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06 Jan 2013 23:40:58
To the post who said 'look what ashleys done for us'
He bought the club and blocked the buys Fat Sam, had lined up thus wrecking his planning for that season. Sacked Fat Sam to bring in Harry - who did not want to come - so out of desparation and to buy public support brought back Kevin but tied his hands on transfers with the poison dwarf. The club fails to progress so Kevin walks away. Ashey appoints Joke Kineer - makes us the laughing stock of the football world - especially after his first press conference. Relegates the club and takes the good name of Alan with him by not giving him enough of a chance to make a difference. Promises Alan he will be around the following season then does not even tell him there has been a change of plan.
Could not find a Manager so appoints Chris on a temporary basis. Suprise supries Chrissie makes a good show of the job and gets us promoted against the odds. Doing well back in top flight but for no good reason sacks chrissie to bring in the PUPPET.
Sells our main striker at the 11th hour in the transfer window meaning we can not replace ( yes I know the money was good). Stumbles along to the close season. Buys a few decent players after the Puppet stated - we must keep Barton, Enrique and Nolan ( All sold). A reasonable season (for a change) but just as things are going well - pees off the fans by selling our stadium name. Despite a good finish to the 2012 season fails to improve the squad - despite all the promises / rumours and eveybody knowing the squad was too small. As expected the season is taking it's toll with Europe and injuries so what do we do in the Jan window - We sell out top scorer and appear to have no replacement lined up - Puppet says we must be patient. We are back in a relegation scrap and on Saturdays performance the second 11 would not command a place in a sunday park Team. So what has Ashley done for us ??

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Did you call the puppet a puppet last season ? No a don't think you did I was never a Ashley fan but open your eyes and look at what he's done for this club without bankrupting the club like all the other personic chairman wev had, this season has been a freak of a season for injuries take that many players out of any team not including the big 3 and they would all struggle so stop being a cook and support the club that your meant to support

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A)you'd call last season a reasonable season? I'd call it our best season since the 90s when we nearly won the title.
b) how is pardew supporting ashley a bad thing? If he criticised him like the others did he'd have been fired like the rest. How are we meant to progress as a club if we've keep changing our manager? We need to have some sort of stability if we want to even stand a chance of doing well.

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Don't you see? Ashley and the board are slowly getting us up to the next level! Look at the signings in recent years! Cabaye, ba, Ben arfa, cisse, santon. all gems! If we just spend spend, we will just do a Leeds just what qpr will do if they get relegated. Without ashley, we wouldn't be on this site today.

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The guy who wrote on here isbang on well said mate if i met u i would shake your hand mate. the 2 reply underneath must be ashley, s relations ! only think ashley has done is fill his pockets with toon cash.they keep saying he has put loads of his own cash into the club? well if u buy a house you have2 look after it. specky llambias is nothing but i lier true? when vigin money took over the shirt name specky said the 10mill of them would buy a good player ? then when the p1ss take of wonga taking over for 8mill a season when questioned about vigin money he said i dont know where fans got the idea of10mill from we woud be lucky to get 2mill a season from virgin lying cockney pr1ck.Fatty will take us down AGAIN at least when shepard was hereb we nearly won something!! so you should not disagree with the guy who wote above

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He is puppet he said a striker would be needed as soon as? where is he? new ba wanted to go he will be hanging on to see who he can get for next to nothing

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Stability? You mean stability like how Middlesbrough tried with Gareth Southgate? Now look at where Boro are by trying the stability route.

I am not ready to write Pardew off quite yet, I think he should be given 3 more games but when a club start losing the only stability you can rely on is for losing to become a trend.

What makes people think stability works anyway? Everyone looks at Fergie and Wenger but I mean come on, these are two of the best managers in the world at big clubs, that is 2 whole managers out of 100s of English clubs and Fergie and Wenger have been stable managers because of their win ratio, how long do you think Wenger or Fergie would be kept around if they started losing games frequently?

