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05 Aug 2013 22:38:57
on local paper in liverpool website, the echo. its say downings going to Newcastle 5mill

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I think it's if bid for ince fails

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I really hope not. I would prefer obertan. Downing is more awful

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It says Liverpool are prepared to sell. I smell a Ben Arfa for Downing plus cash deal on the way!

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I believe he has been offered to Newcastle in a cut price deal of 5mil, not that I think we'd pay that sort of money for a washed up 29 year old. Maybe at 3mil i'd accept him as a decent squad player, better than Obertan and Jonas going forward in my opinion, but would rather see the club pay the extra 3mil and get Tom Ince in for 8mil-ish.

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Really hope not, he's nearly 30 and where does that leave Ben Arfa, Marveaux etc?

Back to 433 has to be the way to go with Remy

Debs, Colo, M'Biwa, Santon
Sissoko, Cabaye, Anita
Ben Arfa, Cisse, Remy

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I hope not, he is the same as Jonas.

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I said this about 2 weeks ago. JK is a big fan of Downing and approached Liverpool about his cost. At the time, there was a belief he could be signed for about £2 million.
Some people on this site met this rumour with derision but the source was fairly reliable.
Downing remains a good player and would be an asset

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Most of these rumours are Pure speculation
No wonder the test of football think we ate looney

They can see the apathy from Ashley and Jolers job not to spend Ashley's money

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Downing can't tackle. Don't really rate hm. Would rather give Marvaux a chance.

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Hasn't LOLpool offered us Downing for the cut price of 5 million. But we haven't enquired about him.

They just want some money back off the Carroll saga xD

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More like
Debuchy, Colo, Mbiwa, Santon
Sissoko, Cabaye, Tiote
Ben Arfa, Remy, Cisse

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More like;
debuchy colo santon

cabaye sissoko
ben arfa

remy marveaux

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Seeing as you all want name a team here goes
debuchy, colo, mbiwa, santon,

cabaye, sissoko, marveaux
ben arfa
gomis, remy

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05 Aug 2013 20:50:17
Remi signed for 1 season loan all done happy days. Fife Toon

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Just seen its on the nufc official website!

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Because I'm miserable and pessimistic and I want to spread this to everyone else I'm going to hit the unbelievable button even though this post is true.

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Strange how 6 months ago you were calling him a person for rejecting you for QPR. But now everyone loves him. Honestly you lot have no pride for the club or for the name. No way would PDC sign someone who rejects them and us mackems wouldn't forgive them easily.

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3rd post, or you could be a worried and jealous SMB!

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Remy was offered more money, you will find most of us understood him taking the QPR offer. All is well that ends well.

How long has Sunderland been signing ex Newcastle players & supporters now?

You would not catch us doing that, but then again we are not a 2nd rate club. heh :)

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SMB, You call us fickle, but this is what would happen with any player, any set of fans. You can't say that PDC wouldn't sign someone like Remy, because you don't know that. Remy's a quality player that we need. Yes I would take players like aubameyang or bony over remy, but they're gone. what's the point of not signing a quality player, just because they chose higher wages 8 months ago, when you see that with most football players. Take Nasri for example, he took higher wages at city but he's still a quality player and if arsenal got him back, they're fans would probably forgive him and forget about him going to city. You can't say we have no pride, we are the in the top 20 most supported clubs in the world. When you had o'neill, you wanted his head for ages, but when you beat city 1-0 you loved him! what's the point on not forgiving someone when you can't do anything about it!

Silly mackems have no logic at all!

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To the Mackem commenting. Why are you even here? Surely you should be worrying about your little club.

I mean, if we have such a s*** club, why do we keep finishing above you?

Worry about your own club, and stop commenting on the best club in the North East, thanks.

- Uni Brad

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Any idea if Newcastle have an option to buy at the end of the loan deal?

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Seem to remember Danny Graham being one of the most despised men on Wearside until he signed up for the unwashed. He was going to be the new messiah - that lasted long.

