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05 Sep 2013 20:38:25
Newcastle about to sign Hatem Ben Arfa and Sammy Ameobi to new long term contracts


Yay on the Ben Arfa news.

Heard about ameobi
Not on Ben arfa

Just like a new signing then. JK will take the credit for it.

Got those ones over the line then! Baz

Didn't Sammy only recently sign a 5 year deal. like in the last 12-15 months. so maybe 4 years still to go on that deal?

Which means they'll be gone for double the asking price in summer

Is Sammy really worth a deal? Reminds me a bit of Ranger getting a 7 year contract. You could argue that Ranger has a different attitude etc but they both are similar in showing little value for a long contract.

SA. Ameobi is NOT Nile Ranger!

''SA. Ameobi is NOT Nile Ranger!''

Who said he was?

Ameobi bros are crap, how they are pro's I'll never know

Because they are a lot better at football then you? Might be a reason behind it.

They are class at football and I think Sammy might be a star, you can see his ability, but its his playing attuide, making the wrong decisions all the time. I think this will change though.

Shola, I bet you never said anything bad when he sinks the for us? Lay off Shola, yer we know he isn't the best (championship he would be top goal scorer), but his heart is there and he actually cares for the team. Unlike some players at the club we could mention!

Shola cares for the team. I guess we will never know will we.

How many clubs have came knocking asking for him.

We are the only club stupid enough to pay him a Premier League wage.

There are 1000s of people in the stands love the club, that does not mean they should be playing.

The Brothers Ameobi are both better than Gouffran.

Very debatable

Gouffran is a good player. Just because he missed a couple of chances doesn't mean he's bad!

You weren't saying that in January when we signed him -give him a chance -at least he tries and puts some effort into the game -unlike some other players we have

I think gouffran will come good he is technically very good and his effort cannot be questioned he just needs to be a little more composed when shooting!

Gouffran is twice the player Sameobi is.




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