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03 Aug 2015 19:01:51
£6m bid made for winger, Najar, are we just raiding Anderlecht now? Need a top centre half ffs

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03 Aug 2015 20:32:50
Agree still a way to go

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03 Aug 2015 21:43:52
We would be if the rumours in the paper are true.

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03 Aug 2015 21:56:54
The rumour is tenuous at best. We need either a good CB or a very good striker who'll score enough to help offset the number of goals we'll probably leak. That said I think a bit more discipline and communication at the back is needed as much as a new CB.

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04 Aug 2015 01:40:20
Nufc Taylor and Williamsin have known each other a long time and someone must see they are pathetic

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04 Aug 2015 02:42:03
There's a good chance both maybe sold soon since their contracts run out at the end of the year. Taylor may be offered an extension to make up the numbers if nothing else but this is almost certainly Williamson's last season with us if he isn't sold.

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04 Aug 2015 07:31:56
Most good managers who know what they are doing build from the back, that is apart it seems from the manager at NUFC.
Yes we need strikers and to date have signef 3 quality players with apparently according to runours a winger & striker still to come.

But ignoring our shoddy defenders will be McLarens first costly mistake.

Seeing Williamson and Taylor torn apart in the Premier League might just make him wake up,Collocini at this level
is also fading & that leaves only Dummet as cover which is a poor mans defence.

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04 Aug 2015 08:52:05
I'll say it again Vida, what team have you been supporting mate. With the exception of the first 10 games of 2011/12 newcastles defence has always been guff.

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04 Aug 2015 10:08:36
Get soneone to read it to you Deseree save me repeating
what I wrote.

KK lost winning the league by not buying one quality defender and since then it has been poor and never a priority.
The appointment of McLaren will hopefully see these problems addressed and quite frankly I don't see how it can get any worse so surely the only way is up but to see hasmcKaten as yet not done anythong to date is frightening.

There I go again repeating myself and others.

Hope you understand Deseree

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03 Aug 2015 18:51:19
Just a few bits flying around saying no more signings? Or are they waiting to ship more players out likes of sissoko, cisse, tiote they all get descent wage so that frees up funds for incoming players because basically if any of these players get injured were back to having worse squad than last season just a thought but a worrying one

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03 Aug 2015 20:02:26
yep, bit worried that McClaren said there is nothing on the go currently, though you have to admire the honesty, something we never had before. They are still looking and I get the feeling that we are back to the stage where we will now only do a deal if it represents good value.

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03 Aug 2015 09:23:26
Newcastle in the running to sign Saido Berahino. I'm in favour of this personally.

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03 Aug 2015 11:33:18
would be a terrific signing if it comes off. If we had a bit more pace in the team I think we could score a lot more goals. That in itself would take the heat off our defence.

our defence was suspect even when we had albert, howey, bramble and woodgate.

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03 Aug 2015 12:08:27
Would love to sign Berahino. Considering we have at least 4 first team CBs I don't see us signing another unless one is sold. We'll definitely need one more striker, especially if Cisse is sold(which would be a mistake). I don't think we'll pay the full £20 million West Brom want though.

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03 Aug 2015 17:29:49
20 Million plus the rest. If I was West Brom I wouldn't sell him unless a silly offer came in, if Austin is valued at 15 after a season in the prem. Plus Austin is 5 years older as has had big injuries.
Last year Berahino at 21 scored 14 prem goals, whereas Charlie Austin at that age had just been signed up from a non league side to join Swindon. I would put my money on Berahino being twice the player austin is today in 5 years. Berahino if available for 20 million would be a bargain, in 2-3 years he could be starting up top for england and valued at double that 20 million.

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03 Aug 2015 17:54:39
Agree Danno but Ashley will go no where near that figure & we will see the old method of bagain hunting and infortunately players lile this will remain as they are for Newcastle fans just names.

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