Newcastle Rumours Archive September 03 2011


03 Sep 2011 18:26:34
Newcastle will sign Beattie its nailed on.


I truly hope that whoever it is who is ridiculousy suggesting Bent Villa Carroll Sturridge is a SMB trying to make us look daft or just a person cause if a sane person genuinely believes any of that is possible should just have alook at our attempts for a striker this summer

Huntelaar, villa or bent? people like you are why our fans get called deluded. the fact you think we can get any of those three is absolutely hilarious

Higjly doubt we will sign anyone on a free when the likes of sammy knock on the door to make more first team actions and on top of that we already have 5 6 first time strikes that we may not all like but have to get on with it until jan where it be the same case again

Beatie is off to Southampton

Im sure some of you are stupid as fu** get villa bent carroll are you stupid sick of hearing fans like you coz you aint got a clue

Did you see fat t**t in the resturant wish he had choaked to death on his meal cockney w**ker

I hope not!! He's like a poor mans Ameobi.

Untill january, he can help newc attacking in last 15 minute every game,i think he can do the job. in january, we must loan - sturridge,carroll.and option to buy both sturridge(15m) / carroll(20m).

We Need A World Class Striker At St James' Park Maybe We Should Go For Huntelaar Or Villa Or Even Darren Bent

Nailed on the bulls:út page!

Hope so, He knows how to bash defenders up which is what we need for knock downs and holding the ball up.




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