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03 Jan 2012 23:12:01
Newcastle after williams from boro

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No it's Ashley Williams from Swansea Center back.

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We've been linked to both....

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03 Jan 2012 20:53:53
Blackburn in for Guthrie initial bid turned down could become paperweight for Samba Bid {Ed007's Note - A paperweight? Are you sure mate? Seems a bit extravagant for something to stop the wind blowing papers off your desk.}

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Do you mean makeweight?

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Guthrie as paperweight. Would be a tad difficult to get off the pile don't u think?

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Samba won't be going to newcastle end of, get your head out the clouds

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03 Jan 2012 20:34:22
hearing theres a bid being prepared for barnsleys jacob butterfeild and sheff utds harry mcguire and also another youngster in brightons defender lewis dunk.....spenny mag {Ed001's Note - the same Butterfield that has just gone out for the rest of the season with an ACL injury? Your hearing might need checking if so!}

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Just been told that its on the nufc blog as near enough confirmed! so this rumour could have been true til his injury! im just repeating what i was told ED! {Ed001's Note - obviously not a good blog if they are talking about Jacob Butterfield, a simple Google search would have told you that he is out for the season.}

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From local press this morning (3rd Jan) had this story on along with the Dunk. When it was published, the news of Butterfield's injury was unknown. {Ed001's Note - funnily enough it was known in footie circles that he was being scanned for a potential ACL, so I think the local press must have just made it up.}

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I didnt hear of his injury till after i posted this to which for that i apologise but it seems there was interest before his injury! also this mornings media (4th) are reporting these exact rumours too so therefore i was right in my thought of posting this and dont need shooting down or any attempt by the Ed on this page to belittle myself! its a rumour site and i posted a genuine rumour thats all! keep your hat on Ed! {Ed007's Note - Ed001 told you of his injury yet you felt the need to try and prove him wrong because it was on some blog or in a newspaper. It was a genuine rumour granted, but it was nonsense as Ed001 said and he has been proven correct. If you think he was belittling you then you must be one little delicate flower. I expected better from you Spenny. }

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As i (mad max) posted previously spenny mag is a bit tetchy right now and cannot take criticism wigan 1 safc 4 coming to get ya mad max

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03 Jan 2012 20:29:45
Still hearing talk of bassong coming back up here! loan till end of season and then offer of full signing! not sure if this right but its been mentioned....spenny mag

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03 Jan 2012 16:07:21
Newcastle are one of the clubs interested in a two month loan deal for Robbie keane, also Steve harder will be leaving to going hull

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Harper talk correct not so on Robbie though.

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03 Jan 2012 15:24:35
Pat here, Cambo farmer. I dae all the eggs for the Benton training ground and I chat to beardo and some of the lads doon there. They just telt us tiote is away.. an wa getting a celtic midfielder. Hord it here first!

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This is unlikely, as Tiote has told other clubs he is happy at Newcastle. Also invest in a dictionary.

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Good point well made, a bit of class never went a miss
also whos gunna play 25mill+ for a player they cant play for a month or so
how man

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As the above comment is written in heavy dialect, it is obviously true and definitely written by a farmer...jeez...or a 12 year old.

As it happens, Tiote is after tomorrow he's off to training camp with Ivory Coast in Abu Dhabi.

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Not much left to say... apart from SMB!


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Not even a good attempt at writing with an accent!

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I come from Somerset, and not being funny none of the farmers round here even talk like that!

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03 Jan 2012 14:11:46
Andy Carroll - Have asked all my sources and the only thing I can find is pardew said he would welcome Andy back and the common knowledge that he wants to move back to Newcastle confirmed.

The clubs are not talking i'm afraid!

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Thank god they're not talking! why would people want him back? of course he'd accentuate the crap football we've been playing all season, but do we try to better ourselves and grow as a squad trying to play the game the right way, or do we just throw the cards in and keep shouting (cue AP from the sidelines...microphones work too well these days Alan) "get it up field!"....hoofball, in other words. It's obviously out of my hands but that's the way I look at the situation....not too mention so many other things wrong with the hypothetical as a whole. oh dear...

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"not talking" i find that hard to believe. oh i am sure we aren't talking to them about carroll, but i bet they are calling us about tiote and anyone else that has ever worn a Newcastle kit. If Kenny and owners love our players so much they should have just bought the club. {Ed001's Note - there is little interest in Tiote from anyone, he was injured and now has the ACON coming up.}

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I dont want carroll back i agree with the first comment

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03 Jan 2012 13:12:14
Talk sport reporting Carroll may be returning on loan.. Ba and Carroll up front...

