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06 Feb 2013 17:38:32
Guys, my fellow toon fans, Think of this - apart from Sturridge (still not convincing, now injured) all other Brenden Rodgers signings are in subs bench like Allen, Borini, Don't know about Countinhno though. He is still working with players that he inherited, so I believe this rumor is just to save the name of the club from the disaster fee they paid us for Andy Carroll (no offence) and trying to stir the price up to salvage something back. Ashley is an astute businessman, he'll bring someone else in summer. iToon.

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06 Feb 2013 15:21:06
The whole ac deal that going round is a load of rubbish why would Liverpool bring in Ben afra when the already have a deal in place to bring in ince the fact is Newcastle will always be linked with ac the only way I can see this happening is if the pay ten million and ac for hba but I would expect Newcastle to sell one the Crown Jewels in the summer to balance the books and it will be either cabaye are toite with ba singing cabaye praises to cheasle and toite will find it hard to get into the squad now

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We can not afford to lose Cabaye, AT ALL!

We don't have another player who can pick a pass like him from where he likes to play. I know we have seen Sissoko do it (once) but we already know that Sissoko will be pushed more up the pitch.

I do see where your coming from and I never thought I would say this, (is) Tiote the weak link in our team now? Then again we do have Cisse who is still yet to find his form off last year.

I still think once HBA is back in action that Paw will just tell him to sit behind Cisse and go at goal all the time

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Yeah we have to sell one of our star players to balance the books.

Balacing the books is really hard for a club that is widely reported to be doing well financially. That made 35m cash for one player and will have an unreal amount of tv fees next season.

Christ stop being a doom and gloom mongerer. There is no balancing needed.

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It's obviously rubbish. We've done some stupid things before but come on. That would be a stupid deal HBA is 10x the player AC is. Of all the players we've been linked with he's the worst of the lot. I'd rather we pay£2-3 million more for Bony or RVW who are both better than AC

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More likely to off-load some of the dross for a few quid here, few quid there, adding up to say £10 mill (remember it's not just transfer fees - wages too, and we didn't spend much in Jan)

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1. We do not need to balance the books and the club have made that very very clear within the last few months. The club is at an extremely good financial position so that is absolute rubbish.

2. 10 mil plus AC for HBA, got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard, hatem is comfortably worth at least 25-30 mil and Newcastle know it. Also why on earth would Hatem want to move to liverpool at the moment that isn't much of a forward step for him.

3. If anyone wants cabaye they will have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get him no way Ashley would sell for less than 30 mil

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Why do we need to balance the books? Were now a self sufficient club. We will be bringing in a few players in the summer. Just wait and see carroll won't be one of them. West. mag

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Think when you go on about ben arfa being worth 20 mill plus you have not realised that this new ruling comes into force and you will see a lot of clubs having to tighten their purse strings and hopefully the days of these vast amounts on transfer is going to come to an end so don't be surprised if some of your crown jewels are sold if a club comes in with a reasonable offer as someone said ma is a shrewd business man.

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I expect Tiote to be sold in all honesty. He has been poor this season, but is still class and we can still expect a fee of around 15 mil for him.

All this talk about HBA leaving is BS, if he does go it will be to a CL team, something that Liverpool are not. I also love the way their fans think that we will give HBA and cash to get Carroll back and that he is worth 17 mil. err no and no again.

What will happen with Carroll is he will sit on the bench like Bent is at villa on his 80k a week and then when his contract expires he will leave on a free.

I would have Carroll back, but only on a free. I know he is Toon through and through etc etc, but he is playing badly and I am not sure he would bring much to our side.


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