Newcastle Rumours Archive July 30 2014


30 Jul 2014 14:00:11
First Rumours say Lacazette only wants a CL team, now they say he wants to come to the Toon?

Grenier wanted to come in January but changed his mind. Now the rumours are saying Arsenal are in the box seat to sign him which I find hard to believe considering they have Ox, Walcott, Arteta, Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Diaby back from injury, Ramsey, Gnabry and are going to play Chambers in midfield.

Ed's what do you know?


Spire Grenier is speaking to Wenger and is keen on a move there
Newcastle fans need be happy with the players signed.
We know Ashley has spent a pittance in comparison to the top clubs but we have signed some good players and he still has a pocket full of dosh left from transfers and tv money, as for Grenier amd Lazzette they are going elsewhere with Remy staying in London Spurs will snap him up and keep him on the bench.
Ashley happy to play and muck about in the Premiership and try walk on water so when you do that as an armature no brained football owner you get nothing

31 Jul 2014 00:35:46
Wish people would stop being so negative, at the start of the window everyone going on about how we won't buy and spend, we have brought 6 new faces in and yet he cynics are still there, I don't know what Ashley has to do to win anyone around but he has out his hand in his pocket and it is going to be exciting to see them in action.

And the constant negativity aimed at pardew is ridiculous he is better than a lot of the other managers in the prem.

It would be nice to read some positive comments once in a while

Kling, for some reason the majority of fans seem to think that we have always been a top 5 team because of two short periods when football changed radically and we took advantage. Look at other clubs like Leeds, Blackburn, Nottingham Forrest, won titles, been in the Champions League and now almost out of business.
Despite what we may think about the fans and the city we have to accept that not everyone shares that love and that for many players playing in front of 50,000 fans and for a city that lives and breaths football is too much pressure. We only have to look at the collapse of Brazil against Germany to see that players sometimes can't cope with the weight of expectation placed upon them.
what we see as being attractive I think most players are scared of.

31 Jul 2014 12:38:46
I agree Kling, it is disappointing to see so many negative comments. I saw loads saying we are going to get relegated after we lost our opening pre-season friendly, even though it was nowhere near our strongest eleven, and our opponents had been in training two leeks longer than us.

We have bought very well, all our new signings are fantastic additions, and am certain there will be at least one more to come if not more. This is looking like it could be an exciting season for us.

The comments have merit we are short of a quality CB and Quality Striker and if people can't see that that is thier problem
Think about Last time 5 players were brought in if a Quality CB and Syriker had been bought then it would have made all the difference as it us ee struggled as soon as Cabaye was sild
Ashley has spent the money (almost) from Cabaye and Debucy sales NO MORE from the 60mTV money

OK Art, we all know now that you want to see another CB and striker. It is unlikely to happen. If we take chelsea, man city, arsenal and spurs out of the equation. Southamptons owner sounds like a mental case and has sold all their best players in the space of a month. Villas owner has gradually ruined their club, west hams owners seem ok. Fulhams owner lost the plot and got them relegated. Wigans owner got them relegated and even with one of the best managers. Ellis short is a clown also. I guess my point being that with the exception of a few clubs most owners seem to be as bad as Mike Ashley.

Well Deseree your wrong about a striker even if he is just on loan AND for sure you are wrong about Ashley what he has put the fans through for 6 years
At least the owners you mention have empathy with their clubs and fans

Ashey seems to do things just to pee off the supporters. Most have been slagging him off since KK was sh-t on. He does not care what we say. Why don't we try praising him for keeping us in the black making season tickets affordable by not increasing the price. expanding the family area so a family of 4 can go the match for £900. He might then stop upsetting us, meet the supporters. He might even reduce the price of the meal deals at half time.




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