So called Stability has done most clubs more harm than good, Blackburn last season comes to mind. If you do not stop the rot you can end up dropping a division and getting stuck there for years.

I am all for giving Pardew a fair chance and standing by him during a tough phase, but I am not going to be using this stability line if we do not get results in our next 3 to 4 games.

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If you look at other clubs who have been of our stature and went down, forrest, leeds, even pompy (stint in europe) they have all failed to return to the prem and found themselves in countless amounts of debt with numbers of managers in and out the club. Only now forrest have been taking over do they look like stablising, and what everybody forgets that is if last season newcastle had of finished top half we would have all been over the moon but no we over acheived a statement which pardew was not shy about stating .. However what was he ment to do this season .. he couldnt win... if he turned round and said we dont want to build on last season we arent good enough to do so and we havnt got any chance of improving the squad he would have been lynched .. Between Pardew and Ashley they have moved on the pre madonnas on huge wages, and brought in players to build for the future, it may not be a bad thing that we finish lower in the prem this season, have a year out of europe and progress from there with the players having a taste of it and wanting to strive to get it back.. IMO we will not be relagated once our players return we will be too good enough and even then if we werent there are at least 4 sides in the league worse that us .. Villa, QPR, Reading, Wigan.

The problem with Newcastle is not the owner, managing director, manager or players, its the fans who when were winning say its poor and when loosing say its poor .. the team and board cannot win.

Keep the Faith.

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''The problem with Newcastle is not the owner, managing director, manager or players, its the fans who when were winning say its poor and when loosing say its poor .. the team and board cannot win.''

It does not matter if we overachieved last season, if anything that is the fast track route to building on what you have, you make having a good season sound like a bad thing.

Basically what you are saying is that we should get frightened by a bit of good form and lower our expectations to always being a mid-table club.

Great, lets not get our hopes us, lets not expect to play in Europe unless it is 3 years down the road.

Climbing the premier league table does not have to be like climbing a ladder, jumping 1 or 2 positions a season. Yes it is possible to bring in good players and have a good season, and *gasp guess what* we may have been able to stay there by building on success, that is generally how it works. (Who is to blame for not adding to a squad going places, the fans?)

Where has the investment from Carroll/Stadium renaming/sponsorships gone?

Sorry but I have higher ambitions for the club than that, and so should you.

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I wrote the original post and YES I did call Pardew a puppet last season and on this very site. I also think what we achived last season was in spite of him not because of him. My critisism however is not towards him but Ashley. All teams suffer injuries and yes we have most of our first team out at the moment - the point is we have nothing behind them and whose fault is that.

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Here's a little bit of business sense for the people that think there is a big bag of cash lying around.

Sponsorship (Kit) + Naming Rights + Transfer Fees (in) + TV Revenue + Ticket Sales + Food & Bev Revenue (Pies and Beers) = REVENUE (Revenue is ALL the money the club brings in - any teenager that plays Football Manager knows that)

Wages (Players & Staff), Transfers & Recruitment (Cost), Training Ground (Capital Expenditure), Electricity, Food & Bev (cost to buy), Administration = COSTS


The club still hasn't made profit since well before our relegation (Pre-Ashley - The accounts were didgy which is why all the hidden costs were not discovered until after the club was purchased - Freddie Shephard my ARSE). The club still owes Mike Ashley over 100 MILLION. If it wasn't for Ashley we would be Portsmouth or Rangers. So he has EVERY right to be prudent when he is backing the club.

Some of you people make me sad to be a Newcastle supporter who drops 1,000 every time I come to watch my team with my wife.


