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05 Jul 2012 18:21:04
Gael Bigirimana Apparently signing up tomorrow. Hes supposed to be an all action midfielder hes being compared to Essien. He'd be a quality signing for the future aswell and europe and cups. However id now like to see some players to come in and challenge the first team.

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He will challenge the first team

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Someone said Pardew is likely to have him challenge for the first team, next season, not the upcoming one.

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He'll challenge the first team, he and Tiote as DMs would be sick, even without signing anyone else but Debuchy, we'd still have first team capable of challenging for europe again


Debuchy S. Taylor Coloccini Santon

Tiote Bigirimana

HBA Cabaye Marveaux


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Like the idea of signing kids as well , quality ones at that . With the quality we already have the future is looking strong .

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Bigrimana in the starting line up? Not if we are aiming for a top 6. Maybe in 2 years.

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05 Jul 2012 17:25:47
Gael Bigirimana to sign for NUFC. Having medical tomorrow, after current players have had their pre season medicals. Not sure of the fee, but around the 1m mark would be my best guess.


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Well coll u where spot on as skysports says he,s getting medical today.....k

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05 Jul 2012 17:19:09
Just drove past sjp and all the sports direct logos have been taken down/covered up? hav we signed a deal with some 1??

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Taken down for olympics, ground also only to be called St James' during Olympics

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05 Jul 2012 16:23:42
De Jong deal off but Fc Twente have agreed seven million for Doulgas

Toon are slowing down talks with Debuchy and thinking about another replacement

And the Toon are also interested in Yannick Djalo LW/St and are supposed to be going in for Aly Cissohko

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05 Jul 2012 15:36:23
Danny Simpson to Reading looks a likely move. Payed in the region of £750k for him, and sell for £2m. Good business again

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We actually paid around 350,000

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Tbh honest i think simpson should be worth more than that. I feel quite sorry for him, everyone talking of replacing him, yes he isnt the best but he certinaly doesnt lack effort

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1 season left on contract so players valuation going down by the month......

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Id snap up 2 mil in a heartbeat, a year left on his contract and not to mention no where near the quality we need, ship him out

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More like 4 million

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Yes, but he isn't signing the new deal, newcastle have offered him fair money according to reports. but he thinks he's worth more. which is a bit niave is my opinion because i don't think a team with europa or champions league is going to buy him, and i'd take whatever for the chance to play in europe.

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05 Jul 2012 14:34:24
The player set for a medical tomorrow is Coventry's Gael Bigirimana, apparently at the training ground today.

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05 Jul 2012 13:42:04
I would put money on Danny Simpson going to Reading. Guthrie tweeting about it already. Must be a replacement close

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05 Jul 2012 11:06:42
Derek Llambias and Lee Charnley were not actually in Holland for De Jong or Douglas.

The press got whiff of their travel arrangements and put 2 + 2 together and got 5.

The Newcastle representatives were actually in Holland looking to tie up deals for 2 youngsters much the same as thier trip to Argentina the week previously.

These youth players are reported to be Jody Lukoki of Ajax and Quincy Promes of Fc Twente.

Whilst meeting the officials of Twente Newcastle were offered De Jong for £11 million and Douglas for £6 million both of which were rejected out of hand by Llambias.

Douglas apparently is too complicated a deal to get involved with and Newcastle have not made an offer for him. De Jong was seen as a replacement for Demba Ba but with Va close to signing a new deal Newcastle see it better to spend their money on younger players offering better value than De Jong.

Newcastle are looking to bolster their numbers with players in the age range of 17-20 and will only acquire 3 first team players with top flight experience.

Junior Hoilett is due in Newcastle for a medical on Friday after returning from holiday. Mathiue Debuchy looks almost a done deal if NUFC can fend off an attempt from Inter Milan to sign the player, if Inter do steal him their other option is Aly Cissokho. The third and final player interesting Newcastle United is Steven Caulker but 2 things are slowing the deal down, Andre Villas Boas hasnt yet decided on where'd to retain him, loan him or sell him and also Mamadou Sakho being transfer listed has alerted the toon. They think the chances of signing him are minuscule but are testing the water as I write.

Expect moves for Nathaniel Clyne, Eziquiel Fryers and Curtis Good to be pushed through soon as NUFC attempt to lay the foundations for a successful team of youth players that can grow and expect more names to come along in the near future as the magpies attempt to overhaul thief squad.

Finally Danny Simpson will join Reading and James Tavernier will leave shortly after rejecting a new contract.

Sorry for the long post but I hope that clears everything up.

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Caulker signed a new deal, WHam are favourites for Clyne and I doubt united would let Zeki Fryers go as he's seen as a talented youngster.

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Caulker has just signed a new deal so scratch that one

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Also sorry for the spelling mistakes, smart phones and people in a rush are not a good combination.

