Newcastle Rumours Archive April 06 2012


06 Apr 2012 09:47:49
Cabaye saying that Debuchy from Lille wants to play in England and for Newcastle, bit of a coincidence that we were linked with him last week aswell. What are your thoughts Ed, also do you know anything about Belhanda linked with us, you reckon its true {Ed001's Note - Debuchy was also linked with Man Utd, who had him watched, though I am not sure if they liked what they saw, I am not aware of them returning for another look yet. Sounds like Cabaye is trying to put Newcastle ahead of the queue to me, it does seem more likely he will join you though, in my opinion. Belhanda has been looked at by Arsenal and Newcastle, I know nothing more about him than that. But the link does have a solid(ish) base, the stories have originated from people close to him saying both clubs are looking at him. Obviously there is always the possibility of him being told clubs are looking at him to raise his game, or his reps spreading the story to build interest.}


Thanks Ed {Ed002's Note - It is worth noting that Debuchy is also of interest to Valencia. This is their Plan B to the slow-moving Van Der Wiel situation.}




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