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31 Aug 2013 10:08:01
Tottenham willing to listen to offers for Sigurdsson. Surely we should be signing him?

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You wanna sign everyone. he's terrible. wouldn't improve our team

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He's not terrible. But CM isn't really a priority area for us right now. With 3 days or whatever to go we'll be lucky to get the striker we desperately need, let alone any others.

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I agree with the 2nd poster, I have seen him play many times and he is really bad.

He is one of the worst shooters I have ever seen in my life, constantly shooting and putting it wide or over the bar.

Tottenham are replacing him for very good reason, add to that they overpaid heavily to lure him from Liverpool's clutches.

So do we want to pay the inflated wages of a player that is a flop? I don't think so.

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I do not think Mr Kinnear has done us any favours we will not do any business because they want Mr Pardew to resign championship here we come again

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2nd post what a joke, you say you want to sign everyone, then end with our team so are you a fan or another dirty mackem avoiding the shambles at your own club, on the original post we don't need siggurdson so we won't sign him

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I put 2nd post on. buck up fella it was directed a jtoon. He is always on here saying sign him sign him. Its as if any signing will do.

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Not really, i'm not saying that we should sign ALL the players I suggest, they're only suggestions and opinions. calm down buddy

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Not too sure how you can say you've seen him play many times and he's awful when he had a sensational first season in the prem.
I don't believe he suits spurs as a player and think at the right price would be a decent buys for a lot of premier league clubs, he has a great strike on him and is more than decent at set pieces and he is still quite young.
If he can get back to the level he was at with swansea I would take him.

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Will be no bucking up fella you should buck up try having a go at the doom mongers about the club

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To the guy who talks about the doom mongers. Ok we won today but have you been watching this team over the last two seasons. we played well today FOR 15 MINUTES. Cabaye added a bit of quality and Remmy showed what a new and better than what we got player can do. If we had built last summer when we had something to offer then we would not be in a panic buy, anything will do situation.

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We won today. Can't you be happy about that?

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To JToon. Happy with result but not 70 minutes of crap, not the transfer policy (or lack of policy), the performances in first 2 games and most of last season. I don't want the odd scraps, I want my team to enjoy the feast at the top end of the table.

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Ive been watching the performances for the last 18 years and plenty of times in that period we have had awful displays and a lot worse players than we have now, so we had a bad season last year everyone knows that but coming on here you would think the club were doomed, yes there seems to be a lack of knowledge on how to sign a player and i'm frustrated but you can't say anything until 10pm tomorrow night you slate the team and for all we know by this time tomorrow gomis, thauvin and another could be on the books

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And I'm God. !
Get a grip on reality man. wake up and look around you!

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31 Aug 2013 01:02:04
Newcastle to sign David Bentley on a free, just to add numbers to the squad!

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One of jFk's up and coming players! lol. well I guess he was, 10 years ago.
come on Joe pull your finger out and prove us all wrong. and just sigh some one! (at least half good!)-FFS


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Wouldn't even mind that at this stage. Is he still available?

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Ha bentley my god you must be desperate

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How about no!

Like we need more wingers in the team!



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31 Aug 2013 00:33:42
Tim krul out of tomorrows match with a pulled groin, which happened against west Ham, or he's goin

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He's probably injured, but this lot really wouldn't surprise me anymore.

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Lets hope its NOT because he's going. he's by far the best player in our team. we have NO HOPE without Krul!

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This is becoming a bit of a habit with Krul.

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We're a bit screwed without Krul cause he bails us out so much. Could have been 10 against City without him. Elliott is alright but we offer him no protection at the back.

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Thats funny when krul starts in goal another impersonator

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1. His injury happened in training
2. He was able to either play through the pain or the injury went away, so this post couldn't be more wrong

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30 Aug 2013 23:40:47
Thauvin �12 will be completed by Monday, Cabaye playing against Fulham FACT. Chelsea want 10m for Ba. Gomis deal collapses after wage disagreement. This isn't good enough

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Where is this Gomis wage disagreement coming from? The first time we tried to sign him we agreed wages with him it was agent's fees and Lyon trying to get us to pay the sell on fee to Saint Etienne that caused it to collapse?

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Getting Thauvin not good enough - What!

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