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Not what im saying but look at teams who have made the transitions from mid table to top 6 in previous years .. Chelsea and Man City who have spent hundreds of millions and tottenham who have been a selling club.. buy berbatov sell him for 30 million use the money to bring in two or 3 players to improve the squad not just the team. same with modric sold for big money and no direct replacement they used the money for 2 players dempsey and dembele.. this is the modern day approach teams cannot make the transition from championshop to europe in 2/3 season, it takes time to build the correct foundations last season we were extremly lucky with injuries and players in incredible form, this season has been the opposite and we should understand that not jump on the band wagon of years gone by.. dont judge this team by past teams, we have good players, even great players but we do not have a great squad which has been prooven .. the manager has even said this and im sure the chairman understands this but ask yourself if you invested 100+ million of your own money into something would you happily alow any money coming in be resused or would you want some of your cash back .. i know what i would want and anyone else who says different is taking utter *****

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To the orignal poster you forgot to add the fact he has pumped in 100m's of his own cash into the club, can you do the same ?

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Are you kidding, Newcastle are only just above Arsenal on transfer outgoings and incomings.

Midtable and bottom clubs have invested more in their squads than we have over the last few years.

How many of these clubs have a 50,000 seater stadium or renamed their stadiums.

Ashley is not putting his money where his mouth is, anyone that can prove different... please do so.

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Fact he put a 100mill of his own cash in? if you bought a house would you not spend money on it? mark my word he is taking club to the cleaners BUT no doubt u will still love him when he takes us down AGAIN

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Your equation was amateur, do you really think that proves that Newcastle are in the red?

Do you work for Mr Ashley?

How do you explain Newcastle not investing in the team? Why have we accumulated more than we have spent whene the club is supposed to have ambition.

Are you saying you are happy with Newcastle not only not investing in players but actually making profits from buying and selling, when the club is a titan with a huge stadium and the monopoly over a whole city?

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Ashley pumped 100 million into the club lol, That is called buying out all the shares.

Or did you think he got the club for free and gave then handed over 100+ million as an act of charity.

It cost Ashley 134 million to buy the club, He has pocketed a nice profit and if the club is sold he would expect his money back.

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Accounts filed by the St James' Park club showed that last year the Tyneside team finished the financial year with an operating profit of 13.3m.

You were saying - IrishToon?

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Ashley did not put 100 million in, he loaned Newcastle 140 million to pay off debts. Which are being paid back by the club (Fans), Ashley makes money on that debt which is owed back to him.

Awww, did you really think snookums Ashley luvved us?

Get with the program peeps.

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I never said he put in 100m, I said he was still owed 100mil + by NUFC. Seen as it's an interest free loan from his own pocket NUFC are not being overdraft that would be necessary, interest from the bank, at whatever %. Irrespective, the money would have to be paid back.

Operating profit - GREAT - now deduct all the financial costs and the monies due to be returned to Ashley and your ACTUAL proofit = ZERO.

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07 Jan 2013 16:52:40
so we made no profit since we went down? Mike Ashley took us down as he would not spend any cash. i bet he wanted us to go down, all the cash he got when we came back up AND still not spent it. and for u saying hidding costs well he is some buisness man that dont know what he is buying. We owe him 100 million? how do we know, are we taking his word for it!

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Original Poster here.

I never once suggested Ashley should spend silly money but I question the buying policy of players. Yes the 1st 11 may be good but the rest ? - sadly we saw on Saturday. We have been crying out for a extra CB for 2 seasons. We sell our best strikers and appear to have no replacements lined up (thats why Shola was not allowed to go the ANC). Other Managers buy decent players for not a lot of money - look at Moyes.

Ashley did not pump 1m into the club. He took over our debts so the money went - not into players / ground development etc - but to previous lenders.

Irish toon - you seem to suggest the support drops 1000 every time you come to watch the game with youir wife - perhaps you should leave her at home.

I have sat in my seat for 34 years and god willing will do so for the next 34 years. I still think Ashley is wrong and echo the comments above that to keep on improving you have to build on success. What success are we offering potential new players now (who we desperatley need) compared to last summer.

