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04 Jan 2012 23:13:33
With evertons demise, wonder if a £5m bid would be accepted for baines?

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What demise?

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Nice to dream....santon right, baines left...would be immense

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No he worth 10m+ tbh {Ed001's Note - and the rest! He is the closest they have to an irreplaceable player, they would want a lot more or it wouldn't be worth letting him go.}

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04 Jan 2012 21:03:27
can anyone genuinely tell me if smith is off to Ipswich? if he was to be released couldn't Lufc afford him?

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He won't be released, we'd have to pay his contract, so better to keep him as a squad and pay him till the end of season.
he's prob available for free, but no one will offer him the wages he's on here so we're stuck with him for 6 more months.

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Any truth in the rumour that Burnley are interested in Smith and have made an offer for him?

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04 Jan 2012 20:49:37
Told you all earlier....nailed on home win !
Anyone know what time Corals opens in the morning ?

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Don't put knockers on it

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10am happy days!

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04 Jan 2012 19:23:32
Man United ( the real United) need 8 goals to close the gap on GD with Man City. There are possibly 6 Man U strikers playing against NUFC tonight. Playing 4 1 5. I can see them getting a load against you! {Ed007's Note - Here mate you are really getting on my last nerve with you trolling the site. You have went from being a Man Utd fan to a Newcastle fan and then a Sunderland fan. I will give you a short sabbatical from the sites to let you think about who you actually support.}

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Gd on u ed. {Ed007's Note - Cheers bud. The silly season is well and truly upon us.}

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Yeah thats right ed he's just another person who comes onto sites and tries to be clever by insulting other football teams!

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That was a top draw prediction anymore pearls of wisdom for us. maybe man united winning the league by twenty points. anyway what a performance by the boys and a very deserved result

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04 Jan 2012 19:21:36
Another negative approach to a match.. Ryan Taylor, come on.. Pleeeeeease AP earn ya money

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I posted this comment and it's obvious Taylor read it an reacted.. Although he did get tired and ball watch all in all well done lads

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04 Jan 2012 13:11:35
looks like we might have new shirt sponsors on the shirts for tonights money sign on shirts glad i did'nt get new top for xmas now you heard owt on this ed ? clubs gonna release a statment later today geordie tom {Ed001's Note - I am trying to find out myself, there has been talk about Virgin looking to sign a sponsorship deal but Ashley was determined to get stadium naming rights included and the last I heard they had walked away from the table. Ashley must have conceded that part of the deal to get a shirt sponsor done.}

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As northern rock are your sponsors and virgin money now own them surely it is just a straight name swap not a new deal {Ed001's Note - ahhh, never thought of that! Of course, that would explain it, thank you mate.}

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No m8 northern rocks deal runs out this or ext month it was a 4year deal with a claus in that neant they could cancel anytime i think

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Confirmed on

Also, the first 10k fans who bring their season 11/12 shirt to the club shop will get an upgrade.

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Upgrade my ..... its an iron on

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04 Jan 2012 13:24:54
Newcastle won't be making a move for Liverpool striker Andy Carroll on loan despite reports linking him with a move back to the club.

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Dont want him back, let the greedy disloyal tw.. rot and suffer with the scousers

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04 Jan 2012 12:43:19
Newcastle have shortlist of 5 domestic based defenders - and 4 foreign based defenders. I can tell you that both williams (ashley and rhys) top there domestic players aswell as a 3.5milion bid max to come for tomkins. They are looking at possibility of snatching a few bargains in other areas - but as stated previously defender is priority - must state that it will be in the Ashley remit! younger than 25, less than 5 million. I would be suprised if we brought in more than 1 - but possibly erxpect a young unknown from abroad. And possibly prior who came in yesterday for trial.

Marty toon.

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Now this is a sound rumour. Bargains, up and coming, less than 5 mill. Some of the others on here should take note.
Hope u're right with this mate, as it'd make me a happy man. I always look in the bargain bin when i'm in the shop ;) Never know what u'll find :)

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9 players! thats some SHORT list

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04 Jan 2012 08:27:01
rumour has it newcastle been offered iaquinta on loan frm juventus also interested in swansea cb a.williams (WelshToon)

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Ive just read this too and i beleive its the daily mail who is running it! ....spenny mag

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The daily mail is hardly the most reliable of sources

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Hardly a rumour it's the daily mail !

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