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04 Aug 2013 21:54:47
Newcastle to sign Tom ince tomorrow

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When no bid has been made how can that be

JK stated on tv today that until the striker issue is sorted then no other players are to be targeted

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Now if the egg man said it :-)

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Yes we are I think, Remy and/or Bent due for Monday or Tuesday, Gomis. He would of signed by now but I reckon another week or so till we capture the bad voy

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Villa reckon they arn't even talking to us.

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04 Aug 2013 21:34:05
Remy expected medical 10am Monday morning. Press conference to be called late Monday/early Tuesday

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Remy is in France - a fee has yet to be agreed between QPR and Newcastle -we know how much they want but are not prepared to pay that much

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Papers saying that Remy is on the raydar of the Saints!

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Remy is not in France anymore, he is in Newcastle right now.

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Sounds like the first poster is right. Well done!

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04 Aug 2013 15:21:16
Jk confirmed nufc in discussions with Aston villa for Darren bent. Remy deal to be done Monday or Tuesday. Once again we seem to be loosing out on gomis due to add ons etc.

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Gomis will take another week or so, remy should be signed in a few days. don't want bent, but if we get gomis and remy then we only need nice

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Bet we end up with no one the way it's looking at this rate

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As long as we get two out of the three i'll be happy, come on wor joe bring the boys home.

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Obviously you didn't listen carefully enough to Joke K. he said we should be in a position to say'yea or nay'. now that worries me as it sounds like it's still up in the air!. hate sounding like a pessimist but my confidence is blown where we are concerned especially since Joke K came on board. Also like to add that he was playing cricket at the time he explains what's going on? Shouldn't he be making sure these happen before going off for a leisurely break after all hasn't he just come back from holiday?

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Why be pessimistic? we're talking over deals with everyone trying to get the best deal for them, unless clubs can make an offer above the value of the player or an personal terms they can't turn down there will always be bartering between all parties, add extra clubs in that and it makes it even harder as the players are in demand. we don't have the cash to do that so have to try and squeeze each deal as much as we can but it takes time.

also kinnear was at a charity match for cancer (i think that's acceptable) and deals take days as parties go back and forth

so in a nut shell get a grip and calm down, we'll be signing players, I have no doubt

big dave out

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All other clubs do the business and announce signings
We always seem to talk and never deliver -then say its too hard to do
Other clubs never seem to struggle as we do

Listening to the interview I would doubt Gomis or Remy coming and now we are going back to the table for Bent as a last resort but have probably peeved him off by what w e offered to gin with

I foresee that we get none of these

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He was raising money for a charity related to his sons death, give him a break! Actually think he came across well in that interview

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He was there supporting a cancer charity, which is what his son died of.

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He plays every time cancer charity ask him to because his son died of cancer

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Real madrid and spurs
arsenal and Liverpool
chelsea and Manchester United and others we don't know about seem to be struggling with transfers, I know we are not good but it will happen

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Give him a break - he came across well and he doesn't have to work 24-7
He was doing something for charity as his son has died of cancer

What did perturb my was a comment at the end indicating that if they don't sign Gomis Remy or bent then they would look at a back up list -sounds ominous that we won't get any of the three who we are going for

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Did you notice the lack of eye contact during the interview - check what that means in body language

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'We always talk and never deliver' - where were you in January? Five players in, three internationals. A really bad hangover from Hogmanay, mate?

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'Other clubs tie up deals' - really? So Chelsea have signed Rooney? Arsenal have got Suarez? Fulham have signed Bent? Everton have beaten us to Ince? Gomis has gone to Marseilles? Remy's signed for West Ham? Man U have got Fabregas yet? The Mackems have clinched Rose and Cavani? Do try to think before you post, young lady.

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I agree with big Dave!

He was at a CHARITY cricket match, I think that should be allowed! Have is working hard on all 3 deals, I don't particularly like him, but I liked what he said. He was honest and it looks promising on at least 2 of the 3! Give him a chance and judge what he's done once the window closes! I have faith!

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04 Aug 2013 11:40:40
Earlier this summer Newcastle did offer Poyet a job, but as director of football.

