Newcastle Rumours Archive May 03 2013


03 May 2013 11:07:25
Newcastle are on the verge of snapping up striker Moussa Sow and juve midfielder Felipe Melo in a £12m deal.


Really? Like Really?

To Newcastle? How can we sign any international players with our record this year?

AP and MA must have lied though there teeth for these players to even realise we are a club never mind anything else!

Sorry dude but this is too far fetched!

Newcastle have been looking at Sow for a while so it is quite possible dialogue was held earlier in the season. When the Toon confirm their Premier League status then they can move forward until then any agreements are more than likely on hold.

We had a terrible start to the season due to injuries and MA's (acceptance) error in dealing in the summer transfer merry go round. OK things are not great at the moment but I really believe we will pick up the points we need against West Ham AND QPR to finish in a comfortable (looking) position.

Sow would be a good signing actually.

Are they not to old for MA & DL to sign?
Thought they wanted under 25year olds?

So none of our current plight is Pardew's fault no? Didn't see too many other relegation threatened teams bring in nearly 20M of new players including 3 current full French internationals in January.

Maybe the players volunteered to play in the wrong positions, in the wrong formation, to be ultra-negative and defensive, to play hoof ball, not to be Pardew's favourites no matter how badly they play, to substitute themselves badly. Oh wait.

You realise Sow alone will cost £10-12m and Melo will cost around £10m as well?




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