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03 May 2012 21:21:54
players linked with move away. Cisse - man city, psg 25 mil ba - spurs, psg, liverpool 7 to 10 mil wateva release clause is cabaye - arsenal man city man utd 20 mil tiote - chelsea, man utd, spurs 25 mil krul - spurs, chelsea, juventus 18 mil not sayin there wil happen but there are the rumours goin around. Players maybe comin in! Bas dost 12 mil de jong 13 mil vertonghen 10 mil davies 4 mil jarvis 5 mil

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Hope we dont sell anyone but i think the 2 most likely to leave are Ba and Tiote.
As far as your incoming transfers:

Bas Dost-most likely going to wolfsburg and he's not the type of striker we need.

Luuk De jong-Most likely going to Liverpool. Think we'd only go for him if Ba left.

Vertonghen-On his way to Arsenal or Spurs most likely.

Davies-decent player but theres probably better options available.

Jarvis-decent player but theres probably better options available. and he will probs cost more than 5 million.

More likely incoming transfers are:

Douglas-7 million
Erik Pieters-4 million
Romain Amalfitano-Free
Jacob Butterfrield-Free
Jeremain Lens-6 million

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Cisse valued at 10m less than Carroll, not sure that will happen

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Stop talking s**tE!

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Total rubbish. No way Ashley is going to dismantle the side that put them in the top 6. He might sell one but it will be for big money.

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I was just waiting for the Spurs fans to undervalue any player they are linked with and then The Daily Mail etc to spout shi*e about players leaving and their value ie.
Krull - 8mil
Santon -3 mil
Cisse -12 mil
Tiote -15 mil
etc etc

It gets so boring....

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Why do you bother

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Why would any one currently want to leave the toon...only reason would be money... not all players are cut from the same cloth as most uk ones.

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I thought Douglas would be free?

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03 May 2012 20:45:30
Whats the deal with Douglas Ed? I heard we were in the driving seat but now Villa could get him?
Also ive heard Erik Pieters is almost certain to join, heard anything about that?
Thanks in advance. {Ed001's Note - I believe Villa, and some other clubs, have made him offers too, it is in his hands as to where he goes, Douglas I mean. I don't know what is happening with Pieters, it is hard to sift truth from agent talk.}

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Tbh not just saying this as im a Fan but we will be in Euro next year we will be top choise

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TBH I think that Douglas may be a smoke screen. I mean how many players have we signed that the press has know about? ZERO... No one say Cisse, Cabaye etc...

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100% agree with post about press not knowing, in recent memory we havent been linked with any player we have actually ended up signing, Tiote, Cabaye, Cisse, Marveux, Obertan all unreported anywhere that Im aware of before they signed for us, Ba and Santon are the only ones i can think of that the Ronnny Gill reported about but that was literally as they signed or the day before, NUFC fans need to realise that the only people in the world who actually know who were going to sign are Ashley, Llambias, Charnley, Carr (to a degree but probably scouts alot of options b4 Ash nd co make there final approach) and maybe Pards knows but again I wouldnt be suprised if he isnt fully informed, probs just makes a list of "I believe we need to strengthen the following arrears" list. I dont have a problem with the club operating this way as lets face it, its working, my point is simply that all these "in the know folks" and journos are, at best, putting 2 and 2 together and taking a punt, therefore dont believe the tabloids and agent guff theyre all spouting, that includes the junk about players were going to sell

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03 May 2012 00:34:41
When I was listening to the game on Talksport tonight at work after Cisse scored his second, Stan Collymore and Co. were mentioning that apparently Papiss has a 15million pound release clause!?! "I hope not"!!

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Chatting s##t as usual. Id rather listen to static than those clowns on there, collymore needs to jog on back to the car parks. {Ed001's Note - Collywobbles will have just come back from there....}

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After what happened with Harry talking about Demba Ba's release clause do you really for one minute really beleive we would leave ourselves open to that again i think not

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There is no way Ashley will allow him to have any sort of release clause. Not after the Ba issuses. Must be killing the so called experts that we are doing so well.

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Dont you mean doggin' on back to those car parks ...geordie tom

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Why listen to sh**e that they spout, it is the worst radio station ever all crap, every word of it. Do you really think that Ashley would be stupid enough to allow a clause in any new signings contract?

Dog on collymore you clown
Next he will be saying that Krul has a 2 mil clause and cabaye can leave on a free if Manu come in for him...

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*Slaps Head* I honestly don't understand how anyone can actually listen to those clowns, their ability to conjure up absolute drivel would astound even a four year old.

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Surpise ye how many players have get out clauses in their contracts lads

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I hear his programme is called "call collymore". I can think of a few words.

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He did not know anything about the game when he played... he had 2 good seasons at Liverpool then went to Villa and was pi$$ poor... strewth, Beckham probably knows more about maths and engeering that collymore knows about football... and even less about Newcastle United players.

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Is that the same collymore who had ye all crying in the anfield road end

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Yeah, the very same bloke whose only claim to fame was stopping the best football team around at that time winning the Premiership title.

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Wrong as the saying goes the cream always goes to the top and newcastle have never been the cream mate best teams win things

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Your forehead must be aching by now

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03 May 2012 00:05:16
according to pardew tiote should be fine for man city :D get in!

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Of course he will. Just like cabaye stretchered off and taylor stretchered off. Just soft as.... Anyway its swings and round abouts. Tiote been doing that to the opposition all season. Karma

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Ive heard Man City will be offering big transfer bids for him & Cisse in the Summer.Also offering to treble the players wages

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Mackems on here. Nothing better to do then put our superior players down. That is all you have as you are back under our great big shadow. Best get use to it as you will be there along time.

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Back under our shadow? They've never left it!

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Name one player that Tiote has kept out for a week or more this season. go on. name one. when Cabaye was stretchered off he was out for at least 2 games i seem to remember, and Taylor was out for 6 weeks. Please stop talking xenophobic nonsense just because your team is lower than ours. Grow up child.

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Man city are s**te to many in house dressing room arguments an little gangs nobody wants to sign for a bag of s**t team the toon will batter them on sat just like we did to the southern blue slime

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Shadows lol roll on next season when you realise it was a fluke this season. About four of the big clubs were in disarray this season but will be back next. Without cisse and he's goals since january you would of dropped out of the top ten.

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That last comment just goes to show how stupid people on this page are man city s**te suppose they must have had loads of luck to be where they are 17 pts in front of the 3rd team thats 6 wins if ye think that get ye wages on newcastle this sunday around the 4/1 price and it will pay for ye venture into europe

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*Slaps Forehead* Really-->"without cisses goals you would have dropped out of the top ten by now". i never understand how anyone can use these sort of phrases. weve had if it wasnt for Ba and Cisse goals, and Kruls saves we wouldnt be where we are. could you please enlightem me as to what they are supposed to do stand their and look pretty....NO... its their job to score goals and save shots, so please think before you speak

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Ha makems still waiting for that bubble to burst. Whats their next gloat " hahaa daft toon only finished 4th". 20points clear and on the move.

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