Newcastle Rumours Archive February 03 2014


03 Feb 2014 23:19:53
Joe kinnear resigned! Made my day, 1 out so far


I'm amazed it's taken this long. Hopefully Ashley will let Pardew take charge of making signings or you know hire any sentient creature since nothing could be worse than Kinnear, personally I think our negotiating position would be stronger if we had a tiger as director of football.

What difference will Kinnear resigning make?Ashley makes every decision at the club so all Kinnear was was his mouthpiece so whoever comes in I can't see any change.

Toon toon howay howay

Well its a start that tossa's gone. I recon he's gone because the players hate his guts

Joker Inear was an embarrassment to everyone and now obviously to himself. Don't go on about Ashley doing anything the. only news that I wanna read is that Ashley is sold up and he is f'd off.
Two of Ashley's closest allies have left this club and we all know the reason why the man Ashley is an anathema on the sole of Newcastle united.

Although I'm happy to see him gone I'd be a bit cautious because given our recent run of results and our next couple of games (chelski away, spurs at home) what may happen is Ashley uses it as an excuse to fire Pardew and, although unlikely since he's just resigned, bring in Kinnear as manager.




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