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06 Dec 2012 20:16:51
Just heard from a st James worker that Ba will 100% move to Liverpool in January if we can get Hooper or llalana in! Also he saying there is a 3rd striker to come in as competition and again I'm hearing guidetti being mentioned for just under 5 million!

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In january ashley will say to pardew . . . . . .look,we havnt got all these europa games now,cabaye nd the 2 taylors are on there way back,tiote will only be away for 4 weeks,gosling nd vudkic are a couple ov weeks away,and ranger back in the frame as the 4th front man,lets wait till the summer to get a couple ov players !!!!!!

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Yeh what ever i work there and i have herd nothing BUT Ba will leave as he wants to win things as he wont here!!

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You wont get lallana

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We should get marin on loan

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Everyone keeps saying Ba for 7.5 .... please man thats just the start throw in the 80-90k a week he wants and now your over the 25milion pounds... + insurance on the (timebomb knee) do you think rogers with his "have to sell before you buy" will fork out that sort of cash .... you guys are dreaming


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I thought Liverpool couldn't activate the clause as they are not in the champs league??

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What a load of b*******!
Demba Ba loves being at Newcastle, and will only leave if the clu choose to sell.
All this pay rubbish is that he has asked for a signing on fee to sign a new contact and the club are negotiating with him.

Remember all the crap in the press is just that, as the London press all want him out of Newcastle.

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Apparently ba rejected 70k/week

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Ba will only leave to psg as he was born in pariss and supports psg

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06 Dec 2012 20:16:44
what was that tonite apart from a big shambles.....we obviously were not there to win so why not play Curtis Good at Centre defence why not Campbell up front (he didnt even come on as sub. Corners and free kicks do we practice them me thinks not, we stand in a holy huddle then as the ball comes over everyone runs somewhere and they clear the ball, We need seriously to look at out defence coach, first goal Perch jumps the ball goes over his head and they head it in second goal ball hit long Williamson caught gaping fellow runs past him goal(how many times has that happened lately) Shambles

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Curtis good is on loan mate, I would of preferred a.campbell over n.ranger myself

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Well got hammered last night that result will put us out in the 2 games simple as we are not good enough. pardew has got no idea and fat bloke wont give him cash in jan i wash ashley would take all his cash and go to rangers

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I'm pretty sure campbell's injured but he might be back by now

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Campbell was injured

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Campbell was on the bench, he wasnt risked as that would have been his first game back. I for one am very happy Pardew and Ashley are running the club as they are. WE may not be top 5 again but we certainly wont go down, I'm just very happy with the stability at the moment.

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06 Dec 2012 19:40:57
Can someone explain to me why Colo is on tonight as a sub...with Taylor injured and no cover why risk Colo when we are behind in a game we dont look like winning...and dont start me talking about the Ameobis, they are more like the chuckle brothers

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I just don't get the excitement about Sameobi. I fear he'll never be the finished article.

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I remeber Shola at Sammi's age, The hot Prospect that never really for-filled his potential. Sammi will be the same a bit part player.

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I've noticed a lot of managers, who are resting players, bring those rested players on for the 20 minutes or so during that rest game. Fergie is a prime example of a manager who does this.

might be to give the player a chance to loosen their legs a bit. no idea really, just seen it happen at other clubs as well.

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06 Dec 2012 17:55:20
Hope to see Campbell at some point tonite. Haven't seen the lad play but apparently looks a real prospect and has an amazing eye for goal. I've heard Carr really rates him so can't be too shabby

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Might be a while yet he's still only 17 has no real experience and I'm pretty sure he's injured at the moment

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Injured? He was on the bench

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06 Dec 2012 17:49:38
Debuchy and Lens moves look like they will have to wait until next summer as both have said they don't want to abandon their teams in the middle of the season

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06 Dec 2012 13:27:00
Nile Ranger starting tonight i for one am absolutely appalled at this, i dont care how many injuries we have i dont want that horrible character playing for my club, would rather any young striker we have even a 16/17 year old if he is starting above campbell what is pardew doing? thoughts...

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He's a member of the club whether we like it or not so AP is just using his squad options for a game that if we are honest isnt a very important one! We already into the next stages of a competition that we aren't exactly pushing or striving to go all out in!

I think it's a bold move that AP has made and also a risk free one as if ranger gets injured or sent off it won't affect the squad at all in any way due to his recent situation

But if ranger goes out and does his job well and shows he over his childish behaviour and helps us get a win then AP will have pulled off a great tactical move......,, winner either way!

I don't like ranger but the lads good in the air and I think that will serve him well against a small defence who don't like a physical game!.......spenny mag

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Pardew will play him to see if he can save fatty spending any cash on a striker in jan?
pardew the pupett could not manage a good sh1te never mind a football club!!

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To be fair, from what pardew is saying, he's the big positive in the last 2-3 months. he' been turning up on time and making the effort.
i still don't think he's in because of merit but at least he's not in and still turning up late.

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Knocking AP for his managerial skills after the season we had and will have once he has a full squad available just points to the obvious decision that your either a mackem or a fan still living in 2010. He deserves his job and is doing a good job considering the injuries we have and have had all season.

Start realising how much of a loss cabaye and raylor are to the team!

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Shop window? A bit of PR and some game time to free up a bit more locker space.

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We are never going to be able to get rid of Ranger by letting him rot, I would prefer he was not allowed to sit out his 6 year contract.

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Ive been saying we have missed raylor all season. He can play anywhere the gaffer asks him and his crossing and dead ball skills are class.

cabaye is a massive miss too....

I hope we do get some players in in Jan, Sissoko would be nice, but a much of a muchness if you ask me. Marin would be class if we can pull it off.

At the end of the day we will need to wait until the end of the transfer window before we can slate the team. Last season everyone was moaning even when we got Cisse... ie who is he 10 mil blah blah blah. One thing is for sure we DO have the best scout in the business and he will have targets.

My motto is wait then slate.


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Ranger is 21 years(outside of football he's still a kid) old with pockets full of cash, yes we wish he had more sense but he clearly has been hanging around a bunch of persons, however we shouldn't write him off , maybe he has turned a corner ... only time will tell!


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