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04 Jun 2012 22:18:13
Linked with senagalese striker dame n'doye as replacement for ba. Some trepadation over signing another african player and he is 27 so maybe a bit old.If we were to go for another african striker id like to see Emmanuel Mayuka, 21 year old zambian from young boys(ha). Looked a class finisher at cup o' nations

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Need a non-Africa striker - Shola and the two dembas are gonna be away at the ACON, which only leaves Best (and Ranger, I suppose). If we are going for a striker, we want one that won't miss a chunk of the season on international duty.

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Shola ACON ? I know he was born in Nigeria but has he ever played for them?

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I think shola is trying to get himself cleared for nigeria but along with wigan's moses, theres been sme hold up. shola is getting old now so hopefully he doesnt get called up.

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I hope he does get called up to be honest, he's done a decent service for us, is nearing the end of his career and wants a taste of international football... And surely the club is not going to be stupid enough to have our only strikers ones that have a chance of missing a whole month of the season

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I think although he was born in nigeria he is qualified to play for england but isnt good enough

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04 Jun 2012 20:38:31
According to some Internet sites there are strong rumours that sessegnon is in talks with two clubs which are unknown

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Psg and city apparently

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04 Jun 2012 20:34:29
here are a few player in the spain that we need to have a look at:

COUTINHO (ESPANYOL/INTER) LW/CF and Alvaro Dominguez & Adrian Lopez (Atletico Madrid)

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I would take medal he like tiote and marquez is like cabaye and i would take coutinho to do what ben-arfa do on the left of the three front!

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Think coutinho and lopez are way too expensive for us looking at £15m-£20m each quality players though

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I would buy Gary Metal, and Coutinho maybe Santon can put a word in and/or Michu from Rayo Vallecano

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Javi Marquez is absolutely exceptional, him and Tiote would be exceptional.

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04 Jun 2012 17:27:04
Mulumbu looks likely to join spurs and not Newcastle other news junior hoilett has reportedly joined borussia monchengladbach or is very close to agreeing terms

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04 Jun 2012 15:32:46
Newcastle supposedly looking at Miguel Pérez Cuesta. Attacking Mid from Rayo Vallecano. Scored 15 in 37 league games and 2 in 2 in the cup last season.

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Sign him up but what is his value

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Another cwarr07 gem from twitter!

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4 million

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04 Jun 2012 13:45:40
Demba ba expected to leave in the summer for 7 million with tottenham, psg or fenebache expected to be his destination. If this happens newcastle will look for a Proper left winger and play 4-3-3 as mulumbu looks likely to join who is a

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Only champions league teams can activate his clause, so forget spurs

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Another mackem posting. spurs arent in CL. PSG are signing lavezzi and why would anyone go to fenerbache

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Ba would have to go for more than 7mil to a non-CL club. That figure only applies to clubs who have qualified for the Champions league.

Question though Ed, does it apply to clubs who are in the qualifying stages? Arsenal etc or only to clubs in the CL proper like Utd, chelsea? {Ed001's Note - qualifying stages still count as being in the Champions League, as far as I am aware.}

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Spurs cant activate release clause but they can still try to buy him

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Tottenham and Fenerbahce aren't in the Champions League and PSG will probably not buy him because he is good and they like overrated crap players

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Fenerbache as Demba ba's best mate moussa sow plays there and since when are psg signing lavezzi

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Yeah spurs can try to buy him but itll take a lot more than 7 mil

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Lavezzi has all but signed for p2g 25m euros was agreed and will join on july 1st. pastore's girlfriend tweeted it a couple of days ago

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I thought remy was his best friend and he went to sows wedding a few days ago

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Fenerbahce are a team far richer than Newcastle and could offer Ba double wages, at the moment Fenerbahce ARE eligible to play in the champions league (however they may be banned again) and yes indeed Ba's best friend Moussa Sow as well as international team mate Dia play for Fenerbahce.

Before anyone complains, I am a geordie, born and bred and would be pretty sad to see Ba go and certainly to spurs, but Fenerbahce are a serious possibility.

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04 Jun 2012 13:44:54
In regards to Cisse going anywhere, I'm pretty sure FIFA rules state that any player cannot play for 3 differant clubs in one calender year. He was in both Freiburg* and Newcastle in January so wont be going anywhere until next Jan at the earliest if ever.

