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30 Jan 2014 19:34:33
Grenier deal looks to be over for now as he wants to stay in France to try and get in the French world cup squad. That leaves us with Cabella or this Djuricic lad who's turned up out of nowhere. Personally I'd rather Cabella.

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Sounds as though we have no plans what so ever and don't have any intention of signing anyone -just doing his so they can say they tried - gets a bit boring when we hear it time after time
When will Ashley learn how utterly useless JK is and get rid of him
We should have had the replacement for Cabye all sorted before we let him leave.
It's totally embarrassing yet again

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We're in a safe position right now. We're not going to get Europe of any kind but we're not going to get relegated either so worst case scenario is we don't sign Grenier or Cabella or any Cabaye replacement this month see through the rest of the season and try again in the summer which may yield better results considering both Cabella and Grenier have said they want to stay with their current clubs for one reason or another but are open to the idea of a move in the summer.

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Glad to see all the staff who seem to know everything that is going to happen are out n about again, serious question why the hell do you support club when all you do is moan and complain and put them down

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Andy do supporters not have the right to moan when they feel the club the love and support keeps treating them with contempt. Rather moaning about the so called moaners. Give a reason for the moaners not to moan?

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Fnuklnuk, Do you really blame MA the way you lot slag him off, if it was me I would do exactly the same as him stick two fingers up to the lot of you, if it wasn't for him you would be deep in debt, he's got your club running well ad the only debt is the 120mil the club owes him, you need to realise you are only a mid table club and will never be anything else.

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Gip you spend more time on our page than you do your own. However, cashley has balanced the books but you don't compete in the PL on paper. Mid-table team you say. That is what Cashley wants no doubt but that is being done with little investment into the side. We finished 5th 2 season ago and didn't strengthen while other teams around us did. Take Everton as the example. Not much money but has a owner who understands how to run a club. We are now 8th a good position and with a little investment could push again. Something as a mackem you will never grasp constantly being stuck in a scrap to stay in the league.

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Fnuklnuk- you want a reason not to moan heres one for you its called loyalty to your club, every window its the same negativity end of the day were not going to sign messi, were comfortable in the league and have had a lot to cheer about this season and while yeah I think its stupid to let cabaye go without having a replacement lined up Ill take the fact were safe and see what happens in the summwr, get behind your club there's a difference between having an opinion and actually making your own club sound doomed

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So how is 35 years of loyalty strike you Andy. Going to games home and away. Is that loyal enough for you? Who mentioned Messi? Why throw names like that around to strengthen your reasoning? Nobody is asking for messi or players of that ilk. Majority of fans want the squad strengthened with the same quality that goes out. Not a lot to ask when you think we have not signed a permanent signing sign last January and that was only because we nearly fell out the trap door. Take the blinkers off.

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Its the lies from the club that do my head in - JK clearly stated a week ago that no one would be leaving the club this window - when it has transpired that Cabye had an agreement to leave in this window. or is Cabye lying and if so what reason does he have as he has left the club

If they treat the fans with respect we deserve and told the truth even if its to say that there will no signings and the reasons why then most would accept it

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Fnuklnuk, I like coming on here I get more bites than I do fishing on shields pier, only ART talks any sense the rest of you wear BW specs get back in your box

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I like a moan when there is a reason to moan. am I loyal first went to St James in 1956 aged 8 used to climb the wall up strawberry lane, dug George Easthams Garden, been abroad with the Toon been to wembley with the Toon got this years strip i'm now 66 years old and i'm as passionate as ever, I've spent loads of money over the years, so if I want to moan i'm going to moan

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Well done Gip that was a well thought out and well presented retort. So Art talk sense that is 1 more than any of you do.

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30 Jan 2014 17:09:44
The agent of Serbian midfielder Filip Djuricic has said he's been negotiating with Pardew over a potential move from Benfica. After watching him on youtube he seems to be a very good player but not what we need, more Ben Arfa than Cabaye.

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30 Jan 2014 07:54:02
Reports in France that our £8 million bid for Grenier has been rejected with Lyon not willing to consider anything below £12 million however there further talks will take place between the clubs today.

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Lyon have confirmed that they have rejected our bid for Grenier with their president saying he doesn't think there will be any movements. The question now is do we up our offer or abandon Grenier and maybe have another go at signing Cabella.

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Hope its not all eggs in one basket

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Half our eggs will be in the basket. Kinnear will have sold the rest for magic beans.

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