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03 Sep 2013 19:48:51
Lots of rumours going around twitter that a Russian oil giant, Mikhail Fridman is in talks with Ashley to buy him out. He is part of Alfa investors group and a few of them have recently moved over to the UK to make more investments. His net worth is $15. 1billion (2011) 41st richest man in the world (richer than abramovich!) god I hope this is true, but the original source was from The Mag, so don't hold your breath, check out the article called "alo alo" or something. I'm guessing the asking price from Ashley would be around £260-£350million. Fridman could easily afford that. But this would probably take place at Christmas or the end of the season, and Ashley won't spend anything in January either to make more profit so he can buy Rangers probably.

Would love this to happen, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

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I just want to see the back of this regime. Pardew embarrasses himself everytime he is in front of the media. let's face it. The only reason he is in a job is because he is a yes man. He works within ashleys limits and doesn't ask questions. pardew kinnear and gouffran please leave.

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Not true I work with this group Newcastle not on the agenda

150m for Newcastle as it stands USA investors will not deal with Ashley
but will be back when they slump

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Its always the same story but different "investors" cashley is too greedy wants too much for the club which are middle table no chance of european football why would someone want to buy us for 200+ million when you could have exactly the same type of club for half the price (stoke-fulham-everton) etc

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Lets hope there is some mileage in this rumour. When you look at it maybe it makes a little sense. I mean if you were selling your house, would you fit new carpets before selling?

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I would love this to be true with the right investment this club could be massive so please there must be someone out there wanting a club just remember this club is getting 50000 fans winning nothing so if we were winning something you would not be able to get in please someone buy this great club with great supporters and you won't be disappointed

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Why do you want Gouffran out? He's a good player and was one of the better January signings. So what if he's had a couple of goalless games recently? Everyone gets them

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Pardew, Kinnear and Gouffran leave. ? What?

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Yeah i'm wondering were he got the gouffran out as well, and I don't for one minute believe the guy who says he works for this group he wishes more like

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{Ed001's Note - depends, the group will employ thousands and work with many times that number, but working with and/for them doesn't mean you would have any idea of their plans!}

Poster No. 3 - You 'work with this group'? So you have an actual insight as to what Mr Fridman himself is doing.
You must be pretty important and high up in the chain.
Either that or a link short.

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Faircomment, spot on mate.

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If this does happen then Hiddink should replace Pardew!

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This story has more legs in it than a lot of people think. There have been a number of meetings - call them transfer strategy meetings if you like but basically they'll have been regarding whether the squad is good enough to STAY in the EPL. I think the genuine consensus is that it is - and that really is all MA cares about when he's thinking of selling. There'll be no surprises. no 5th placed finish but the team are capable of top 15 as it stands. With no expenditure this year for MA, he'll sell at the end of the season to make a move for Rangers before they reach the SPL (can't help but feel sorry for their fans!)

52000 fans can fit in St James Park. there are sooooo many others around the country that don't get to see the games. Everyone wanted signings and there'd be huge disappointment if we didn't get any. MA knows this. he's got money. if he was staying with the toon he would've spent. It's that simple.

We'll get what we want, and he will leave! And when he does it'll have to be someone with a LOT of money, and I mean a mega-rich businessman because we all know MA won't sell for cheap. If it's not this Fridman chap, it'll be someone similar. Patience patience patience.

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Only way 2 get Ashley out is hit him where it hurt's in his wallet! 40,000 ticket holder's n many more buyin merchandise that keeps this joker sucking us dry it's time we stop fattenin his pockets n show him we mean. business once n for all! Not asking for millions 2 b spent but for our club not Ashley's 2 b run in the proper way! Support the team not the regime mag's 4 life

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Poster about poster 3 Link Short I mean
you describe yourself well sorry you lost your link
All I will say to you his money is NOT going to Ashley
Now you work it out

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Mackems coming on here and pressing every unbelievable button they can.

