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05 Dec 2012 14:27:06
January transfers (Budget: 15m)
Simpson 2m
Xisco 1m
Budget: 18m
Debuchy 5m
Douglas 4m
Marin Loan/Lallana 7m
Striker worth up to 9m
Total Spent: 18m

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Loric remy for 10 million

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I agree with that except we won't sell xisco nobody wants him and just don't buy Lallana get Marin on loan and get Remy. Btw the maths there is wrong if we get Debuchy for 5m and Douglas for 4m leaves 9m for either Lallana or a striker which is why I think we sshould go for the Marin loan and a striker

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Would love to see Marin in on loan but think he's wages will be sky high and won't fit into the structure of current players

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Dont know who started this Marin talk but i would love to see him in a Newcastle shirt....this is the quality deals we sooooo need! Can he really play CM?

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Marin would take a wage cut just to get first team play.

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If they pay half his wages then, as the fonz would say heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

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Marin would be a cracking signing but I'm sure chelski bought him with one eye on the future. Don't think we could afford him or his wages.

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Personally this is who I would like to see in and out in January.

Please think about this before killing my opinion!

Out -

Harper - Long Servant but we should get him off the wage bill. Should have kept Forster (Think thats how its spelt)

Simpson - Just need someone who can attack with conviction and consistency. Poor on the ball, cannot cross or shoot but isnt the worse at RB but is far from the best.

Jonas (So inconsistent at the moment, Not a shade of the player he was a season ago, cannot play in DM, CM or LW and has never been able to cross the ball. I love Jonas and he has been a defensive gem is recent years down that left flank but he is playing so bad at the moment, cannot hold up the ball or even make a basic pass. Personally we need an out and out winger and I think Jonas could be the one to go plus hes on around 50K a week, I want class for 50K a week not another slowly deteriorating Xisco type player.

These Ins are logical and not to costly either:

Either Debuchy (RB) or Erik Pieters (LB / CB) (Would like to see santon make RB his own, he is however playing great at LB at the moment.

Douglas Or Toby Alderweireld (Long Shot with Toby but could get for a decent not to over the top fee)

CM - Benjamin Corgnet, Skillfull player, Cheap and is like a Cabaye type player, Would be able to get for no more than 4.3 MIL Euros, Could be a real gem and we have shown interest in the past.

LM / RM - Marin or a cheaky punt at Scott Sinclair or Thomas Ince (Out Of Contract in the summer)

Possible Striker - Remy (Think BA will need to go to get this one over the line)

Gomis (Lyon - Is available and quite cheap aswell)

Gameiro (Turned us down for PSG and isnt doing to great, Would be worth a go and is believed to be available for no more than 6 MIL Euros)

GAME CHANGER - Doumbia (In my dreams, Would be a menace up front for newcastle but like i said in my dreams)

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Get in Gamerio 5m, Debuchy 6m, Douglas 3m, which is 14m.That is releasic and will do for the time being.

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You wont get lallana for less than 14m. Not when chamberlain went for 12.5m in league 1. Lallana is the better player anyway so you would be looking at around 18m

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And you need to wake up out of that dream. lallana is not worth anywhere near 14 to 18 million.

Your talking liverpool money here.

Pards if he were to bid would not go more than 8MIL.

Personally 8MIL is good value and not to risky, He is new to the PL and lets face it he is with a team that will last no more than 3 seasons in the PL so realistic value is what i have advised.

Putting a player with a higher market value than what Cabaye and Tiote would go for is shocking. Crazy money for Cabaye and Tiote would be 25MIL + per player, realistic value for Cabaye and Tiote is around 13MIL to 20 MIL per player, Lallana is no where near the type of player these guys are which reduces his price drastically.

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We'll just have to agree to differ. He's in a different, more expensive position. You can't compare those players on price. He would get in the Newcastle starting 11 easily and if he didn't that's the managers mistake, Lallana is an absolutely quality player. Just because you don't watch him every week it doesn't mean he isn't one of the best wingers/attacking midfielders in the league

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05 Dec 2012 08:57:47
Apparently pardew wants a reunion with Adam lallana? Great player, be perfect signing for the 433. Along with debuchy and Douglas and lukaku maybe

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It's in the papers today

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This is old news man, it went round months ago before he got called into the England side. Same as Marin, who we were linked with before he went to Chelsea. They may let him go for as little a 4 mil! oosh - marin that is


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4m for Marin, what a bargin, if it's true we'd literally be fist fighting other clubs for him

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Sorry, you guys are being taken for mugs. 18m (if that is your budget) would not get Lallana and Pardew knows it. We can all say we are going to make a cut price offer for Messi but the only point to that is to try and fool the supporters into thinking there is an intention to add quality to the squad. Cross Lallana off your list, he is going nowhere and certainly not for peanuts. He is now worth over 15m and by the summer it will be even more. Why would Saints sell their captain for a silly fee? They will be strengthening the squad in January, not weakening it.
And your performance at Saint Marys where you were lucky not to get a real pasting would encourage no Saints player to move to your club before some real improvement was evident.

