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04 Jan 2013 18:14:14
news to break in next 48 hours

newcastle are to tie a deal up for a player currently playing in holland.

dont know if this is douglas or what but ive just been told we have representitives over there at the minute and they were met by a large contingent from a dutch club!

fingers crossed its douglas or siem de jong but havent got any names for certain.....spenny mag

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Or Toby Alderweireld

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I saw something saying douglas wasnt leaving and that we've been linked with a number of dutch players e.g. jody lukoki or yanick wildschut or jermaine lens so could be one of them wouldn't mind getting a new cb in though

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Hope it's Siem de Jong as he is real quality. Not sure whether he is the powerful, pacey striker that Pardew desires though.

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I would like it to be de jong but it would be more beneficial in the current situation for it to be douglas or alderweild

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Weren't you the one that said remy would be holding talks and the news would soon break about it spenny mag well I will believe it when I see it

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I heard that its Adam Maher we are interested in.

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It could be Jeremain Lens at PSV. Absolute quality. A better signing then Remy.

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Pardew said he wants a powerful striker with pace who can also play on the wing. So why would it be De Jong?

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"A powerful striker with pace who can also play on the wing" so does that mean Remy or nothing or does it mean if we don't get Remy we're going for someone like Jermaine Lens

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We will get mat debuchy and thats it fat ash wont spend the money

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We've already got debuchy

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Its just a rumour lads but it looks like shola came from holland definately playing with cloggs on today

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It will be jack douglas thats who we will get

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Ashleys over there to tie up a deal to sell tulips in his jumble sale shops man ha ha ha

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Has remy been reported to be intalks a number of times? thats exactly what i said a while ago! matter settled.....spenny mag

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04 Jan 2013 15:42:47
Few people mentioning charlie austin to newcastle .... Is it just me thinkin he might just be another beckford did brill in the lower leages and couldnt cut it in prem if i was to spend 6-10 mil on a striker i would want a proven top league player

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Austin's actually pretty good I wouldn't spend more than 3-3.5 million for him but I agree that a proven top flight player e.g. Remy would be a safer bet

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Sometimes you have to take a chance . What u need to look at is his actual finishes, is he sharp has he got a one touch finish ? Can he head is he strong, I know that is obvious but my point is if he ticks all those boxes it's worth a punt, you don't get many chances in prem so look at his accuracy ? We are creating so no reason why he an not score, I see your point about the money side of it, but you won't get a top player English for that amount and a foreign one is also a gamble !

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The way things are going if austin signs for us he will still be a great championship player

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Charlie austin has always scored goals but not to the extent of this year! beckford does spring to mind with me too. as does long!

he did the same yet isnt exactly prolific is he?

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145 goals in 222 appearances isnt a bad ration at all but hasnt played at a high level before so would be a gamble.

scored 48 for poole in 42 games but still didnt get a massive move like rhodes did last year.

done really well for swindon before moving to burnley so the lad could be anything.
has a nice touch and pace so could be a good foil for cisse like AP said thats what hes looking for.....spenny mag

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2 words, Shane Long. Seem a bargain at the 7 mil West Brom paid for him

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04 Jan 2013 13:53:57
Newcastle boss Alan Pardew is desperate to halt his team's slide towards the bottom three and is planning an audacious swoop for Inter Milan's out-of-favour midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

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Yep, because Ashley is known for giving out contracts over 200k a week...

Good one.

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Would be nice but not a hope in hell

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04 Jan 2013 12:10:11
Wesley Sneijder offered to QPR?

Would he be good for us, a creative midfielder who can score goals.

I know wages would high for our owner but a steller signing maybe, rumoured available for 8mil.

Realistically would like to see Remy, sasko or Dawson and De Jong (another attacking midfielder) and sissoko

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Sneijder would never happen - forget it as nice as it would be. The wages he would cost would equal 3 - 4 players for us and thats about how many players we desperately need!

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Sneidjer wants like 200k a week. If your thinking of nigel de jong then that would be the last midfielder i'd want.

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At 200, 000 a week in wages i don't think he will be arriving at St James anytime soon !

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Nigel de Jong is defensive minded. Siem de Jong is who I think it is

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Original poster here. Yes I know sneijder would not be a real option just thru it in because of QPR link. Yes I realisitically I meant Siem De Jong of Ajax

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If you're talking about siem de jong then he'd be a great signing but if you mean nigel de jong then just no

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04 Jan 2013 17:29:41
This was a fake rumour created by a twitter page. No way he would sign for QPR and his wage demands are rumoured to be in the 200,000 p.w. area.

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Been confirmed it was just paper talk and qpr have not been offered snieder. he would like to come to england but to a big club.

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04 Jan 2013 12:03:09
Ed, any news on striker replacements please? {Ed002's Note - Chelsea, Spurs, Newcastle, Everton, QPR and Lille have shown varying degrees of interest in Loic Remy but there have been no approaches to Marseille regarding Remy from Liverpool. There was discussion with Chelsea about Remy during the negotiations over Azpilicueta but it came to nothing. Remy would perhaps be interested in a move to England but his recent form has been poor and Marseille know it will be difficult to get a good price for the player. Newcastle will very likely complete the transfer of Remy in January, although there is a slim chance that they might face opposition from Everton who made a recent approach to Marseille about his availability on loan and QPR who are looking for a deal invloving a player moving in the opposite direction. As far as Marseille are concerned, they have started looking for a replacement but will hold out as long as they can to get the best price they can.

One wonders if Newcastle will look further at Charlie Austin or Gary Hooper as well?}

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04 Jan 2013 11:52:16
Ed, has the Debuchy deal officially gone through yet? {Ed002's Note - It has.}

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04 Jan 2013 09:55:15
Newcastle looking at young cb Kevin Mbabu of Servette. Was on trial for the last fortnight. Looks like a decent youngster at 17.

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04 Jan 2013 09:51:09
Newcastle and Aston Villa have put in offers for Burnley's Charlie Austin.
They have a battle on their hands as Arsenal are taking another look at the striker - who has stated he will not renew his contract which expires in 18 months.

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04 Jan 2013 09:44:04
from a good sauce we have put bids in for ballatelli (loan) and micah richards around 4m

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I wish we could get Richards but it will not happen

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Total BS.

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Total BS......

Why on earth would we put a Bid in for Richards who is Injured and is always injured??

What a stupid rumour

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this rumor is hard to believe.

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A bit like taylor then but pardews happy to pin his hopes on him i think richards is a class above any we have

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Who's the 'sauce'?

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A good sauce? daddys?

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04 Jan 2013 09:36:01
ed... is there any talk about martin marvin? i reckon he would be perfect for newcastle, but do you know of any team interested in buying him? {Ed002's Note - Marvin Martin only moved in the summer - he won't be moving again in January.}

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Cheers ed. didnt realise he'd only just moved.

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