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Sounds good but can not see it........k

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Steven caulker has just signed a new 4 year contract

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Hope tav signs a new deal like, means we wouldn't have to deals for clyne or fryers, but instead use the money to get a young striker like guidetti or castaignos.

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Find all of this very true indeed as there was a lot of reserve players that have been released during last season and we will obviously be looking for more promising young talent.

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Hoilett? Has to be the worst rumour I've ever heard in a long time

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Seriously? caulker signed a 4 years deal at spuds today, so ur lying about that, why would any1 believe the rest? also look at last year, all the signings we made, no1 knew anything about them until they were in the bag, thats how we operate now. only time will tell for who will be signing

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Tavernier just signed a new contract this morning and caulker has signed a new six year deal with spurs

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Sorry that was meant to say 4 year deal*

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Hasn't Stephen Caulker signed a new contract with Spurs today?

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Umh tavener has signed new deal so has caluker spelling only thing true with this is debuchy

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Tav's just signed a new contract!

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OOPS! you should have waited a bit longer. Tavernier just tweeted he has signed a new deal.

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, ITKs getting busted minutes after the post. Tavernier just signed a new contract, dimwit. Rumours here pls, not lies...

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Sound convincing but James Tavernier has just signed new deal

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This post is pure and utter rubbish!

Tavernier has literally signed a new deal today!

Wish people would just face up to the facts that:

1. You can speculate all you want, but at least try to give some decent rumours!

2. Newcastle aren't like they used to be. Business is kept close to the chest, so unless your Lee Charnley, Derek Llambias or Alan Pardew you don't really know jack!

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Is that the same James tavernier that has just tweeted he has just signed a new contract?

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Tav just signed a new contract

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Very imaginative codswallop.

1. Twente didn't offer De Jong at £11m or we'd have bitten their hand off.

2. Tavernier just signed a 3 year contract - announced today on official site.

Try to keep up if you're going to make stuff up.


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Considering Travenier signed a new deal about 2/3 hours after you posted this, I don't think any of your "info" is legit.

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A very lengthy post for no sources. I'm gonna assume a mix of twitter, the papers and speculation on your part. All of this added together equals BS

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Stephen caulker signed a new contract at spurs today, Douglas wont leave holland for anywhere until the end of august so he has is 5yr residecny to qualify for the dutch national team, as for LDJ, McClaren has been on ssn saying only a huge offer will tempt them to sell hardly offering him to us for £11m

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And as for James Tavernier he tweeted this today
James Tavernierā€@James_Tavernier

1st day back training and I've just signed my new contract with Newcastle #GreatDay

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Basically mate you have writtena load of drivel

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Tav and caulker just signed contracts so thats and sahkonis on 80k plus so thats 3 that are BS allready

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Caulker just signed 4 year deal with Spurs and Tavernier 3 years with us. Must mean we'll sign De Jong and Douglas!

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Isn't cissokho a left back? why would we sign him as analternative to a right back?

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05 Jul 2012 01:40:55
Mamadou Sakho, wants to move, will only move to club who guarantee to offer first team football. Newcastle seem best choice for him but his Current wages are 50k, will newcastle match??

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Simple answer: probably not. it'd cost us a fair amount to just sign him.

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We could probably get him for around 7 or 8 million quid, which may seem a lot for Newcastle, but I would rather we stuck another couple down for sakho than get Douglas for 5.

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Haha 7-8 mil more like 20 but still worth it but we wont pay it

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Mamadou Sakho is more likely to head to the Serie A or Arsenal in my opinion. Wenger has been a long term admirer of Sakho. £7-8million is very unlikely and would agree with the previous post with the transfer fee possibly coming in at around £15million.

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05 Jul 2012 01:36:16
Douglas fee has been agreed, but due to highly complicated provisions in his contract newcastle will delay with the view to complete in january.
Newcastle have secured fee for De Jong but he has also had offers accepted from other clubs and is stalling newcastle due his role in the team. He wants to go to club where he can play guaranteed if fit.

Debuchy - done deal

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He not done deal!!
He not signing for anyone till August because he get his 5 year papers so he can play for hollend

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I think he Can sign .He just has to Physically remain there till August to qualify for his Dutch colors , but i believe that just means he would miss a months pre season with us.

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To post above, he said Debuchy not Douglas!

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Newcastle made a take or leave it offer for De jong. Debuchy is not a done deal but is looking very close as for Douglas not even close. He needs to reside in Holland near enough to the end of August so we are happy to wait until then to try and close on him. Anita and a Debuchy are the nearest to completion.

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He means Debuchy you.....!!

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If you actually read what the first poster says, you'll find he did state Newcastle will complete the deal in January.

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Debuchy is interested in milan move douglas attracting interest from russian club and mclaren said no one matched the valuation for de jong so be surprised if anyone of these players sign. also surprised by some of the links on here as newcastle usually keep their targets very in house.

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