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03 Sep 2013 09:17:54
What was the big meeting on Ashleys boat in Nice all about? Carr, Charnley, Pardew, Kinnear all there, surely wasnt about last week of transfer window strategy because there wasnt one! I think all the money in a tight and rigid budget was spent in January and there just wasnt any to spend, Remys loan and wages covered by outgoing transfers and loans

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I think you are correct. Everybody is blaming Joe Kinnear, but if you give Kinnear money to spend and back him up with Carr he will spend money. Kinnear is being used as a puppet by Ashley to take some of the flack from his direction. I am sure Kinnear earns peanuts too. I am not defending Kinnear; I just believe any grievances should go in the right direction.

The longer Kinnear gets the blame for everything, the better he is doing his job. We should forget Kinnear even exists, totally ignore him and keep our concerns directed straight at Ashley.

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I doubt kinnear is earning 'peanuts' at the least he'll be on 10k a week. Not exactly peanuts for sitting around playing hungry hippos all day

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The 2nd post has something there, Jos a joke that we need to stop telling. Mike Ashley's the puppet master of this horror show. this is why it hurts us fans so much, because we can't do anything about it. he can't just leave because then what would we do,, there would be no club! maybe sell the club cheep,, so we can end up with a owner who has even less cash. no no no! thay just won't work. so I guess that leaves us with just trying to find a multy billion air! who is willing to by a club that is sadly riddled with rot! SIGH! sad time's indeed.

Oz. "crying into my drink. ".

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If we are not to blame Kinnear who is our managing director and is in charge of our transfers, which came out of his mouth, for this absolutely shambolic transfer window, then who exactly do you suggest we blame. no one? There can't possibly be no money available, with the new tv deals and with newcastle being in a "good financial position" again something from the cockney mafia, surely there was at least 5 mil to spend. no?

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''If we are not to blame Kinnear who is our managing director and is in charge of our transfers, which came out of his mouth, for this absolutely shambolic transfer window, then who exactly do you suggest we blame. no one?''

Ashley, as was said.

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I doubt Kinnear gets 10k a week. Pardew is probably not on much more than that.

Total guess but I would say he gets about 1k a week.

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As usual ncastle promised much in the transfer window and got nothing all I can see is a bottom three finish we have some good players but any injuries, we have no back up players we needed strength in depth which we have not got, about time the fat controller went and took all the crap with him

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It don't matter the wage he is on joking joe took the job made his mouth go so now he should take the flak he should be given a lot of verbel if he shows up at st james on match day

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Kinnear is there because basically ashley is still paying his fee off when he was manager so ashley has brought him in to work for it rather than kinnear reeping the rewards and doing nothing for the club

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What do you mean instead of doing nothing for the club? Nothing's all he's done for the past 2 months

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If you believe Kinnear has had 10 to 20 million to spend, and has failed to spend it, then by all means blame him.

I do not believe money has been made available for certain players, whilst we missed out on others.

Let's be honest, if you told Kinnear to go out and spend money he would spend it in a flash, and probably buy a load of rubbish players.

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Joking joe is there divert attention ash made up his mind months ago he wasent going to spend this window what other reason could there be

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Pards has hit the roof about this press release as he new nowt about it joe had it done behind his back it was released in london not newcastle

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If Pardew is so upset, why does he not walk. Show some spine

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Lets face it Ashley is pretty smart. If he was going to spend on players he would have brought in someone better than Kinnear. Pardew knew he was getting no money, Ashley could see how the team an Pardew were struggling. Given the shambles when KK left Kinnear is there to caretake when Pardew leaves or is sacked. I'm not sure why the fans thought we'd make signings when we made five in Jan?

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Poster No. 4 (Oz)
"He can't just leave because then what will we do?"
I'll tell you what YOU can do, stop snivelling like a girl and hiding behind that couch and grow some. It's people like you that Ashley loves to have at this club.
"There would be no club".
Get away man just listen to yourself.
You really believe that?

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Clarification - Joe Kinnear was not earning peanuts on Fat Mike's yacht, he was serving peanuts.

