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05 Jan 2012 22:23:24
Just seen around that we have upped the Tomkins bid to 4 mil and he has handed in a transfer request however other clubs such as Spurs are apparently interested

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Any source for him handing a transfer request in?

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Yeah - spotted it on newsnow labeled james tomkins takes a trip - reported in the Star which I know ain't reliable but thought I would post it anyway

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I doubt he would hand in a transfer request he loves West Ham.

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CArroll loved NUFC but still handed in a transfer request.

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That was because Cashley was forcing him out.

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Yeah but look the wage Liverpool paid him compared to what he was on. no way we pay Tomkins or anybody crazy money enough to turn their heads dramatically. if westham want to sell than maybe he'll come, but doubt he would force it.

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End of the day all players LOVE money more . To be fair we all would like to earn more in a better place of work.

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Weve been through this last year! carrol left for money! end of really! if he didnt want to go he wouldnt have! when he heard l/pool were willing to offer him more money and add his 3.5 million cut of the fee he asked for a pay rise on the contract he only signed a couple of month before and when nufc declined he put in atransfer request! this all common knowledge and already been done!....spenny mag

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05 Jan 2012 21:42:13
All over the twitter that nufc are trying to sign Pavleychenko (if thats the spelling). One guy reckons his mate a taxi driver has just picked him up from Newcastle airport. Dont slate me just sharing what ive heard after all this is a rumours site aint it?

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Not that i think your lying, but would nufc leave a potential signing to get a taxi and arrange for him to be picked up?

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Consider yourself slated. Even if we got a striker, he wouldn't be poor, he wouldn't be reaching the end of his career, he wouldn't cost 2 Cabayes and a Tiote.
And yes, it's a rumour site, not a bullocks site. There is a difference.

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Not a chance no way at all this will happen

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Doubt he'd get a taxi like, he'd have his own driver.

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South stand are running with this.. He's 31 this year though.. Is he really what we are looking at.. 9m pretty expensive but he is good, quick and knows where the net is.. 2-3 season at 9m.. Could do worse

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If you actually follow the timeline of the tweets you will see they are taking the piss out of someone who claims to be in the know. absolute rubbish thankfully!

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Pavlyuchenko linked with swap deal cska moscows wagner love

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Not that this rumour is believable but why would we stick a potential signing in the back of an airport taxi? we'll be giving them 3.50 and telling them to get the metro next

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No way would ashley give him 3.50, that would be enough to get a return ticket, ashley would only buy him a one way ticket for 1.80!

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05 Jan 2012 20:14:39
Newcastle rumoured to be interested in Jose Semedo from Sheff Wed for cover in midfield.

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05 Jan 2012 19:53:54
Enquiry made re USA based LA Galaxy striker Chad Barrett on short term deal as cover for BA

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OH GOD NO!!! I live in Toronto where he played before LA and can say he would be useless in the EPL. don't let a few seasons fool you, we used to watch this guy week in and week out he is rubbish. His chance to goal ratio was so so bad, train wreck. Truth is he works hard but..... just no okay, no!

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05 Jan 2012 16:14:14 there any truth in that ashley has found a buyer for the club.
alan brazil on talksport seems to think so. {Ed001's Note - I have no idea, but Brazil is full of the brown stuff and just talks rubbish to get people listening. So I would have to say it is doubtful, especially as no one who wanted to keep something secret is going to talk to a drunk like him who can't keep his mouth shut.}

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If only he would i would be a happy geordie

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Yeah Alan brazil was saying Ashley gone spend millions on top quality players too..

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Ashley is the best thing to happen to this club for along time were playing better with the new players we have, we have a financialy sound system to build on for the next 10 20 maybe even 50 years. Admitedly i hate the fact he change the name of st.james'

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Talksport in the news of the world of radio stations full of lies and corruption and evil, surley the Devil's radio station...

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I'd rather we stayed in English hands even if they have got sausage fingers on them.

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I'd rather carry on building the way we have been but with just a tad more investment, like a new deal for Collo....what ever he wants.

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I wouldn't be supprised if this is true, after all Ashley had the club all but sold a few years ago. The new owners insisted he re hired KK which he did. Then it all fell apart at the 11th hour.
Ashley of course is not unknown to double dealing himself, look at what he has recently done with Blacks.

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If he is going to do it now would be a good time. He has recouped loads from player sales, the team are on the up and have a realistic chance of European football (outside chance of CL) but without Ba and Tiote we could go backwards and end up mid table when the price would be lower.

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05 Jan 2012 16:18:28
Failed bid for Benjamin Corgnet from Dijon in France claim the club.
He's a midfielder, not a defender so perhaps the claims that we'll only be getting a defender arnt quite true.
Also supposedly had a £4 mil offer for Tomkins shunned. Think he would be a quality signing so I hope we get him.
As for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, he's come out and said its his dream to play in the Prem, so theres a possibility there too, but Lille are also interested.

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Lee Ryder posted on twitter:Reliably told Benjamin Corgent story is untrue about his bid being rejected

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Dijon claim it. Dont know why they would if it wasnt true

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We didnt bid 4million for was 2.5 million...and quite frankly, cant see he is worth the 4million anyway, we have seen the bargains we have been able to get abroad...and better players as well.

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Clubs always have..and always will, put out rumours about clubs offering x amount for their serves two purposes...1. it tells everyone out there they are not prepared to accept offers under that amount. and 2..that the player is available should the right amount be offered.

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05 Jan 2012 16:17:51
Ba has got to get the number 9 shirt next season... hell, just give it to him now! He is a Toon Legend already

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He said he'd rather stick with his number 19 now. plus, ashley will make more money selling 19 than 9 to make up for the shortness of the name.
ps. i'd leave him on 19 as well, less pressure on the lad, he's doing well enough without it.
should've retired the number oafter shearer retired.

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To retire the No9 shirt would never happen, its a tradition at the club that fans would never accept

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Do not give demba ba the no/9 shirt.... the day you do that he will stop scoring goals. I think if he stays at Newcastle he will beat shearers record. He has got to be the most valuable player in the premiership right now.. i wouldnt accept 50 mill if it was offered.

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05 Jan 2012 11:06:17
Any news on Newcastle's potential move for Juve's Vicenzo Iaquinta? Club may have said no striker coming in, but one at the right price would surely change their mind.....

Toon to up bid for Tomkins, and have had bid rejected for Dijon midfielder Benjamin Corgnet.

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