Newcastle Rumours Archive December 04 2012


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04 Dec 2012 22:28:52
Seen a lot of reports and injury updates saying Ben Arfa will most likely be fit for the Fulham match next Monday

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Team for Fulham IMO . If fit .
Simo willo collo santon
Perch tiote Anita
Benny. Ba. Marveaux

433 ,what u think ?

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One win will not paper over the cracks
interesting to see prefictiobs on points from
now incl Fulham up to January
Mine 4 points which puts us in bottom 3
and despite a few Pluses tha is ehere we deserve to be because of not bOlstering a very weak back four

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Dont think he will drop Cisse, so I would expect to see same defence, Anita marveaux (he said that is aid fave position-cm- he played v well there, just like Ben arfa when he first moved here) and tiote, then Cisse, Ba(centre fwd) and Ben arfa

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Expect to see the same team as against Wigan except maybe Benny coming in! Players injured in that match have all been confirmed fit

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Perch is like a fish out of water

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04 Dec 2012 12:17:11
Jermain Lens looks a player,just watched him on u-tube,is linked with us in jan.

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Along with 30 other players, think we were linked to about 50 players over the summer, i wudnt get ur hopes up mate, weve made a profit just about every window of the ashley era, expect the same. 1 prove EPL player out, 1 unproven unknown in, if any. Got my hopes up everytime to only be let down. Not happening again

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I've looked at a lot of the players we've been linked with and of them the best are Jermaine Lens and Yanick Wildschut who are both good players however Wildschut's only 20 so probably one for the future

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What's stopping jermain lens from being another ryan babel? Does anyone watch him play regularly enough to have a decent answer? Seems a good player from what i've seen but a 10mil price tag is quite a big one and with marveux looking like he could become a big player, would rather see this money spent tightening up our weak defence

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As a Saints fan I can tell you that Saints have also been linked with Lens for quite a while. Although ens does look good I would stick with Marveaux (or however you spell it). He looks like he will be absolute class. I thought when you bought Cabaye, Tiote and him that he would turn out to be the best buy.

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I watch plenty of the Dutch league. I really like Lens as a player. He's got bags and bags of pace and dribbling ability and he can finish a chance when it comes. His form was out of this world in the 10-11 season in which PSV choked and lost the title to Ajax. Since then I think his club performances have dipped a little bit but he keeps playing well with the national team. He's not the most creative player but I don't think that would be too big a problem for you in a 4-3-3 with the likes of Cabaye and Ben Arfa in the team. I think his strength and pace make him well suited to the premier league and not at all the same type of player as Babel.

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