Newcastle Rumours Archive May 30 2013


30 May 2013 16:03:46
Just seen Gabriel Batistuta at the training ground. Possible coach? or a friend of Collocini?. didn't speak to him but it was definitely him 100% saw him close up and people got he's autograph.


Hopefully he's signing!

Batigol would be awesome as an attacking coach

We need him as a player

I would have thought there'd be more of a fuss about someone like Batistuta being there, also if this is true I doubt it's because he's Colo's mate because he's away with the Argentina national team.

We need him as a player

Surely if people were getting autographs then people got pictures yet I haven't seen any.
If he was here which I doubt maybe he was here to see Jonas.

Again if this were true he wouldn't be there to see Jonas because he'll be away on holiday.

Whilst the players and staff are either away on holiday or international duty. Nice one!

Its true I seen him too. I have he's autograph. He's rumoured to be in disscussion for a ambassador type of role or a scout etc




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