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He didn't play for Freiburg in jan so he can go, not that he will tho

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"He didn't play for Freiburg in jan so he can go"...he was still signed with them wether he played or not.

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I believe that regardless of whether he made an appearance for Freiburg in Jan he was still contracted to them which means he can't leave until at least Jan 2013. {Ed007's Note - Players may be registered with a maximum of three clubs during one season. During this period, the player is only eligible to play official matches for two clubs. FIFA Article 5(3).}

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04 Jun 2012 11:20:32
Newcastle going to sign 4 more first team players during this window.

The names of the first choice players are Mathieu Debuchy (Lille RB), Simon Kjear (Wolfsburg CB), Youssouf Mulumbu (WBA CM) & Yacine Brahimi (Rennes LW).

The second choices should any of these fail are Dieog Contento (Bayern Munich LB), Douglas (FC Twente CB), Mark Davies (Bolton CM) & Aiden McGeady (Spartak Moscow).

Wait and see.

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I'd really like to see Yanga m'Biwa, and another striker

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You been playing too much Football Manager matey!

McGeady is well beyond our price range, as is Kjaer.

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Why would be in the market for a Left Winger? It's not a poistion that needs strengthening or back up

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Comment above is right Ben Arfa, Jonas, R.Taylor and Marveaux

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^not to mention ferguson. Marveaux will be our LW next year. We'll look to bring in maybe 1 or two centre backs, a DM, and CM/CAM. A full back or two and a striker. I'd put bets on Debuchy, Douglas, Mulumbu. As for the others, who knows. L. De Jong won't come, I've heard that interest from Newcastle is waning.

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Mbira deal looks dead as his value is now estimated at 20 mil bit of a jump from last seasons 5-6 mil quality player though

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04 Jun 2012 10:32:45
Listening on the radio the other night Gabriel Marcotti mentioned something about Newcastle united contacting Vargas's agent about a possible move.


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Any truth that ashley will be4 season starts to some african guys? very rich i hear through diamond mines

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What are you on about

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Yes mate i hear that he is gonna sell the africans are from nigeria i was told that it would go through be4 season imfo from next door neighbours husband that works in africa

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Hilarious. Works in Africa (which is a HUGE country) and is automatically in the know about 'diamond mine owners' buying our club.. not going to happen in a BILLION years! The main reason would be they'd never pass the fit and proper owners tests. You're really deluded if you believe this.

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Mate this is old news, i read the story about it and it is true but its from 2008 so not going to happen

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Africa is not a country mate, its a continent

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Africa is a huge continent, not a country... 3rd grade repeat for u laddy.

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AFRICA is a continent (not a COUNTRY!)...

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04 Jun 2012 07:59:41
Krul to Liverpool and S Taylor to West Brom - get ya shirt on these two !

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Krul to go to a team that finished below us and to be a number 2 keeper?

taylor who has been injured for last 6-8 months?

neither are gonna happen, crap rumour

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Doubt taylor would ever leave nufc

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And so the silly rumours begin. Taylor is really going swap a top 5 team for a mid table team similar is size to Sunderland.

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The krull rumour could be right as in my opinion he would take over from reina who has been poor this season or could end at spurs

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Oh, I work in England and heard he isn't?

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Krul is good but not good enough to lace reinas boots get a grip

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I think Krul will stay and that is the reason Green rejected West Ham

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I believe Krul kept more clean sheets this season?

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Krul is twice the keeper reina is best shot stopper in league

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03 Jun 2012 23:55:08
Newcastle have tabled a 12.5m bid for Fiorentina's Juan Vargas.. Italian Press!


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Give us a link to the story?

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It wud be a fantastic signing!!

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Far too old at 28, too much of a primadonna as well.

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It's not us, it's Liverpool

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12.5m for a 29 year old? Yeah right

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Newcastle actually put in an 8m bid + 4m in add-ons.

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I heard this rumer aswell.. Great move if it comes off.
James T {Ed004's Note - Self publicity... *sigh* enjoy your ban...}

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Good player, but we ain't going to pay anywhere near £10m for someone, let alone a 28/29 year-old Diva

Spanish Mag

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To old to much money

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