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04 Apr 2012 16:24:29
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04 Apr 2012 11:02:40
Which players do you think we'll loose in the summer? i hate to say it but i think demba ba and tim will go but hopefully not on the cheap

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The only first team player that will go is Simpson as he won't sign the contract

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The players woth mentioning who i believe who will leave the club are xisco,smith,simmo,ba and guthrie
dont think tim or tiote will leave, but think ba will as we are working on 100% profit with him but hopefully im wrong and he stays

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Krul wont go. Spurs are looking at another keeper now, Chelski have got that young'un in spain, DeGea is turning out ok now and Liverpool are worse than us now. Can see him moving on at some point, maybe the year after next but not this year.

I though Ba would go but Cisse has just joined and I get the idea that he'll be here for a bit longer now.

I wouldnt be surprised to see Ben Arfa and/or Tiote leave tbh.

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Guthrie, simpson and gosling are all pretty much bankers to go but think we will have a fight to keep ba, krul, cabaye and tiote cos the "big boys" will come in for them

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I think Ba and Tiote might go. Atleast we have Cisse and we'll surely bring someone else who's great in. And we've seen we can manage well without Tiote and we have a good protoge to him in Abeid.

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Unless Man U or Man City come in why would anyone want to leave for Spurs or Chelsea? Redknapp will go to England, Bale to Spain and Modric to Man U. Chelsea are on the decline and hopefully the players you mention will learn from the mistakes if the Carroll and Enrique. I'd keep the lot except Gosling, Williamson, Best and Harper
Leazes end mag

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Could agree more with leazes end mag here, once redknapp goes to England (and he will) Spurs will freefall, and if we pip chelsea to europe, why would anyone want to go there. think our summer ins and outs are going to rely heavily on whether we get to europe or not

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We won't get 5th and why sell Best IF we get Europe we should keep players like him.
Unfortunately I see Tiote going will generate more money however i have a lot of confidence in Abeid who is already good enough. Although we will most likely sign another defensive midfielder.

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Because Best is injury prone and we have Cisse, Ba and Shola for the one central striking role. I'd get a young forward with potential as back up
Leazes end mag

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I think Tiote will be our most likely out in the summer. All the top teams are crying out for a string defensive midfielder like him.

If he does go I would hope that Guthrie signs a new contract instead of just leaving at the end of the season, as the only reason he isnt signing is that he wants regular football - which surely he would get. I think Simpson will also go as he has been, despite the criticism he gets, one of our most solid performers all season and is also a contract issue, we have a ready made RB (Santon) and are looking for a new LB which is widely publicised.

The only slight worry I have is if a top four club come knocking for HBA, as I think he might be tempted given the hard time Pardew seems to give him.

Other than that, the fluff around the endges will go such as Lovenkrands (Contract), Gosling and unfortunately Harper as it will be sad to see him leave a club he has served so well. I hope he retires and joins the coaching staff.

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I don't know why everyone thinks tiote is going to leave, he has shown no intent of wanting to leave and has been so commited to us and with him having 5 years left on his contract it will have to be a big bid to take him from this club, or maybe im living in a dream world. As i said before i don't see krul leaving the club i think he is really loving his time here and has been here for a few years already growing up under given and harper two perfect role models for a young keeper. Don't see cabaye leaving this summer no-one will pay the price we would sell for this year and he has to prove himself again before demanding a high price so maybe another year.

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I spoke to Mike Ashley on Saturday and he said that Newcastle tried to change Ba's buy out clause in Jan but he refused, and he's expecting him to go to PSG. As for Tiote he said we don't need to sell, although if somebody came in with a silly price they'd consider it. He said the main focus would be on defence. He was very straight and very pleasant.

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We arent a selling team so i cant see anyone leaving really.

Possibly Ba with his contract situation but even still we dont know the exact details.

We sold carroll for 35mil after rejecting bids up to 30mil....can't see anybody offering anywhere near that for our players really.

The other players we sold the past year are barton, nolan and enrique....who either wouldnt sign new deals or caused trouble.......we never sold any players of note since carroll and even then we are better for it.

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As I said I spoke to Ashley on Saturday, he told me they tried to put in a 15m clause for BA but it was rejected. Believe what you like but I had no reason to disbelieve him. He also stated that he doesn't take a penny out of the club and that Graeme Carr is a 'top man'.

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Carr is the top man, other prem teams must be looking at him... look at the players we have signed through carr and we are looking at other players still. Heard that he is off to eastern europe next to unearth some more gems.

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04 Apr 2012 07:56:46
Most fans are probably aware but Douglas from twente seems to have one foot in SJP wants to move to the prem and Newcastle have been tracking him for a while lets hope as he'd be an excellent addition along with Pieters who also seems very likely. Hearing whispers of Hoilett but think we'll be pipped at the post for that one.

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I think newcastle should take a look at Lazio Hernanes or Lucas moura of Sao paulo to play the roles that ben arfa play on the left side.

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Isn't Hernanes a CM/CAM and is that Lucas the one Man Untd are looking at?

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How about Diego from Wolfsburg who be a good player to have on the left of the three.he not have a great time and add a bits more attack play to are team.

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Keisuke honda from cska moscow is a attack central-midfield or second striker. {Ed001's Note - he has also played as a target man, left winger, defensive midfielder and left back during his time in Holland.}

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Naw Lucas will only leave for a Manchester Club, Chelsea, or either Barca and Real Madrid. We don't have the finances to pay 20million for a position we don't need with 8 players can play there Tiote, Cabaye, Guthrie, Gosling, Vuckic, Abeid and Ryan Taylor and Perch can play there too

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I think small things might work against us for douglas, depends how long he can wait.
as far as i know, he is waiting for Dutch nationality, even though wikipedia (unreliable) says he's got it.
he came to holland in august 2007, and the dutch require 5 year residency for citizenship. he wants dutch citizenship so he can be eligible for the national team so wants to wait, i don't think he can sign a pre-contract to a foreign club before he gets that.
so waiting till august, might mean we get our man, but by then other targets may have moved on and he might get a better offer than we could offer so could leave us centre-back-less again.

hope someone here could clarify his nationality situation.

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He's known as a bit of a hothead who picks up a lot of cards and I think you will find he served a ban for hitting a fellow player!.

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