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Worried saints fan much? I wouldn't mind Lallana but there are better cheaper players out there, considering he's definitely not worth 15 million. As a side note, i'm living out in germany and used to have a season ticket for borussia moenchengladbach when this lad was promoted up through the youth ranks. would be great to see him in a toon shirt, he's more likely to be worth 15 million if he gets a good chance in my opinion.

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Well said saints fan if we buy a striker it will be someone worth a couple of million quid so fatty can sell him in a couple of seasons for a profit dont u see cockney person is just taking club for a ride

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Apparent interest in man city's guidetti whose also interesting the mackems! Cost less than 5 million and at 20 yrs old fits Newcastle current criteria. This could be a goer considering future potential value. Scored 20 goals in dutch league last year so form also carries as players who do well in Holland usually do well ere too..........spenny mag

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Mateja kezman, ryan babel, alfonso alves all beg to differ on that

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No chance is lallana worth more than 10mil be serious, and as for no southampton player wanting to play for newcastle based on one performance is just ridiculous, whether hed want to come or not hasn't changed on that performance, dont see southampton selling for the price he is worth but it doesnt make him worth that much eg AC is not worth 35mil as lallana is not worth more than 10 and especially not 15 when cabaye cost 4 and tiote even less

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Kezman came over too late in his career and was over shadowed by team mate robben, Babel never really got his chance for pool but is now showing what a cracking player he is in the champions league and would cost you over 15 million now, alves started off well enough but couldn't cut the physical side of the English game and wasn't as good as he first seemed so agree with this one, but what about van persie, stam, nistlerooy, overmars, tiote, ? They all come to England from the dutch league! All you did then was name the obvious strugglers and didn't mention the superstars that came!.........spenny mag

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Come on guys, your own posts show your performance at Saint Marys was not a one off.
What I was saying was nothing really about what the player is worth versus other players, but that he is not for sale, wants to stay at Saints and the club would not enter into any discussions unless an offer was made that was somewhere close to their valuation. That is a lot more than 5m and Pardew knows it. It would be quite humourous if he did actually make that offer to Cortese because he would hear a repeat of the message he received a couple of years ago!
No, I am not stirring as I rate the Geordies as real supporters but if Pardew and/or your owner are behind this rumour and it is not just rubbish press you do need to ask why are they seeding fantasy rumours.

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Think about it mate! You saying saints won't sell him ! Think the same was said about bale and Walcott but still they left!

It's a natural progression for any player to want to move to a bigger club! Plus he would have a better chance of staying in this league with us along with a better chance of another England call up and jot to mention better wages!

I remember when the saints said shearer wasn't for sale at the saints yet he left when Blackburn come calling!

Even the legend that is le tissier was tempted but stayed out of either loyalty or fear of being just a squad player somewhere else!

So what I'm saying is the saints WOULD sell llalanaa and he WOULD leave if he had the chance to play for a bigger club like nufc........spenny mag

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You are basically talking absolute crap. Bale left for 12 million. Walcott 14. Chamerlain 12.5, all when saints were in lower leagues. Shearer was a world record fee to Blackburn. Le Tis would never have been a squad player, he was unbelievable. You think lallanas not worth 8? Good luck getting him then

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Why would Lallana leave if he had the chance to play for a bigger club? Where do you get that from? He had that chance last year and signed a 4 year contract extension instead, in the Championship and with no guarantee of promotion. You can say what you want but there is no way Saints would sell him for less than 15m minimum.

Saints fans were always resigned to losing Walcott and Bale as at the time they had a chairman who was basically a criminal and liked to line his pockets with the clubs money. Lowe cashed in on Bale by taking 500k and Tommy Forecast instead of a 25% sell-on clause which could now be worth over 10m. Absolute mug.

Saints sold Chamberlain, an un-tested league 1 16 year old for 12.5m! you seriously think Lallana would go for less than this figure?

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Someone above saying Lallana not worth more than 10m if Cabaye is worth 4m.

Fair enough, I guess Saints should buy Cabaye for 4m then, and while we are at it lets get Michu for 2m too.

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What does the above post mean, im struggling to understand it at all, just because someone was bought for a price doesn't mean he can then be bought at that price again... lets buy messi and gerrard for nothing then yeah... no! Lallana is not worth over 10 mil not doubt in my mind about that and to think otherwise is just not true. Whether saints would sell him for less or not is a completely different matter, and comparing him to bale walcott and chamberlain is so different they were all young players under the age of 18 that teams thought they could get an extremely long investment from, lallana is 24 years old, no one here is doubting his quality he is just not worth 10 million many many better players out there for less

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