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After reading all the above posts i think it should really be pointed out that as fans we should really be concentrating on what happens on the pitch and the team rather than the business side of things!

im actually a business development officer and if im honest il openly admit that the business side of the club is not what i support or what i am even interested in!

yes the team hasnt played very well and yes weve been sussed out from last year when we were extremely lucky to finish where we did but still when people ask who i support i answer "newcastle united" not "newcastle uniteds business"

thats for the owner and director to worry about and not us!

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Whoever you are, no, I was suggesting I drop (spend) 1000 euro (the cost to me in flights, hotels, restaurants bars, tickets - not even including shopping for the wife) to come see a game a few times a year. Apparently the website doesn't like the Euro symbol.

I love the city of Newcastle, I love NUFC and I actually think that we are progressing even though we haven't bought the extra 5 players for 25-50 million like everyone seems to want.

If Ashley was to leave tomorrow and sell I believe the club is in a far better position (financially) to attract a buyer who may see the potential in investing the stupid kind of money you all seem to want to splash around.

Remember, Ashley and Llambias were prepared to break their own wage ceiling to keep Ba. So he was greedy, you can't blame the board for that.

I'd have Cisse over Carroll any day.
I'd have Cabaye over Nolan any day.
I'd have Santon over Enrique any day.
I'd have Anita over Guthrie or Barton any day and Biggie is a great back-up.
Debuchy another great signing.

Yep we're in worse shape on the table, but I don't think it's the boards fault. Yes Pardew could have done a thing or two different in tactics during games, yes some posts and bars could have been goals for us.

This ain't Football Manager. Get behind your team and stop whining.

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I'd have Old Nick over Ashley any day.

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06 Jan 2013 20:49:12
Remy refused QPR move Lequipe reporting!

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Rémy refused the QPR

Courted for months by QPR, Loïc Rémy not seen play. According to the information of the team 21, Marseille's French international striker has just reject the offer of the last in the Premier League. Dortmund and Schalke 04 would be also interested in the profile of the former Lyon and it is not insensitive to the German sirens. Case to follow. (this is translated from that report)

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This is true

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They're also suggesting we are after Florian Thauvin, a 19 year old attacking midfielder with Batista in Ligue 2. They do reference Jérémie Aliadière also, but I would think he is too old at 29.

The also throw us at Yann M'vila, and Loic Remy is a 'by the way' kinda comment.

Nearly as bad as the British tabloids, but lots of midfielder suggestions being throw around when also including Sissoko (Moussa).


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If Dortmund come in then that is proceedings over, time to move onto other targets.

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06 Jan 2013 20:18:38
Newcastle have launched a £5m raid for Valeciennes defender Nicolas Isimat-Mirin. whats he like anyone know

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Young and solid, good signing he'd be

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Thanks Yoda

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3m is more like it, this guy is still unproven.

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06 Jan 2013 19:33:12
been told of a reliable source that newcastle will sign a player from one of the manchester clubs. the player has already played in the northeast and it will be a massive transfer for the club. dont no who it will be but thinking welbeck?

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Welbeck would never want to come to a 'Wee' club like us !!

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No chance of anyone good from fergie, still annoyed from when we loaned rossi to us and we didnt give him much game time. Man city, the only player i can think is guidetti and i believe he is injured. I would love a defender such as lescott/richards who both aren't getting first team but wages would be big issue

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If its true the only players I can think of are welbeck, Evans and Milner. To be fair I'd take either one of them at the minute.

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Milner ?

Agree5 Disagree5

James milner coming back

Agree6 Disagree3

Dont say johnny evans

Agree4 Disagree1

I heard same from a citeh source he says its a lad called ryan mcgivern whos loan spell at hibs has just ended

Agree3 Disagree0

Man utd are woefully short on CB's so Evans will not go and Fergie hates us.

Milner wouldnt be guarenteed to start and also hated us before he left.