Insider last month clean out

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Poyet would be great as D. O. F instead of the person currently rumoured to be doing that role

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04 Aug 2013 00:14:58
Inquiry made into Anthony Knockeart

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I heard this as well. Back up not starter hopefully

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Good player. Hope this one is true. We were previously linked with him before but signed Amalfitano instead. He would be a much cheaper option than Ince as well. Should be available for around 2 million.

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No deals done yet.

I hope they get done for gomis and remy otherwise we all going to look stupid yet again.
Would love ince or Sinclair in too
And finally a half decent centre back

It's not rocket science
Please get these deals done

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04 Aug 2013 11:13:03
Newcastle want to sign Nemanja Gudelj

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He fits the bill, 21 and French. He has only be at Leicester City for a season though.

I think think as a player he needs time to grow, if we do move for jim I can see him been loaned out for the first half of the season or if not the whole season. Wouldn't be bad to sign him and leave him at Leicester in my eyes, bring him to the club when he knows the ropes a little better maybe?

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Mate is aleicester fan nd was at game yesterday said knockhaert wasnt in the team so could have some substance

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03 Aug 2013 23:41:56
Newcastle are set to bid 8m for Tom Ince. Him, Remy and Gomis would be excellent signings for around 17m then we'd have all positions covered if we keep Williamson, jonas/obertan and ameobi.

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We won't get him as he wants to stay in the North-west. Everton are apparently the favourites for him. Would prefer us to sign Sinclair from City as he is proven premiership quality.8 million for Ince is heck of a gamble.

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OR we could sell Ameobi and Obertan replace them or not and still be better off!

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Obertan ism't required in our team, we have young players with a load more talent then him!

Ameobi - even for cover with (if) Remy Gomis and Cisse will be enough.

Willo - really, like really? He's a championship player at the best, he needs to be on his way

Jonas - We have Marv Sammy (could be moving on loan) Fergie (all ready on loan) Santon (love running down the wing anyway)

We already have cover for Shola (soon should) Jonas and Obertan, these dead bits of wood could do with $ucking off!

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3 players for 17mil? We offered 2mil for bent so what makes you think 17will be spent? The villa paid 18 for him and our small time chairman is moaning over 6mil for bent, 7mil for gomis and then trying a loan deal for remy. pathetic!

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Previous poster: are you saying we should bid £18 m for Bent? And that we should buy Remy outright when he could be banged up forthwith? And you call a double-billionaire pathetic!

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No I'm saying 6mil is a good price for bent and that the way business is being conducted is making us look a laughing stock to the footballing world and that's on top of the whole pardew, jk circus!

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Look at what you posted, then do the maths again. OP said around £17 m for Ince Gomis and Remy: £2m for Remy, £8m for Ince and E8m for Gomis. That looks like £17m to me. You're the laughing stock, chum.

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Business is being conducted in a business-like fashion. Bids have been made and accepted for Gomis and Remy, and you should have noticed by now that Bent has not gone to Fulham yet. For all the talk about negotiations being a farce, remember Villa are desperate to sell to avoid paying the last £6m tranche to the Unwashed. We've got them and Bent over a barrel, so why offer more?

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Because palace now want him and are reported to be willing to meet the asking price! That's some barrel we have them over!

Also going in with a 2mil bid is pathetic, hence why villa showed us the door. And if business was been conducted in the correct manner then it wouldn't have taken this long would it chump.

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Bent has been available for yonks. Palace could have signed him weeks ago if they thought the asking price was fair - same goes for Fulham. Everybody is playing hardball, and Bent isn't that special player that warrants a big bid. My forecast is that he'll go in the last week for around £4m to whoever will pay it. And just to help you sort your brain out, how do you know that we only offered £2 m? You were there, or are you simple enough to believe the sh** put out by agents via the gutter press? If NUFC think a player is worth £x tops, why offer top whack as a first bid? There's three weeks to go, and hundreds of strikers out there. Keep your toupee on, chum.

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A week ago we were going to lose Bent to Fulham. That was areliable report, not.

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Gomis is no1 target, Bent is just back-up. Only a fool would blow the budget on Bent unless the Gomis deal collapses totally. And only a fool would think that Bent would sign for either Fulham or Palace without his agent, or Villa, or both getting back onto NUFC to find out if we're still interested. So no, chump, business wouldn't have been finished sooner unless you were in charge, so thank goodness you're not.

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