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04 Jun 2013 15:17:15
Newcastle are considering signing the 6 foot 2, 24 year old Reading and RoI international CB Alex Pearce whose contract runs out later this month. He's also being monitored by Liverpool but may choose us because of the better chance of playing more first team games.

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I know his dad, bricklayer, owns own buiss. Trust me no better than willo! Champ defender at best! And he is Scottish not Irish! Grandparents were. Played for national side.

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Really not Irish? Then do you care to explain why there are pictures of him playing for Ireland. He scored on his debut for them

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Didnt do Reading much good

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He just has, his grandparents were Irish.

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Has a nationality or country of birth ever stopped anyone from playing for Ireland!

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Played for Scotland younger level then switched to roi senior! Brought a red setter so he qualified {Ed001's Note - FIFA changed the rules, he now has to drink a pint of Guinness every week in a local Irish bar to qualify for ROI.}

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He is one of the worst players I have ever seen, trust me

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04 Jun 2013 11:10:40
Derby want Williamson and Perch, maybe part of a swap deal for young Hughes? 5 mil for the pair maybe, means we get Hughesy for 5 mil.

Is he actually any good, has anyone actually seen him play and I don't mean in a FIFA team.

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For an 18 year old he's actually quite good. Probably at the same level as Bigi maybe a bit better. Probably better than Campbell although last season he only got about 40 mins actual game time I think it was so it's hard to make the comparison.

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Campbell is a striker, how can he probably be better than Campbell, and like you said, Campbell has not had enough game time to make that assumption.

And I hope you were joking about him being around the same level as Bigi, why would we pay 10 million for a player on par with Bigi.

Didn't Bigi cost less than 2.

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The difference is Hughes has had a lot more attention than Bigi meaning they will demand a higher price because he's in demand in a seller's market. Plus he's young and English meaning his price will be unnecessarily inflated.

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He looks very promising. and one of the good things is, is that he's english. So if he does turn out to be the next steven gerrard or something, then 10m could be a bargain

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I think Biggie cost less then 600,000

As for Hughes, he is talented. That's why the likes of Arsenal and Barca were looking at the kid.

But the big question is, why aren't they making a move when we knew they were interested in him?

They clearly saw something that they didn't like

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Wait for Bigi to hit puberty & pack on some muscle & he will be as good as (& look like) Essien.

Hughes is ok but not worth 10million

would rather we spent it on Bojan or Dries mertens

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Bigi cost about £1 million
Hughes is a different type of midfielder
Derby value him at £4 million but Ashley is apparently willing to pay £10 million and loan him back next season to help secure the deal
Bojan is one who we might want to stay clear of, he's been loaned to a number of large clubs by Barca and none of them have decided to buy him so they must think there's something wrong
I would love us to sign Mertens but he's not a striker or CB so he isn't a priority and is viewed as a major target for both Schalke and Lazio so we may struggle if we do try to sign him

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"Derby value him at £4m but Ashley is willing to pay £10m" please think about what your saying before posting stupid rumours!

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I support the toon but I live in derby and watch derby quite a bit and will hughes is class but is affraid to shoot. 10 mill is ott maybe 5 mill is about right

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Derby fan writing:

Will Hughes, played first game vs Peterboro at end of 2011-12 season, superb and man of match, went on last season to play 30+ consecuetive games before ankle injury ruled him out for nearly two months. Returned for final few games. Only scored a couple of goals but set up plenty, plays deep in midfield or on wing. small frame but likes a tackle and can pick a pass for sure.

Second youngest England u-21 debut player and highly rated by Pearce, left him out of present u-21's due to concern over ankle but lots of scouts (Man City, Arsenal, Stoke, Juve and 'spanish' scouts) at Moor Farm to watch Will play. Derby value at £10million in line with likes of Nat Clyne and Luke Shaw, Nick Powell, etc

Derby will probably do a deal with £7million plus Williamson and / or Perch thrown in.

to be honest, can't see him getting past likes of Cabaye, Sissoko, Tiote or Merveaux but defo one for the future.

Buy him for less then £5M and you've a bargain, pay £10M and you've been robbed!

would love to see Carroll back in black and white though instead of claret!

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Bojan is not at Barcelona anymore, he's been at roma since 2011.

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03 Jun 2013 23:47:31
Tiote may be sold this summer with Lokomotiv Moscow willing to pay £10 million. If this is true it could pave the way for Victor Wanyama to come in from Celtic as a replacement since he would cost about £10 million

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Would prefer wanyama, good aerial threat and can cover at centre back.

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Only signing 2 first team players this summer: a central defender and a forward.

Forget any others.

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Wanyama is a power house in midfield but athink he's going to arsenal

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A striker and CB are the main focus but other signings will be made if First team players like Tiote are sold.

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Why would he go to Arsenal? Wenger's not going to use him instead of Arteta or Cazorla and he's certainly not going to use him instead of Wilshere because he's Arsenal's poster boy. He'd be a sub and backup at best. If he came to us he'd get regular first team action, especially if Tiote is sold, he'd be first choice.

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Hes said that he would like to go to arsenal

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I don't think arsenal will go for him.

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