Agree3 Disagree1

Defo wont be Evans, Milner is a starter for City, Welbeck's average at best and even then Ferguson wont sell him and we wouldnt consider a loan unless it had a perm deal attached on the end

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Oh Great, just what we need, a third Ameobi.

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06 Jan 2013 16:52:57
just been on sky harry and levy in marseilles watching remy thats got to bee a done deal

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Harry and levy? is he going to both clubs

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How would Levy being with harry suggest its a deal done? Levy is Tottenhams chairman and Harry is QPR's manager

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Harry may have been there, but not with Levy as he is the Spurs Chairman not QPR.

Suspect a few managers would be at that match today, knowing Remy is available.

If Spurs were attending tough, we can definitely forget Remy then!

If Harry get's him for QPR, then I will switch on my PC and TV until the 1st Feb and see how things are then

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Harry and Levy!! They back together??

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Sorry meant Tony Fernandes

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It wasnt tony fernandez it was vincent labrune

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06 Jan 2013 16:45:06
been told to day toons top target is SAMBA very unhappy in russia im told and wants out asp

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If thats the x blackburn player my god. newcastle united take three steps backward he's crap

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He's certainly a lot better than Williamson, which to be honest isn't too difficult.

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Williamson is now in the same category as bramble and boumsong.....rubbish

Agree5 Disagree3

I like samba

Agree2 Disagree2

Are you kidding? Samba was the most solid defender in the league outside of a few from the top 4.

better than any CB we currently have, that's for sure.....even colo has been poor this year

Agree6 Disagree1

Whatever Sambas wages are over there I am sure it is far too high for us to match
As I also think they paid him a lot more than he is really worth to get him over there
So cannot see that unless he wants to play football and enjoy it in a good league and not be concerned about money
not in this lifetime

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Williamson not as good as Bramble thats how sad it is

Agree4 Disagree2

Williamson has always been the modern day Andy O'Brien
An honest pro but not top Premier League class

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I would put williamson and obertan in my worst newcastle team of all time and i wouldnt mind giving williamson the captains armband for that worst 11

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Samba cost 11 million and is on 120. 000 a week, hes gonna jump at a fat ash contract expect him soon

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06 Jan 2013 15:13:57
Newcastle will lose loic remy due to interest from qpr. Joey bartons loan move is to be made permanent, and marseille openly say they they have a fantastic relationship with qpr, so they no they can get his signature over the line, and probably broker remy into the deal going the over way...

Believable7 Unbelievable7

Let him go to qpr it means we can get Aubameyange who's just like Remy but better (in my opinion)

Agree10 Disagree3

Neither of those...van wolfswinkel or guidetti for me....or holt, cheap version of andy carroll...

ben arfa or marveaux behind cisse and 2 wingers...cb is the priority

1 in 4 (strike rate of 0.29 or remys 0.54) for lad who wore 2.5k (cost) football boots...says it all

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QPR don't want Barton, that's why he's there now, as for Remy the player like in all deals will have the say in where he goes, they have all the power these days he'll only go to QPR if it suits him nothing to do with Barton, if the player says he wants to go there then fair enough Barton becomes a bargaining chip

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Aubuameyang or whatever has had a good 6 month thats all he's done in his career, Remy has been good his entire career

Agree2 Disagree1

Even Remy knows that Newcastle have fewer points now than at the same stage of their relegation season, QPR look a far better bet, Oops Debuchy you should have joined Cardiff when you had the chance

Agree1 Disagree4

With remy it'll come down to does he want wages and probable relegation or europe and possible relegation either way he'll get first team football so it'll be one of those factors that determine it in the end

Agree1 Disagree0

We have a good relationship HBA

Agree1 Disagree1

Why would we want any version of andy carroll? Non - scoring perma crock and hoofball magnet,

Agree3 Disagree2

Aint he best mates with HBA?. and got other mates at the Toon like.

