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03 Mar 2012 17:30:19
hi my uncles a NUFC scout and says we are very likely to put in a bid for Elia from Juventus in the summer and also being looking at douglas from FC Twente. TOON

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I'm going to be the first to call bulls**t because I'm pretty sure NUFC scouts wouldn't go around telling people, despite the family link, what their plans are.

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Yes but he said that, and it is very true

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Yes this is all true----and I am elvis prestleys mammy living in the toon!

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The ref lost control in the first minute when he should have sent off cattermole, then he should have sent off bendtner. Sessegnons red card was a just deserve. Ref was bent, sunderland would not have played as good in first half if ref hade done his job. Also it had to be a striker on loan that scored as they cant get a good one to join them they all take off too asia lol.

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Need a tissue there buddy? There there, poor little lamb :-(

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Sorry, where is this bendtner needing a red card from, im a newcastle fan and would have loved to see all their players sent off however, there were on 2 red cards deserved in that match, sess and cattermole, if your going to be a fan of the club atleast be sensible

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Only a mackem would say sess, enough said.

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Tiote, simpson, krul deserved red cards also, easy to point out the other teams bad parts without looking at your teams! was a derby at the end of the day, cattermole and sess let us down but tiote and plenty of newcastle players let you down with their diving and cheating, not to mention Pardew who is a disgrace!

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Sorry mate but the only newcastle player who you could justify a red card for is tiote as he maybe did commit a few too many fouls, however none were definate yellows, he was booked for multiple soft fouls not a big over the top one like cattermole. as for the rest of the newcastle players being cheats I think thats a case of "the pot calling the kettle black" meaning look at your own team before ours, you guys came out with the intention of unsettling newcastle which you did within 40 secs with that cattermole challenge which should have been a red, he jumped a good 12 inches up before lunging in! still not sure what the person above meant by bendtner deserved a red... anyone care to enlighten me?

as for the person who says "only a mackem would say sess" you are a narrow minded fool, and this site would be better off without people like you plaguing it, hopefully ED can confirm I am the same person who made the comment, and again confirm from previous posts I AM a geordie

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03 Mar 2012 17:27:32
Has sessengon pasted his fitness test? dosen't matter coloccini will tear you apart in defence. TOON AJ

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Sess too fast for collocini he couldnt even catch doyle hes a cart horse

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What when he is sent of i don't think so. Toon

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03 Mar 2012 17:20:42
krul signs 5-year contract, and colo sings 4-year contract a boost for us

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Just means clubs will have to offer more for them

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It's win win ,great players stay or loads of money comes into the club if they leave.

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Loads of money goes to ashley if they leave

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