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03 Feb 2012 23:06:20
Newcastle up for sale

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I hope he doesn't sell, he's running us fantastically now, not spending millions, going nowhere, like Sunderland

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The club has been up for sale ever since ashley bought it..
whats your point.

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Ashley has negotiated with several parties since he took over including some very wealthy arabs.......not sure his ego will allow him to sell.

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I hope he does sell

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Been up for sale for two years muppet

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Been working in russia for the last 3month and loads of talk about a super rich russian buying the toon.fingers crossed

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I'm not sure super rich guys will have any affect any more now the financial fiar play is coming into place. looks like it might level the playing field somewhat. only this summer will tell if the rich clubs keep spending.

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Seems to be a lot of mackems on at the moment, I think its just because they are starting to do well and they get over excited....bless them.

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03 Feb 2012 18:09:19
To those of you wondering about the release of the youngster.
I don't know all the names, but i've spoken to Dan Taylor, one of the lads who will get released.
He said they will all go at the end of the season.
Sorry i can't add names, cause i simply don't know who they all will be.
But there will be quite a large ammount.
For those on loan, it'll be a chance to impress and perhaps show themselfes to other clubs in the lower leagues.

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Thought taylor had been doing well in the reserves.

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Aye, but they feel he's very injury prone unfortunatly, it's halted his progress quite a bit. They saw him being further ahead than this by now.

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Dan Taylor is my best mate, there's been no talk of him being released, just broke into the reserves, this is complete rubbish.

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You are complete rubbish, i have my conversation with him on paper, om twitter. I could copy it and paste it here if i wanted or u could just visit the account and read the tweets yourself. Just go search for dan taylor and read.
Next time u want to be ITK, do back up your lies atleast, u've got naught but words.

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He's my best mate. He's being released

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Seems that everyone knows Dan Taylor! Read the chronicle's article and it will tell you the names of those getting released so you can stop name dropping.

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Why isn't anyone best mates with Shola?

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I am (joking) but he will never be released lol

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