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03 Jun 2012 22:48:50
Tiote still has 4 years on his contract, so if he goes I reckon we can push to around £25/26 million seeing as Chelsea will want him. What's the point in selling for £20 million when we can get so much more, and if they refuse to buy him, then there's no harm done and we keep an excellent, if not the best DM in the league. In my eyes, we can make a bigger profit than £16.5 million if, in the perhaps unlikely event, that he leaves. What d'you think eds?

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Why go Chelsea to sit on the bench Essien is better than him

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Swap him for Essen

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Essien better? Tiote is much better at breaking up play

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Essien is much more of a risk due to his injuries - keep Tiote

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Id personally take Essien over Tiote any day. The only worry is he has had a couple of bad injuries.

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No one better in the league better than essien when his on song maybe best in the world

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Tiote has 5 years left
Febuary 2011 signed a 6.5 year deal which is Summer 2017 that is 5 years from now

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03 Jun 2012 21:07:18
Happy B-Day Cissť!

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03 Jun 2012 15:23:30
Newcastle becoming linked with chelsea flop Romelu Lukaku and could be a replacement for Demba ba if he leaves......HOPEFULLY NOT!!!

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I hope that we get lukaku because he is great player and has alot of potential but it's just nobody has seen that from him at Chelsea.

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As much as I don't wanna lose demba, if we got lukaku n money then I'd take it. Any1 would suffer with a year on the bench n little 2 no game time. You don't become a bad player over night.

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Lukaku in fairness has barely played for chelsea. The only time I saw him play (v Blackburn) he looked alright, he's only 18. Chelsea won't sell him, but would take him on a loan deal if the chance came

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You can't say he's a flop he's never had a chance! He will be a decent player no doubt about it. There are some clowns commenting on here
Leazes end mag

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Why would they sell him for ba plus money when ba is 7 mill and they paid 20 for lukaku

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Just because he doesnt get into the team ahead of Drogba and Torres doesnt make him a 'flop'...
Id be ecstatic with signing him!

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If we got Lukaku in a swap deal and money we would be stupid not to snap it up.

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Your braindead lukaku cost 20 million and is a player for the future at chelsea got a lot of potencial,why would they swap him PLUS cash for BA who has a buy out clause for 7 million.

If anything its newcastle that would have to be paying money if this swap deal happened.

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I didn't say they would I said that if it happened we would be stupid not to go for it, read before you start insulting people.

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03 Jun 2012 14:44:55
Ed are we likely to sign anyone before the Euro's?
Ive been hearing a few rumours that one of Debuchy or Douglas could be signing soon? {Ed007's Note - I wouldn't think so.}

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03 Jun 2012 09:30:28
Tiote is a goner. Man utd have come calling. 15 million is to be the fee, which gives us a 10.5 million profit. Just hope they don't want cabaye as well ! Pardue is not a happy man at losing tiote , but understands the player ambition. Source is from inside the dressing room. Gutted parkie

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I thought it was 20 mill

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We would want more like 25 million ... jealous Mackem yet again.

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15m for tiote! You having a laugh. Man utd would have to double that

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And get Mulumbu in as a replacement for around £4 million. Or N'zonzi for around £6 million. Very good business if we sell him for that much.

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I was under the impression United won't pay the 20 mill transfer fee but Chelsea will.

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Haha 15 million would probably buy his left leg

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Why would anyone be in the dreesing room everyone's on holiday.

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"Source is from inside the dressing room"..?

Who did u find in dressing room..?

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Don't care if he goes, anything over 15m is good business i think, he gets booked in the 1st half of every game then can't tackle as normal after that, think he will be easily replaced. and to people who always put on jealous mackems etc, just cos u see something u don't like doesn't mean it came from SMB. In Graham Carr i trust.

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Tiote has stated several times that he does not want to leave. If he leaves, it'll be more cause of us than him imo.

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Tiotes one off newcastles most important players!!a midfield rock..look at the games he missed and see how well we did..

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And the mackems call us obsessed......SMB

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It's upto you guys if you believe me or not. Don't shoot the messenger . Although some on here would be happy to see him go, I for one wouldn't.

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Its 17mil and its chelsea

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Right so this is a very reliable rumour... First you cant even spell our managers name! and secondly source in the dressing room? is that the same dressing room where everyone is on holiday.. talking a load of rubbish there is no way we would agree to sell him for £15million he's by far the best at his job in the league

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Think he'll go to Man U for 12-15 mil. New spending rules is going to deflate the market.

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It is defiantly 15 million, and I am sorry for spelling curbs name wrong. This is a site for posting rumours and I am not going to reveal my source but he is part of the 1st team squad. I spoke to him again today and he reiterated this is going to happen. Tiote apparently said his goodbyes after the last game of the season. Parkie

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12 million AHAHA Adebayor and defoe are worth that !

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How desperate are you?

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So tiote says his goodbyes and a few days later says he wants to learn geordie and doesnt want to leave,

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If chelsea put a 1 in front of his 40k his on at newcastle he will walk to london to sign money as they say is the root of all evil and it definately talks

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"It is defiantly 15 million, and I am sorry for spelling curbs name wrong. This is a site for posting rumours and I am not going to reveal my source but he is part of the 1st team squad. I spoke to him again today and he reiterated this is going to happen. Tiote apparently said his goodbyes after the last game of the season. Parkie"
Look, i will say what others are too polite too..YOUR A LIAR.!!

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Tiote has a really long contract and e stated he wnted to stay @ newcastpe if he leaves it will be 23mil plus and man u wont pY that much chelsea will

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