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31 Oct 2013 10:40:05
Alan Pardew's position at Newcastle was considered to be a one way process, with Mike Ashley in total control of his destiny.

However, there are now reports that the Newcastle manager has expressed his interest in rejoining old club Crystal Palace who are currently without a manager after Ian Holloway's departure.

AlanPardew7It is claimed by The Mirror amongst others, that an intermediary has contacted Palace on behalf of Pardew to declare his interest.

The stories acknowledge that likely compensation to Ashley could be the biggest problem, though the Palace Chairman Steve Parish has repeatedly said his preference is for a new manager who has previous links to the club.

While the eight year contracts handed out to Pardew and his coaches were presented as a generous move by the Newcastle owner, I couldn't help but think that the main thrust of it was to ensure that Ashley was in control of Pardew's future.

With no public complaints despite next to no backing in the transfer market this summer and Pardew allowing his name to be put to party line public statements, on both the summer transfer window and the newspaper ban fiasco, unless Ashley is actively looking to get rid I find it hard to imagine him allowing such a subservient manager to leave.

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Jim Pardew was also foolishly linked with the England job (no chance) but you are right subservient to Ashley is the number one answer.
Taking all the stick Pardew has dug a hole for himself and is losing fans there every single day.
If any fans think things it will get better under Ashley they need to look again otherwise wake up

Ashley does what he does in their faces of the fans and does not care at all about Newcastle united which is only a
Way to make more money for himself.

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Do you see a positive future for Newcastle fans while Ashley owns the club?

None whatsoever. He has set his stall out and clearly has no ambition for the club or the revenue a successful season could bring. He is obviously making a lot more money using the club as his free advertising piggy bank. This, along with the Sky money, means he doesn’t have to break into a sweat when he thinks about getting his wallet out.

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We need to make Ashley see he's not wanted in toon anymore n the sooner he sell's up n buys rangers the better for all partys time 4 change n the time is now

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I can't stand ashley but no amount of protests will unsettle him. he's banned all local press and the main supporters group. he's either been been pushed to breaking point by us hater lot or he's been a psychopath all along but he's going nowhere. unless its for a good profit. the guys taken the kidd gloves off now and he's going to rule our once awsome club like a dictator except. we can't overthrow him and put someone else in power unless they pay for the power big style. infact I believe. now the more we whinge about transfers and wage structures the less he will dish out on them now.

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31 Oct 2013 09:47:21
A paper is reporting that Alan Pardew is interested in taking over palace as a manager

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I Hope so he is rubbish. Not only did he hand the game to Citeh by taking off an effective Shola so we only had 1 upfront leaving Lescott and Boyata to relax after being harried and hassled all night but he made a huge error on Sunday by putting on Cisse at half time. The bloke is a tactical dunce and constantly contradicts himself.

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I would take either Bielsa, O'Neill or Di Matteo

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Why would a top class manager come to toon. no transfer budget and an owner who is hated by the fans. hardley appeaing. MA would give JK the job just tp piss us off more.

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