Good news on Remy. Let's hope we can get Gomis and maybe a CB through the door. I'd be happy going into the new season with that.

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Talk of downing coming for 5 mil
Not sure what I think
Apart from has no pace but can put in a cross

Do we need an ex smog and loaned to mackem player, or pay a bit more and go for ince or ask about Sinclair from city

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Any more news on gomis or dare I say bent as well

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Nice, a championship player on loan! Lol

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5th post, is sarcasm not your strong point like?

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Yes there is an option to buy of an extra 6-7 mil on top of the 2 already paid. Great piece of business in my opinion.

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We should pay the extra 3 mil for Ince IMO, he looks the business and has no ties with the smoggies or the unwashed.

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Yh Ino you're being sarcastic, there are a lot of mackems coming on here :P getting jealous!

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I worry about Ince's end product.

From what I have seen of Ince, I rate Marveaux as a better player.

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"Strange how 6 months ago you were calling him a person for rejecting you for QPR. But now everyone loves him. Honestly you lot have no pride for the club or for the name. No way would PDC sign someone who rejects them and us mackems wouldn't forgive them easily. "

If PDC would turn down a striker like Remy for signing for another club then he's a moron. And yes, you'd forgive him after his first goal, and why? Because ALL football fans are fickle.

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I never said anything bad about Remy. Neither did most fans

We all complained about the fact he was in our sights, fee agreed, he even agreed to come and see us, we had his flight ready. Then he goes to QPR!

I think we were all entitle to say
"he is a money grabbing mercenary"!

even wearing black and white the above is still true and I still think the same.

Only difference is now he has to earn his stripes, earn his place and earn the fans trust and support.

Once the fans are totally behind him, he will see how stupid a mistake it was moving for the money, only to be relegated (not that we did much better, please don't start the "things could have been so much different shizz)

And he will see the love toon fans can offer, and the noise they make on match days!

Mr Remy, welcome to the club.
Better 8 months late then not at all xD


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05 Aug 2013 17:33:02
So it looks like Remy is nearly over the line. Then Bafetembi Gomis later in the week. Also hearing strong rumours we are in for James McCarthy and Thomas Ince. i'd be ecstatic with these four. Wouldn't surprise me if we signed Zoet as well.

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There is a picture on the newcastle rumours page with remy and the joker in st James park holding his new shirt!

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Ince in the Blackpool team tonight so has been cup tied -probably think its more talk just now about him

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Would surprise me

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Who cares if he is cup tied, we won't pass the 4th round of each cup anyway.

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05 Aug 2013 13:04:14
Man City also interested in Remy. this one's not done and dusted yet lads! Just remember how he acted in January. I will also support NUFC players, no matter what they've done in the past and if he signs, I will back him fully. but it's not over the line yet

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There's a photo of Remy at Benton so assuming he doesn't fail his medical I'd say it's a done deal.

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Are you a mackem in disguise.

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Why would Man City be interested in Remy? They can buy ANY striker in the world. Man City apparently interested in Debuccy and a deal could be struck with sinclair and a reduced fee for Mica Richards. Now that would be very interesting. Thoughts lads?

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. They've just signed Negredo and Jovetic on top of Aguero. Even as a winger they have the likes of Navas.

I don't think they'd be interested in Remy. This is just stupidity.

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They can have Debuchy though Richards wouldn't be a great replacement imo. Debuchy not done anything to impress me since he joined. Nothing like the player we saw at Euro 2012.

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Talk sense man and pretending your a fan then making a daft comment like that, they've signed jovetic, negredo, got aguero and dzeko yet there after remy lol mackem in disguise deals done and dusted will be confirmed by tomorrow

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Cannot believe you can slag Debuchy. He has played half a season in the toughest league in the world. Trying to settle into a new team and environment never mind he landed in a relegation scrap. Give him and the rest of the January signings a break and if you wish to judge them wait until next season and not after 1 game either.

