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05 Nov 2012 15:26:27
was Cisse just lucky last season if not someone needs to watch his game and figure out whats gone wrong...lack of fitness....playing in the wrong area of the park...there must be something. If Jonas is to continue then his position must be resolved he a winger (cos he doesnt get forward) is he perhaps an assistant Left Back or maybe an assitant defensive midfield Cos to me he runs around doing not a lot (occasional block) Love Ben Arfa to bits but he needs to release the ball quicker sometimes.. We havnt been brill this season but 10th in league doing well in Europe Im quite happy


Jonas has the best stats interms of tackles in the team. He is one of the top performers in prem as far as tackles go but he has lost his forward momentum in the final third. Jonas will end up as part of a midfield three as he fits into that system. He will run forward and get free kicks, tackle and make a nuisance of himself for the opposition but he is no longer a winger.

We dont want players running around making a nuisance of themselves we want players who are creative. At present we are sitting back and hoping to score one and keep the opposition out. (Look at our goals for. we are tenth in the league with a minus 3 goal difference)

So we no longer want people who tackle, defend or get free kicks? as i said he is no longer a winger, this does not mean he should never start a game or be a very useful part of our squad.

Completely in agreement with the Pro Jonas argument here. He is a real important part of a midfield three. When we play a strict 442 he prob doesnt fit in, but a midfield 3 of Jonas Cabaye Tiote is poss one of the best in the league - Strong midfield presence, and attacking flair too. They just dont play together enough as a 3 to make it work. I think yesterday Perch Cabaye and Jonas where actually really good - our game fell apart when we broke that 3 up because of injury!

Agree jonas is class 4 us. And as for cisse, either teams have figured him out or were not playing the right way for him, but hes shown his class for 2/3 seasons in the bunesliga, which if a good league, just a dip in form, or maybe hes got other things on him mind back home

I honestly think cisse will come good again, just like ba did

Although I still think Jonas is great he is starting to get on a bit for a winger we might want to consider bringing in a young player to replace him in the next couple of years, I quite like the look of yanik wildschut, could be a good replacement and he's only 20 so we'd get a good few years out of him. On the Cisse subject I think he just needs to get a couple goals of his own and he'll come back strong

Ballsackery, we should be looking to bring players through our academy...

I completely disagree!!!

Jonas is a squad player and no more! he shouldnt be in the first team.

When he first came he energy was crazy and he was amazing but always fails with his final ball and cannot shoot for anything.

I honestly dont know if you guys have been watching the matches lately. Jonas has been non existent, He reminds me of Nicky Butt in the final year at Newcaslte. Has a decent moment but always fails to deliver the ball when needed. Jonas is not a Defensive CM or ATT CM, Cabaye is one of the most creative players we have had at newcastle in recent times, Tiote is one of the best DM in the country, Personally I love Jonas but dont think he is right for the team anymore.

Newcastle play best when were in attack. Playing Jonas in a midfield 3 is a waste of space. His lack of Creativity and lack of passing ability really shows.

Agree or Disagree but if you look at the last 10 games and look at what he does you see some decent tackles but thats it, You dont get paid to tackle, You get paid to stand out thats why your in the first team.

I wouldn't want to get rid of Jonas but I really struggle to think where he can play consistently.

What I would love to see is an out and out PEST on the LW, Like Arfa on the Right. I actually really liked the look of winger for Brugge last night, He is very attack minded and has a great cross.

Personally this is my FAV TEAM and also left spaces blank for where replacements are required


Santon - Taylor - Colo - (XXX) Need LB

Arfa - Tiote - Cabaye - (XXX) Need LW

Cisse - Ba (Maybe Another New Striker as backup)

I think young ferguson could do a good job for us in the LW possition,pacey and can put a good cross in.




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