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Its not "hiding behind that couch" 1st of all "i don't like what Ashley is doing" BUT REALLY what can I do? I can't bye the team, could you?! (if that's a yes. get of the blog and go do it!) 2nd without a backer we would be gone FACT! good look finding a epl team without a rich fat cat owner. all this talk off sit in's and boy-cots can hurt the team as much as ashley. ( by team I mean the brand that is newcastle. ). someone pointed out last night that our best bet is to form a group to finance a takeover! sounds good, but could you see it happening. Nah!

OZ (just trying to keep it real)

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I think Joe Kinnear is just using Newcastle as a stepping stone, watch and see, he will be off to Monaco or PSG next.

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Pardew will put up with it because if he walks then he doesn't get any compensation but if he's dismissed then he gets the compensation so he won't go anywhere til ashley makes the decision! was it something like a 8 year deal? how much comepensation would that hold? think about it!

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I'm not defending Kinnear- he's beneath contempt, BUT if Ashley dictates that transfers in have to be paid for by transfers out, then Joke could- just could, have been setting up deals that depended on Ashley screwing £25m for Cabaye, and he's just as sick as Pardew. Surely he must have been doing SOMETHING? Vic

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03 Sep 2013 08:13:21
Heard another rumour again today about Ashley opening talks with a Ukrainian billionaire. I have no proof that its true but I first heard it last weekend and I'm hearing it again. Apparently someone called Mikhail Fridman (chairman of Alfa group, one of Russia's largest privately owned investment groups. His wealth was assessed in 2011 as $15.1million, making him 7th richest man in Russia) was opening talks to buy Newcastle United. There's an article about this story on The Mag. You could link this with a few things going on at Newcastle, like Ashley not buying anyone, perhaps he wants to keep his money for when he sells up, or you could completely rubbish it.

This would be so good if it was true.

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15.1 million no thanks if that's all he's worth will be no better off investing wise we need a billionaire with money to spend

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Well since we can't hope for anything more than survival and mediocrity under Ashley might as well hope this is true.

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I read the same article on the mag. Heart says yes, head says no. You never know though. Fingers crossed.

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Second poster. Clearly that's a typo. 7th richest man in Russia 15 mill. Use your common sense. lol

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He's richer than Ashley, he's only worth about 2 billion I think so this guy's 7 times richer than him meaning he does have money to spend, not City levels but enough to make sure we can get back up to the level we should be at.

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Abramovich is not even in the top 10 richest people in Russia. 15 million haha.

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Think it was a typo by first post. he is worth 15 billion

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He is the 7 th richest man in Russia and he is a billionaire many times over I pray to god this man puts us out of owa Ashley nightmare. fingers crossed

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I'm Original poster guys and that's meant to be 15. 1billion dollars

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15 billion is money to spend

Mike Ashley isn't a billionaire (not really) his business's and total assists add up too 1. 7 billion.

So 15 billion is practically ten times richer then Ashley! I dare say that is money to spend!

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03 Sep 2013 10:19:52
Loads of rumours of this going around twitter

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"£15.1 million no thanks"
a)I'm going to assume you meant to put billion not million
b)Look at it this way, Abramovich is worth £10. 2 billion and is at 107 on Forbes' rich list where as Fridman is worth £15. 5 billion and is at 41 on the rich list.

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He made a typo, he's worth over $15billion. that's why we haven't been buying anyone because ashleys trying to get as much as possible of his interest free loan to club back as possible to reduce the club price to make it easier to sell. fingers crossed

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No I meant to put million fully aware that there was no way he was one of richest people in russia if it was million

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{Ed001's Note - see this post is why someone needs to invent a sarcasm font!}

Premier league clubs are not worth buying, Saudi prince just bought half of Sheff united, QPR, Cardiff bought by foreign Business people, maybe Ashley getting you relegated to look good

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I'm a die hard Newcastle fan and as much as it kind of adds up and would be awesome if it happened. I just can't see it

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There is always a big romour (more than likely put out by the club) when NUFC have not done as expected e. g. not spent a penny in the transfer market. However if its not "we just missed out on Wayne Rooney" it some rumour about a Billionare buying the club - wise up!

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