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03 Dec 2012 22:05:00
3 extra things we can take from that performance, 1 anita and marveux were absolutely sensational today but if i had to pick a man of the match i'd go for anita, 2 ba played like someone who wants to be at the club and really showed enthusiasm from the start to his injury forcing him off, 3 bigirimana getting his first goal showing what he can do, only thing that bothered me was that jonas looked quite leggy and hasn't really performed to what we expect of him, 3 massive points up the toon

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It hurts me to say but Jonas is one of the weak points of our team, he can tackle but if he kept the ball and actually passed it instead of giving it away he would be much more consistent.

For me Jonas should be dropped next game, Play Marv, Arfa, Anita and Tiote if recovered. I mean the next PL game. We should play reserve team on thursday in france. We have already qualified and need to keep the decent squad in good condition for monday

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Think ba played like someone looking for a new club tbh.

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I agree

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Demba cannot win,if he plays bad,you would say not interested,he plays well and scores 2 goals,he played like someone looking for a new club!!!! wot a belta,i cannot believe some people

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Messi must be looking for a new club every time he steps out onto that pitch then

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Ba has been off form for ages, then in the same week as his contract negotiations pick up pace he plays a blinder! Do the math

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10 goals in a season off form, what on earth do you call on form?

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I'm pretty sure that being 'off form' (which he clearly isn't) and contract talks doesn't equate to any kind of maths...

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On form + contract talks = still got a small buy-out clause

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Yeah 10 goals was premiership top scorer till last weekend - shame we have nobody else scoring

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03 Dec 2012 21:58:12
Brilliant performance, more like the Toon we saw last season! See Alan, 433 is our best formation, now we can look forward to taking on the big guns! Top 7 might still be on the cards! January will be a big moment to improve.we really need a win against fulham....COME ON NEWCASTLE, TOON TILL I DIE

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I very much doubt we would have had it all our own way last nite if not for the pen and the sending of. I thought we were dreadful again. Williamson is a joke. Tho greatful for the 3 points and I for 1 would take a point a Fulham

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Didnt think we were that great considering they had ten men , mind you jonas was a waste of a man, 10v10, can Krul please pass the ball out rather than just hoof it, santon was excellent

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We have the players i just Wish pardew would adopt martinez's playing style. They have average prem players but moved it around like our keegan n robson days.williamson has to go. Reminds me of the good old kevin scott n bramble days. Hilding breath just waiting for the Fup


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03 Dec 2012 15:55:22
Does anyone else think that benching Demba Ba was probably the best thing to ever happen to him, he straightened out his ideas fast and starting playing like he can. I hope Pardew brings him on at half time against Wigan.

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I don't think benching Ba's been good move because now that cisse's misfiring his success has made his ego even bigger and his new wage demands show that

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He's starting against wigan.

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There is some silly people about !!!!

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03 Dec 2012 09:30:24
chelseas unused winger marco marin who also can also play the cam role. he has been linked with a move to newcastle on loan in the january transfer window.

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I have also heard this.... maybe a loan to buy move?

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Seems loans will be prominent as this oaf will not pay the prices that will be inflated in January
Ashley has drifted us into the period he and Llambiasarse said they would avoid buying in this window as FTC would be overpriced

I can see us running for cover soon and all the patting on the back will stop and fingers will be pointed as who is to blame and we all know who that is Ashleysheite

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That would be incredible, but def not getting my hopes up on that one

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If it takes wigan to beat us for puppett pardew 2 get the sack bring it on

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And what then, get another puppet? C'mon man. We need to get behind the team. Agree Ba can go, as long as someone else comes in. Marin is a good player wasting away in the Chelski reserves. I personally would like us to go for Sturridge to play on the left of the front 3 with HBA and Cisse. The other option is to play Cabaye further forward and stickAnita in the middle with Tiote/Perch. We need to get the best out of Cabaye, and fortunately I think his injury may just mean we keep hold of him in Jan and may lose Tiote instead. Id rather lose Tiote if we had to lose someone to fund buys.

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Fantastic fan wanting his own team to lose.... but if he were to be sacked who would be peoples choice? Don't think there are any good managers out there at the moment who would want to take charge especially if pards was to be sacked not even half way through the season after he took us to a 5th place finish and won manager of the year

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Marin would be an excellent buy especially since he's done nowt at chelski so in fact the west ham loss was his first game this season so he might be looking for a way out

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So you agree to let ba go? well have u forgot who owns us mate we wont get sturridge or any1 worh anything.we will get someone from preston or somewhere like that AND HOPE he is good thats why i say sack puppett he wont stand up2 fatty

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Wait until after the window, then have your moan. Your a 2 bit closet fan who doesn't care about our club!
Loved him last season when things went well...
Support your team!
We've got serious injuries in every department, if its not addressed in the window, then have your bitch.
ToonJones full time mag!!

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Marin has been injured.

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Never liked him mate and as for a closet fan been going since 1964 when did u 1st go?

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Im a sunderland fan and find it hard to believe the flack given to pardew wish we had him at sol his tactics and mon motivation would make a great partnership

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