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Don't understand why we are even going to sign remy last season at qpr he was poor missed chance after chance hence why they went down for me defoe would have been no 1

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Just giving my thoughts on what I read on tv this morning that's all! I don't know why Man City would be interested in him either. but this is a rumours site. and that was the rumour that I heard! People on here are so quick to get on anyones back if they post something they don't agree with!

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Remy signed sealed and delivered.

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Remy sighned on loan

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Done and dusted - just seen pics with shirt (and Good Ol' Joe!) Doom-mongers and negativos can now eat your words. Come on, apologise to the great man!

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HE's signed

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Newcastle signed season-long loan deal

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Dont think the Mackems will be sh***ing their pants at Remy signing.

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Just like we are really bricking it over jozy altidor ya smb

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'Defoe no. 1' -is that Jermaine, won't leave London, too old, spends most of a match on his arse, £100k a week, Defoe?

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05 Aug 2013 10:44:05
I am the guy who garenteed Remy and Gomis before Tuesday.

Lots of people claimed I was making it up, but Remy is in Newcastle today for medical as reported on the news, Gomis tomorrow.

Both Will be NUFC players before COP Tuesday.


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Never doubted we wouldn't sign these two since declaring our interest, we are a much bigger club than the current clubs these 2 play for.

Toon Toon!

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What about ince and McCarthy D? do you know anything?

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Lets just hope we haven't paid his flight this time or god knows who he will sign for this time.

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Be surprised if gomis signs by tuesday

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Joe? Is that you? Well done for calling it right but perhaps your time would be better spent sealing deals rather than commenting on rumours boards.

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Do we really need remy, Gomis and Bent? I think two of those three is enough with remy and Bent prefered. Bent is a mercenary but a proven premier league goal scorer. Remy has the pace and goal scoring threat. Gomis might add an alternative option with his strength, but I would prefer to spend the Gomis money strengthening other areas such as the left side of midfield. Thoughts?

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Not a chance Gomis will sign before Tuesday. Not saying he won't sign but it won't be on Tuesday. Something not right about that deal.

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Bigger than Lyon? Get real.

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I am told it will be tomorrow everything get finalised for Gomis - signature should be on paper before COP Tuesday, and no I'm not Joe, because I actually know things :)

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I know Wigan want 12 million but no contact between us and Wigan officially

I think McCarthy is backup for Cabaye but not sure how true it is

Ince not heard anything but rumours, Sinclair is more likely

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Gomis agent is the same agent who blocked our Erdinc deal back in 2011.

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If we get McCarthy we will sell cabaye to fund McCarthy and ince,
if we sign two forwards or possibally all tree bent, remy and gomis cisse is off to one of the Turkish teams.
jarra mag

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05 Aug 2013 10:41:13
Remy having toon medical, expect an announcement tonight

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"boo hoo hoo, we won't sign anyone this summer FACT"

Whats that Remy coming for a medical? What a surprise!

Y'all moaning bout JK and Pardew just need to chill yer boots. It all takes time

Big Dave out

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I wonder which soppy b hit the unbelievable button to this post.

Probably one of the ones that complained the whole way through the window and now does not want to admit they were wrong.

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Pardew is still a poor manager and these deals were in progress previous to JFK coming. We have a great squad who are too good for Pardew.

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Jeez and his merry bunch of bandits coming on here hitting the unbelievable button, how petty lol.

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Actually it is an unelievable button.
You lot can't even get that right.
Sad state of affairs when Crystal Palace are prime candidates to get Bent.

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Jeez: no disrespect, mate, but Bent is a player we rather fancy, but only at the right price. Palace are a bit more desperate to consolidate their new EPL status and are possibly willing to pay over the odds. Good luck to 'em. But he hasn't signed yet.

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05 Aug 2013 08:15:14
Gomis in newcastle on Wednesday to finish deal

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Remy on way now for medical deal should be done by today. On tv now

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Gomis will be in Benton Tuesday

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D was right about Remy - how could 5 persons click on 'unelievable'?

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