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06 Apr 2013 12:51:24
Eds is the interest from Newcastle in Chedjou of Lille true? And I've heard some gossip in bars that Ashley is looking at Rafael Benitez as a potential successor to Pardew if he's available and we aren't back in the top ten next year by Christmas. Not reliable sources I know, but there seems some logic is in there somewhere and I'd love him as our manager. As long as the only signings we made were under the recommendation of Graham Carr and the scouting team. Is there any truth to this? {Ed002's Note - Lille's Aurelien Chedjou was looked recently at by Reading, Valencia, Newcastle and Marseille with a price likely to be in the region of €8M. I would think the gossip was perhaps a Sunderland fan teasing you.}

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Keep dreaming if we go down as we are one of the favourites & will be clear after the unwashed
These players manager will come no where near NUFC & Cabaye Sissisko will be off. So hang in to your hat and stop listening to rubbish in a pub.

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Well rule out Reading because he won't want to play in the Championship, Marsielle he might be fed up with France and we are a step up. So I think it is between us and Valencia but we have Debuchy and Cabaye who maybe mates

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We should not be in this bad position and it is down to Ashley's ignorance & arrogance we are
Newcastle will win their next 3 games &
We can all be happy & make sure thus never happens again and build a team to compete with the top 4


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Compete with the top 4, ah, bless you Seb.

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Comment above but Everton are competiing for top 4, and apart from Fellani, Baines (very overrated) and Piennar they aren't anything special

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When Everton WBA Swansea & a few more can be up there it shows how far we have fallen OR been allowed to fall

We thought ourselves above the likes of some if these teams & the likes if Wigan Stoke Southampton Villa but we are a similar team now if not at times worse & this is what Ashley's idiocy has done
We have the fans & in the top 10 teams in Europe for support with a muppet as an owner

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Bet you were in evertons position

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Don't think pards has done a bad job at all and I don't know why he has so many critics, he won the lma manager of the year last year with us finishing 5th, we're now in the quarters of the europa league and yes our league form this year might not be up to quality but we certainly have had very very bad luck with injuries this year and we clearly weren't clever in the summer, but if we were to get rid of pards we would have to replace him with a good proven manager (and although he may have a good cv benitez would not be one of these) Moyes would be my first choice but don't see this happening, and then apart from managers well out of our league eg mourinho I don't see much point in it

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My good god, most people on here are just broken records that have been saying the same for the first day kick off.

Its all Ashley's fault for not giving us money, its all Pardew's fault for not playing the right team / for playing the kids all the time.

They have admitted this now, now get over it.
Give it a rest you have sang this song all season, actually get to a game and sing the lads and and give them a little support (you know as supports you support the team, that's your job)

You aren't a premier league manager, so stop acting like your better than AP, if you were you would be managing Newcastle or a premier league club wouldn't you?

(or go back to playing championship manager or Fifa)

Again (now I sound like a broken record) NOT ONE OF YOU'S SAID AP DID A BAD JOB LAST YEAR! DID YOU!?!

Give it a rest and do your job as supporters and support the team, do something constructive and stop criticising!

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Most are as good as AP and that is a fact not fiction. Morons on here atre like sheep and THAT IS THE PROBLEM with not all but some Newcastle fans. Stand up for the football you belive in NOT what Ashley tells you you should belive in. Absolute Noncer the comment above

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Comment above as a supporter I want to watch my team compete with the best and to watch football being played on the park NOT what Ashley tells me is there to watch. If you as a fan accept the horror mistakes this man has made fine BUT the paying supporters are entitled to vent their feelings no matter how much of a broken record you or anyone else thinks. They simply want a decent team that can attempt to win silverware not just survive in the [Premiership.

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So about the other 50 years before MA came ey?

Got a smart arse comment to come back with on that one.

Truth be told most of you's still think we are that side in the 50s where we can actually win a cup.

That ain't going to happen.

The only way we are going to win a cup is build, as we are now (minus the summer, terrible move not moving for anyone then)

You can not expect us to go out and blow hundreds of millions on players. because now that won't work and you have to actually make a profit so (to buy) your narrow minded views of buying the best to be the best won't actually work (read the rules)

Secondly, when you us your narrow mind Freddie view of buying and spending and putting the club under preasure never worked in the first place.

You have to build from something little to have something massive and that is the view that I think MA and AP have.

Young players in (not hight value, but high potential)
build the academy by funding it to be a class A one. attracts the better younger talent.

Vent your views (this isn't a dictatorship) what I was saying is what poitn and you trying to prove by getting the manager sacked at this point in the season?

What would that actally do, it would hurt the team more than anything.

Its wait and see time, until the season is over there's nothing that should be done end of. closed season is the time to change managers / sell the club.

Which I still don't want to see AP gone, give him the summer and the money see what happens. if the results don't come his way then get rid, but only get rid of a manager before Christmas after that its too late

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Smartarse eh Why because he tells it like it is
We can do nothing about previous 50 years but can now
Ashley had a fantastic chance to build
hopefully he will but don't knock fans who do not see the full picture because it changes regularly
They want a good team playing good football & that is not to dificult and un like most top club NUFC fans would be happy

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If a carling cup final can be between bradford and swansea i'm more than sure we can win a cup

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No pardew is doing awesome as a newcastle manager why should we get rid of him

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05 Apr 2013 21:49:43
There's a few people i've heard saying that we've been linked with rafa benitez, ed, is this true? not sure he'd be the right man for us but he's defo a class above pardew, but I don't think ashley would pay the money for benitez.

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The only class he's above pards is a weight class

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Are you sure?. were you not watching on sunday when pardew lifted up his shirt?

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