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31 Mar 2013 09:17:37
Newcastle utd are intrested in signin french international midfielder Yann M' Villa.
M' Villa 21, joined Russian club rubin kazan in january in a £9.6m deal but has been unsettled and is keen on a move away frm russia


A new manager is what we desperately need

I totaly agree mate

I've always supported Pards yet I've now realised he isn't the man for us. Hate to say it but last season was a total fluke, without Graham Carr and the scouting team we would be nowhere near the standard we are at now. I am ashamed to say it but I fear Its true : (

Last season wasn't a fluke. The difference this season is we've been less fortunate with the number of injuries we've had and who's been injured and we didn't strengthen enough in the summer so we've been unable to cope with the extra european fixtures. If we'd made the january signings in the summer we'd be in a much better position. And don't forget that we've made it to the quarter finals of the europa league, beating some very good teams and I think we've got a good chance of getting through to the semi finals and maybe even the finals if the draw's kind to us

Since those January signings you have rocketed up that league mind! Billythe Brick

Yea rocketed to 15th a

We were lucky last season that we got practically no injuries whatsoever! that's why we finished so high!

However, yeah, we have a few injuries this year, and our pathetic manager has no idea how to cope resulting in us being 3 points from the relegation zone! Think how lucky we were to get a draw at everton with their disallowed goals and our last min equaliser! our 93rd minute fluke winner vs west brom! late winners against stoke and chelsea too. Pardew is lucky to have us as high as he as got!

Injuries or not. he still has had 11 men at the start of every game with a bench of subs, if he is worth his weight as a manager he should be able to do better, and if these players aren't good enough. then why have them at the club in the first place?

''I think we've got a good chance of getting through to the semi finals and maybe even the finals if the draw's kind to us''

I wish that were true.

Sorry bud, but you are in for a rude awakening when we play Benfica.

Benfica do not mess around, they play cut throat attacking football from kickoff to the final whistle.

It would have been nice for us to have cracked on and got the Europa League final, but drawing Benfica at this stage has ruined any chance of that.

I know some of you will thank I am talking nonsense but I know all to well how good this Benfica side is.

Although benfica will be a tough game remember everyone said we were going to get slaughtered by anzhi and we beat them so there's no reason we can't beat benfica. If you're going to act like we're beaten days before the game's played then we may as well not bother turning up

I have to say maybe Pardew is over rated and we did just have a one off season last year, but I don't believe.

If we didn't have the injuries we took at the start of the season we would be a lot higher in the league.

If Mike Ashley gave Pardew money to spend in the summer and we got the players we needed then (as in the January signings) we would be up there.

But that's all "ifs" and "buts" and "might bes" and "maybes" and football is all facts and figures, the facts are we don't have the figures!

We now as a team need to forget about Sunderland, let there new manager do what ever, this is none of our concern.
Forget about what we did last year, because that is the past, its not where we are going now.
Forget that we didn't sign in the summer

and as much as it hurts it say, drop out of Europe, keep everything we have for the PL - there is more money in there and clearly none of us would like to drop out of it.

Taking Pardew out now would be a mistake, it wouldn't help the team to have someone new come in and try and teach them something totally new with seven weeks of the season left.
It would take them that long to adapt to a new manager, and his ways and set ups

Leave it and its up to the board to see what they want to do, at the end of the season.
I personally think we should keep AP and give him money in the summer and see what he can do, but say if you don't get the results by Christmas then your gone packing.

Then bring in a new manager, give him funds to use for the January window and see if he can push up league with us.
Obversely is AP is still there (and done a good job) give him the money to spend, if he is doing a good job then make the final push into the top half of the league.

Would take survival at the moment. Think top half of the league is asking a lot right now especially after the city performance. Think Reading and QPR are already down, but both Wigan and Aston Villa will win games before the end of the season and we are only just 3 points above them.

Thought Sunderland would probably go down the way they were playing, but the appointment of PDC will revitalise them and can see them winning a couple of games now.

Anyhow, don't mean to sound negative, but I certainly don't think we're safe yet and don't think our safety should be taken for granted.

On a more positive note, providing we stay up, I do think we'll have a good season next season, making full use of the January signings and hopefully adding to them in the summer. Some players that we've badly missed this season like HBA and R Taylor, should be back and fully fit. Also with a break and a good pre-season, hopefully Cisse and Tiote will have better seasons.

Are you all mad!! In pardew we trust

as you see its split 50/50

Pardew all the way. Why sack a manager straight away. Makes no sense. We ain't going to be a champions league team for a while yet. Just be patient

In pardew we trust




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