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06 Jan 2013 14:58:46
pardew as admitted we should of bought more in summer and tbh honest we where lucky last season with players gelling straight away and not many injuries and YES we punched above our weight last season many teams could lose 6, 7 of the first team and still be playing extremely well as i bet only 1 or 2 in lets just see who comes in debuchey as signed so just wait until end of the month...but i defo dont blame pardew we are just unlucky......k

Believable12 Unbelievable2

If there was not a Africa cup last year we would of come 3rd i think we were 5 points off and tiote cisse and ba missed 3 premier league games though that

Agree3 Disagree5

Pardew is a crap manager and its coming to light now you have lost your only player who could help you in your relegation battle maybe say hello to the championship

Agree7 Disagree10

So pardew won manager of the year...and now he's a crap manager?....

Agree10 Disagree0

Cant blame pardew for the clause. if we didnt put the clause into the contract we would of never signed ba. in pardew we trust

Agree6 Disagree3

Forget Ba, its the second half of the season, its Cisse time. What time is it?

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06 Jan 2013 14:45:32
Reports emerging from France suggest that Moussa Sissoko of Toulouse has begun discussions with Toulouse about a new contract. His agent was the quoted source and he would not enter into discussion about a reported move to the Premier League.

Could be smoke and daggers. We'll see.

Believable6 Unbelievable5

That's been the case for a while now

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06 Jan 2013 12:23:05
Marseille sporting director Jose Anigo has hinted that Loic Remy could be sold after Newcastle were strongly linked with the striker.this is on the sky website hope its true haway get behind the lads whinging is not going to do any good haway the lads

Believable5 Unbelievable4

Could not agree more all the doom and gloom merchants are in full flow, we have been crushed by injuries second string not ready and some should be nowhere near the first team yet but there has been no choice
Start living up to the term good supports and get behind the team we will be ok if of course you even go to the game

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Harry Redknapp spotted in Marseille directors box looking to broker a deal.

Some news reports Llambias already in France looking at brokering another deal but will make a hasty move to Marseille.

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Honestly I think I'd take Aubameyange over Remy

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06 Jan 2013 10:51:03
Remy been told he is allowed to leave to a "Big Club" if he is interested

Believable4 Unbelievable1

Yes, but what about Newcastle.

Agree4 Disagree2

Rule us out then

Agree6 Disagree4

Funny, really

Agree3 Disagree2

He's out of contract in summer, "big club" means anyone who will give them decent money in this window.

Agree4 Disagree3

Well newcastle against qpr for remy i wonder which club is bigger

Agree1 Disagree0

He is NOT out of contract in the summer, I suggest you do some research, He has 2 and a half year left on his current deal

Agree3 Disagree0

Every team in the premiership is generally classed as a big club compared to most french clubs!

if you have ever read a foreign press report or match programme it always says " english giants" or "premiership giants" cos thats how they see us due to the amounts of money within the league compared to their leagues where a ticket averages out at around a tenner

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06 Jan 2013 06:11:04
Have heard that we will trump the mackems and get Danny Graeme.

Also we are in for Frank Lampard.

Believable2 Unbelievable12

I think Danny Graham would be a good replacement for Leon Best or Peter Lovenkrands who were never actually replaced. He is no way a replacement for Ba. Remy or Aubameyang should be signed to cover Ba.

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06 Jan 2013 05:00:44
Rumour is toon brought dummet back as our replacement for faultering williamson & will be pushing tavernier as back up rb/cb & have no intention of paying for a cb this season!

Believable6 Unbelievable6

After Pardew made a point about needing experience on the pitch.

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Should try Remie Streete? I know the lads only 18 but could be good.

Agree1 Disagree2

Dummet is a left back.

Agree1 Disagree0

Did you just say Tavenier is back up rb are you retarted Debuchy, Simpson, R.Taylor and Perch are all better than him. The main 4 centre backs Colo Saylor Williamson and Perch are better

Agree2 Disagree1

Dummet looked way out of place against brighton maybe the lad should head back over the border he's not cut out for EPL.

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