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06 Aug 2013 20:45:46
gomis deal in balance but Tom ince looking more likely signing for us expect cabaye to go to Monaco on deadline day yours sincerely egg man

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I'm willing to believe the stuff about Gomis and Ince but I don't think Cabaye's going anywhere since the only club that's admitted interest in him is PSG and that's disappeared, everything else has been nothing but paper talk

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All your eggs in one basket can't help
but keep trying

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Ince is like Obertan, same end product, only Obertan is actually faster and a better dribbler.

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Ince has the odd bad game but overall he's still better than jonas. At the age of 21 he can still learn not to occasionly make odd choices on the ball

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Obertan better than ince best jone in a while the guys rubbish has done nothing in last 3 years

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06 aug 2013 13:29:50
newcastle youngster conor newton to go back on loan to st mirren until january! deal to be done today. geordie-spy

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Hopefully gomis deal done soon, and then a winger ie, ince and then a centre back

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06 Aug 2013 13:20:42
Gomis just tweeted this. "Thanks 4 all the support that u guys give me, sadly the decision to come join u is not my own its more complicated. Excuse 4 my translation".

Deals seems very complicated he is not signing today as someone had previously said.

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It's all down to the pay out to his old club and him, as lyon are trying to say he breached his contract whilst with them, but as he was never charged with anything he said he didn't. Lyon are just trying to get us to pay, and we should just get him over the line and stop dealing with these persons, what is £500,000 to a week of uncertainty, time is money.

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It's down to his agents as well - there's supposedly more than one of them and that's how they make their money.

Lyon have stated that they aren't in the best financial situation and need to offload some players on higher wages.

A joint bid for Gomis with Bakary Kone, Bisevac or Umtiti might convince them. They need money; we need another defensive player.

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06 Aug 2013 11:19:41
Option to buy Remy if QPR stay down, feeling even if they come up he will want to stay away from QPR anyway.

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If that's the case why didn't he join you in the first place?

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Becasue the boys a flipping person. He might be a good player, but he clearly has no brains!

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Cash is king and always wins out with footballers. That's the ONLY reason he picked QPR over us imo.

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Football is a job, people forget this. IF you were offered double your wage now, would you stay due to respect, or follow the money. Exactly!

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What I mean is he is still getting paid the same whilst he is on loan, if qpr come back up why would he obviously want to come to you guys? You wouldn't pay his wages first time round so probably would want him to take a cut in wages, which isn't going to happen is it?

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Lets face it if someone offers you between 30 and 40K more a week what would you do?

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Downing is useless. He has no end product or simply can't find a pass. He is nearly 30 and starting to slow a bit as well, we already have obertan we don't need another identical player for 5 mil. How Liverpool paid 20 million for him is beyond belief

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06 Aug 2013 11:16:55
Talks stalling with Gomis/Lyon/agent - Deal will go through but we may have to pay agent extra 300-400k then previously agreed, Lyon unhappy as it will cut into what they receive.

Hoping to be wrapped up today - will update when I know more


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Will that be before or after u sign on? ohh mighty Oracle bless us with your wisdom

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When you know more or when NUFC blog or tv updates you. Gomis will not been signing today.

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Was supposed to be signing today, as publicised in the press agents fees are an issue (as I mentioned 3 hours before ESPN)


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PS. I am at work :) I get my updates from reliable source so just thought fellow toon fans would be interested in updates


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Is this still likely to happen. Aulas including him in there CL squad

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