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No chance

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A close said he wants to come back because liverpool are supposed to be big money signing of darren bent {Ed001's Note - there is no interest in Bent from Liverpool and Villa would not welcome it anyway.}

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Not sure who your source is Ed but there is a strong interest from Liverpool for Bent. {Ed001's Note - no, there is reported interest coming from the media, but none from the club, who haven't even scouted him or at the very least asked Warnock to gauge whether he would be interested in a move or any of the other multiple things clubs do when they have an interest in a player. It is just media speculation at the moment.}

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Going to have agree to disagree on this one Ed. I know a Liverpool scout personally and he has confirmed that Liverpool are interested. He is the same scout who told me about there interest in Jose

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Could be a lot of interest for bent from alot of clubs in this window cos given service this lad scores goals but he will demand a high fee and not sure anyone will fork it out for him

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Rumours have been denied by newcastle AND liverpool

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03 Jan 2012 12:23:14
Talksport saying there's a strong possibility of Carroll returning on loan. Any truth in it?

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Not with suarez missing 8 games he ll not

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Agree and now stevie back he will provide the ammo for Carroll who has not had any decent service.

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03 Jan 2012 11:47:40
Newcastle to sign two players in the january window. A defender and a midfielder,the middfielder being jacob butterfield of barnsley, great prospect and Ashley will want to buy him given that the prices of young english talents seem to rise just look at henderson and carroll. The defender could be Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, although Arsenal want to sign him aswell.

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Barnsley fan here Jacob Butterfield was injured against LEEDS on saturday and will
be out for the season

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In that case we'll defo buy him lol

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Jacob buttetfield has damaged ligiments and is out for the season so i doubt this anymore

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03 Jan 2012 11:31:37
Newcastle want spurs defender verdant corluka, after Danny Simpson has rejected his latest contract offer

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Anyone would be better than Simpson. He is absolutely s**te! Hope he keeps stalling on a contract and f***s off

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Corluka be a good signing

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Just been informed QPR want Simpson and he want's a move...He has stated personally between friends.

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03 Jan 2012 08:32:18
Today's sun says we're releasing Alan smith and he'll sign for Ipswich later this month.

About time I say, he's done nothing for us recently. Though saying that, he's never put a foot out of line or rocked the boat. Anyone know when his contract expired anyway?

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Or leeds united hpoe he dose sign for them he only has the hart for leeds united and willplay the best at leeds united

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Leeds fan in peace, I will be gutted if he goes to Ipswich they're relegation fodder the only trouble is we cannot really afford him unless nufc are genuinely paying him off how can we negotiate his kind of wages. Not the player he was but decent at Championship level.

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Glad to see the back of Smith,, Lads got no pride sat in the reserve and the odd time on the bench picking up big wages. Just another Owen.

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I heard his contracts been cancelled by mutual consent.

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03 Jan 2012 08:07:14
Ipswich looking at taking A.Smith off our hands! (WelshToon)

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03 Jan 2012 06:44:53
I read overnight that we are releasing Alan Smith today (thank god) and if I remember he is on 50k a week. This would mean a rough saving of just over 1 million before the season ends and surely that could be put to some use on top of the apparent 8 million we have outlayed for the transfer window.

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If you terminate a players contract, u're obligated to pay out that contract. U can't just turn around and terminate it. Unless the termination is by mutual conscent, there will still be a fee, but it's likely to be lower.

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Alan smith is a good player

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Good, he's brilliant! no goals, no assists, can't pass , can't score, gives away stupid free kicks, has no skill, can't tackle, gets endless yellow cards and on 60k a week. Yeah cheap at twice the price. If he's good, I'm Messi !!!!

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Yeah I wasn't sure if it was by mutual consent or not but can find nothing to confirm. I expect us to use our heads and offer him a pay off of less than his contracts worth

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Didnt his contract expire in january, thought i read that somewhere?

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02 Jan 2012 22:53:39
Ed ive heard from a few sources that Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is the defender we are going for(number 1 target), have you heard anything? {Ed001's Note - nothing specific, certainly nothing to confirm him being the main target, though also nothing that says he isn't either.}

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Ok thanks Ed, just heard off a few people who are usually fairly reliable.
We've been linked with Lewis Dunk and Jacob Butterfield in the papers, know anything about that? Think Lewis Dunk looks like a decent prospect but i havent seen Butterfield play. {Ed001's Note - I have heard the Butterfield rumour, but I have no idea how true it is, I haven't had a chance to ask, but someone is certainly trying to stir up interest in him from Prem clubs. Dunk has been scouted, there are a few others keeping an eye on him as well from the Prem, but Brighton are looking to hold on to him until at least the summer, to see if they can get promotion.}

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