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30 Jun 2012 16:04:42
whats happening with luuk de jong

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Still in talks, hopefully do a deal in next few days

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Only the two clubs no at the moment, I expect some news to be delivered by Wednesday on this matter

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I think we should let Gladbach have him ... European teams think that because an English side is interested in a player of theirs, they can extort them. Like with Bas Dost - they wanted 12 mil from Villa, but are willing to sell him for 5 to Wollsburg ... I say stuff EM !!

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Bas dost cost wolfsburg just under 8m not 5m

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Please remember that players can now officially join clubs as the transfer windows opened lastnight.this will be done asap for douglas maybe tomorrow at the latest.

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They are so far from asking 7mil more for an english team than a german what sources do you have for this ridiculous statement, and de jong is a class player would rather pay over the odds for a great player then pay under or the right price for a decent player

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30 Jun 2012 10:55:45
Fraser forster has signed a deal to go to celtic ment to be on a 4 year deal so £2 million in the bank

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Celtic have got themselves a good deal there, You cannot help but think Forster is wasting his time at Celtic though. They are going to be the only big Club playing in the top scottish division and thats not going to give Forster much of a chance to be the England no.1.

Celtic with no rangers in the league is the equivalent of Man Utd playing in league 1.

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Forster would never be England number 1. I think he has probably found his level in Scotland. Where he will win things and play in Europe. The alternative would have been playing at Championship level (winning nothing with no chance of europe). Perhaps he will improve, and playing in europe will put him in the shop window for other clubs in better leagues.

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Clubs in better leagues like the Irish league,Welsh League,Northern Allience League and the Gateshead District Sunday League. As for a future England number 1, what in? Not football thats for sure.

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There's no way to say Forster would never be englands #1 as he's never been tested in a competitive league. {Ed007's Note - I think Norwich might beg to differ there.}

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I can see him making england squads but only time will tell if he makes it big.

it doesnt look like nufc have negotiating a sell on fee either so maybe he isnt as highly thought of as we thought.

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Sick of people under-rating forster everywhere he has played he has broken records for the most clean sheets for the league what more can you ask of him, and as for the spl being a s**t league makes no sense surely he will be tested more as the defence is s**t..... hes passed all tests that has been put infront of him and if it wasnt for krul he would definitely be number 1 for us and challenging for the england squad

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Forster is still young, Krul was still flapping at Forsters age. Forster has the massive frame required to be a Great keeper but he just needs experience. You have to rememeber Keepers develop late very late but on the flip side of that they can play into their late 30's easily enough.

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Seen Forster play in the friendly at elland road last season and he was horrible. Good in Scotland but maybe no better than a championship / lower pl place keeper

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/ well done for showing you dont know much about newcastle, how you think krul was flapping at forsters age is comical as krul and forster are the same age so unless you think he was flapping this season im not too sure what you are talking about, krul is 3 weeks younger than forster if we are being precise....

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Strange how foster was born almost a month before krul and is some how younger than him?

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30 Jun 2012 10:28:29
Newcastle United's managing director Derek Llambias and club secretary Lee Charnely are only just startingin the transfer market.

Holland is the first stop of their tour of Europe as the look to conclude deals for De Jong and Anita.

Rumours of an interest in Douglas are wide of the mark with Serdar Tasci being the man that nufc want. So after their stop in the Netherlands the club officials will journey to Germany in order to get their man.

After that it's on to France to try and conclude deals for Debuchy and Yacinne Brahimi.

Newcastle have decided to act now as interest intensifies regarding all their targets. The club hope to have signed all these players within the next 3 weeks so expect a busy 21 days on Tyneside.

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Great if true, but sadly zero proof

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That would cost you lot near 25-30m cant see ashley spending that much

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Thanks Mike

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Club must have had that share in the euros for what its going to cost to bring in all those players on transfer wages and agents fees going to cost a lot of money

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I think they will buy only Douglas and De Jong from Holland for 15m. And also Debuchy for 6m, so 21m

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Serdar Tasci will want CL footie ,so that rules out us I would think.

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