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05 Jun 2013 15:30:51
Newcastle are to bid for Granero who has confirmed he will leave the R's after their relegation from the EPL.

Also, Wide man come striker Ola Toivonen is in the last year of his contract soon so expect a 2-3 million pound bid

Also, NUFC are going to go all out to sign Bony.

Departing St james will be Williamson, Perch, Gosling & Cisse.

Tiote will stay.

Should Cisse go then expect another forward to come in, possibly Remy.

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Like the sound of that! but I have heard we are only going for a striker and a CB. so this would be different to that. also I can't see Cisse leaving.

Toivenen, Granero and Bony would be brilliant additions to the club, but i'm not going to keep my hopes up.

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Don't know a thing about Granero
I remember us being linked with Toivonen but don't know if he's any good
Would love us to get Bony
If Cisse leaves I'd rather someone like Gameiro from PSG who's been uncomfortable with his lack of game time than Remy who's proved he's an untrustworthy mercenary and possible rapist

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We aren't going all out for bony
If anything, it's quieting Down

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I would love for Cisse to leave, not suited to the EPL.
Heard Tottenham are looking to get rid of Defoe, doesn't fit in with our age policy but would be a good purchase for a couple of mill. Also have heard from a Totenham fan (not reliable but just passing it on) that they are looking to get rid of Huddlestone and Livermore?! Huddlestone looks like he has overcome his injury problems and Livermore looks a good player for the near future. On a possitive they are also all English. Will help for when the quota comes into force.

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Cisse is class, he has zero support. No striker in EPL can play against 3 defenders by themselves. watch any game last season, he was the only player in the box, no support.

Give him the quality and the support and he is devastating.

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Cisse is rubbish and if you did your job the way he does his you would be sacked
We either get a new quality striker or struggle like last season

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To be fair though on cisse, on the comment about being sacked if you were to do your job the way he does. if I worked for a company and my manager was not getting me any help or support when it was obviously needed I would be looking for a new job/company! people need to get off the players back and start supporting them, and that also includes pardew! Have faith!

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All Cisse needs is someone to back him up then the ball will get in the net.

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05 Jun 2013 12:21:33
Newcastle will start the bidding for Jolein Lescott and are set to table a bid of around £7.5m to land the CB, Aston villa also interested in his services!

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Really hope this one is true. I think 6. 5/7 would be plenty though. He has hardly kicked a ball all season and it's clear Man Citi want rid.

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I want to believe. Just not sure that I do.

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I can't see him signing. He would have to take a big pay cut to join us. Alex Pearce on a free is more in our range. With the owner we have we already know who he would rather get. £8 million for Lescott or nothing for Pearce. No brainer for Ashley.

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Lescott won't go to a wee club

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We won't be getting Lescott, our transfer policy is to buy young, that way there will be a sell on fee when they get to there late 20's and we can make a profit. Lescott doesn't fit that and is too old. also I hope they dont, as I don't rate him as a defender.

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Lescott would be great. We can't afford to go for a young CB we need someone with plenty of experience to keep it from falling apart and he'd be a great choice.

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Its not really as simple as Ashley putting money on the table. There are four other people involved Carr, Lambasis and Pardew. Ashley had paid out a lot of money on players this past few years, he will pay but not stupied prices! Remember, its his club and his money so he can do what he likes even if you do or don't like it.

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Ashley can spend his money on what he likes. It has nothing to do with Pardew, Llambis or Carr. You don't seriously think that Pardew pick the players he wants.

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You might not think so but i'm sure Ashley wouldn't pay Carr, Lambo and Pardew if he didn't want to hear there advice, if he went it alone Ashley knows more about football than I thought

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No I think it goes Pardew, we need players in this position eg. Centre midfielder
Carr I found this brillant centre midfielder French international, with a realease of €5m called Yohan Cabaye
Ashley yea ok here is the money.
Llmasias talks to him and his agent about salaries etc.
Newcastle have signed Yohan Cabaye

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You can write what Llambis knows about football on the back of a stamp.

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04 Jun 2013 23:27:05
Ed, do you have any idea what is going on with andy Carroll. I see west ham have bid £15m for another striker. Does this mean the think that Carroll is not going there and maybe know something that we don't I. e. he is going somewhere else. I just can't see them being able to afford £30m on two strikers {Ed001's Note - they are just keeping their options open.}

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Could be a tactic to force Caroll to make a decision

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Isn't Carroll trying to hold out for as long as possible? I'm pretty sure I saw something saying that he only wants to play for us or Liverpool.

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All the clubs are paying for WHam transfer policy this next season via the new Olympic stadium
It is a disgrace but there you go
Expect WHam to sign a few players of quality whilst we just think about it

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The fact no one else is in for pardew except hippo heed and pardew tells you everything.

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Will people stop whining about Pardew. We get it you don't like him but we're stuck with him for another year and a handful of people complaining on a fan site isn't going to change that so you're just going to have to deal with it.

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Carroll wants to keep the 100k/week wages he gets at Liverpool if he moves to West Ham so that might be why they're looking at other options

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Its more than a handful of fans who dislike Pardew. Like all fans they can also have an opinion. If you don't like it you know what you can do.

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What's the point in complaining after Ashley's made his decision? Seriously it's like you want us to be awful so you can be right and have something to complain about. Give it a rest.

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Carroll has foot injury and is not expected to be training until September, which means he will miss the pre-season. This could be putting people off.

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Carroll being a bit greedy like his on 80k at Liverpool and his wanting 100k at West Ham United can see big sam dropping his interest

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No one wants us to be awful, it's just under Pardew we are - fact! Some of us aren't just sheep who'll put up with it indefinitely.

If you pay to watch your team you
want entertainment and good football.
We are getting neither but some just blindly and meekly accept it. Why?

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Its got nothing to do with wanting us to be terrible. No fan wants that. But you suggesting it is a handful of fan who dislikes Pardew is way off the mark. People are entitled to an opinion. regardless what you think. I would like nothing more than Pardew to prove us all wrong and be a success but I just can't see it and that is my opinion.

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Pardew has got no idea!

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'Pardew has got no idea' -really? You lot ramble on endlessly about this idea and about his CV, but have you read it? Manager of the Year 2006 and twice more in 2011 - and that's the opinion of his fellow managers, but you know better. Yeah, sure.

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SO you think Pardew has a clue then? Playing players out of position, playing the same players who are useless and nearly getting us relegated. I am sorry I take it back, your right he is a top manager.

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I didn't say he's a top manager- other top managers said it - twice. But you, you think you know better.

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