thing with conviction when the team eventually settles ins/outs the only winner will be Ashley with mega bucks in his poke.

However the fans will be happy with new faces and he knows that.

Just wish these clowns running the club would get off the beach and get some serious work done.

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Players aren't the problem? Can't you read? Cisse, Jonas, Obertan, Tiote, Willo, Shola get slated on here all the time. If you weren't so one-eyed you'd see that Ben Arfa contributes very little either - an odd flash of brilliance once in a blue moon - when he's actually fit, which is rarely. Fact is, the midfield is unbalanced. We need a calming, controlling leader in the middle, (Modric?) and a genuine winger or two to provide a (non-hoofball) outlet.

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Some facts about 'realism'. 1. Shepherd couldn't find a buyer for NUFC. The only possible was Barry Moat who couldn't raise the asking price, never mind pay off the bank loans AND find money for transfers. So Ashley was the only possible new owner, like him or loathe him. 2. 'FCB get out of our club'. Stupid idea for numerous reasons: first, it's not a club, it's a PLC; there are no members, the company is OWNED by Ashley; next, he's tried to get out but no-one wants to buy - FACT; third, if Ashley left he'd want his money back, wouldn't he? Wouldn't you? 3. Realism: Ashley could invest his millions in his other companies and make a profit. Why should he spend big bucks just to please the fans who'll still hate him? 4. Realistically, you lot who hate the way NUFC is run can only get back at him by refusing to buy his products - or have you got a better idea? Thought not. 5. Pardew: he may not be anybody's favourite but do you realistically think Ashley will sack him just because the mob want him out? And who, being realistic, do you imagine Ashley would appoint in his place? Pulis? Curbishley?

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What do you disagree about? Are you saying that nobody moans about the players named? Or do you think they're all top-class?

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I see the 'realists' have chickened out of the argument, again.

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06 Jun 2013 00:08:34
Newcastle and arsenal battle to sign valbuena from OM for around 6M

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Haha more like 16m he's been onform this season

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Is he not 28 if he was 3 years younger, we should

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He only has a year left on his contract.

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Yeah that will solve our lack of goals from corners?

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Will help us get the ball in the box?

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Please can we not all follow these Pardew rubbish of: "the reason we were so impotent, lacking in variation and creativity and completely without cohesion going forward was because our defenders aren't tall enough. "

What's the point in having a classy small player like Valbuena if we just lump it up every time as if terrified of the ball?!

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According to a gunners site we are closing in on gervinho, not a bad player for 10 mil would rather have tom ince or carroll bk tbh

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