Newcastle Rumours Archive November 03 2011


03 Nov 2011 07:47:36
Blackburn plan to place a hefty £18m price tag on Canadian forward Junior Hoilett, whose contract expires at the end of the season, in the hope of averting interest from Tottenham and Newcastle. come on Ashley front up!


Plus he will select tottenham over newcastle all the way

Yeh but his value should drop by half in january.
if we sign on bosman, tribunal will decide a fee, IMO 5m max.

18m is to much 6-7m would be a bargain! so an agreement could be made at around 8-10 million easily. it would be interesting to see if hoillet would choose warming spurs bench to move to ''glamorous london''( whoopdie ding dong! a couple of posh shops and a riot every once in a while!) Or to come and play regular for a proper ''Team'' That just may qualify for the champions league!

It's gossip, that's the point, it's just people that say it's made up.

It must be true then

This is taken from the BBC sport gossip

Lol 18 mil no chance. All we have to do is put in a bid for say 6 -7 mil. This will unsettle the player and then the club will have to sell him to either us or spurs. Tbh is he going to get into the spurs side? the player will then hold out til the summer and go on a free with a hefty wage coming his way.




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