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30 Jan 2012 21:29:01
Not been on since the cisse transfer - howver i sed back then that we would sign a young up an coming centre back and a forward - we have the forward and the centre back will come in tommorrow! It will be one of 3 - lewis dunk, okore in the mix aswell. No doubt a defender will come in but must be value - i.e. clyne 2.5mil also mentioned!

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30 Jan 2012 21:24:47
Toon to finalise a deal for zaha in next few hours and a deal for a centre back around 4 2morra

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First lie proven within "hours". When will ya next lie be shown ?

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30 Jan 2012 20:47:17
Hi all first post but it has to be said , I herd rumours that have said that a skysports reporter has said that , Liverpool will be after Demba BA tomorrow , I hope to god this isn't true , ed what is ur view ? {Ed001's Note - if Sky believed that to be true, I guarantee it would be plastered over Sly Sports News.}

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Dalglish said there would be no Liverpool activity. And if Liverpool were to buy another striker it would be an admission from Dalglish of an expensive failure in signing Andy Carroll

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The club have already snubbed Spurs so I se no reason why they would accept Liverpool.
Mind 35m...LOL.

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Sounds familiar to last year

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Yer and then his knee's will play up and liverpool will have given us 35mill for aanother kop Flop

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30 Jan 2012 18:33:46
Zaha and Clyne of palace to sign for a combined 8 million!

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Hope so, dont think it will happen

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More likely to sign Bonnie and Clyde!

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Not gonna happen, zaha going bolton

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Would love it, but no chance i reckon

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Dont think we'll get zaha, but why go to Bolton? does he want to play in the Championship again next year. plus Palace don't need to sell he is locked into a fairly long term deal.

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Zaha going bolton? to be relegated, why would he do that?... Bolton made what was described by palace as a "laughable" offer...

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Why would he go to Bolton? Thought he had ambitions?

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If he did go to Bolton he may have clause like Ba's put in where he can leave for free if they are relegated.

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30 Jan 2012 15:43:10
Lovenkrands and Best for Matt Jarvis

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Shame the powers that be rate shola above both best and lovenkrands. lovenkrands has a goals/game ration of 1 in 3, not to mention he looked our best player the one time he played out wide left this season....yet shola has a goals/game ratio that's worse than 1 in 5 and he's been here for 13 years.

there has to be something we can do to get shot of shola, because the longer he stays, the more viable contingency Pardew thinks he is in his head.

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That would be good, but i do think we still need best because if Cisse Ba r injured then we just have Ameobi

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Tha fat cockney owner will sell 1st as he will want the 10mill back the cockney money grabber

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The money came from the new sponsorship

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Deluded mags on here, smoking too much smack

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30 Jan 2012 12:05:22
ed, how likely does the m'biwa transfer seem, its just im hearing an awful lot about him to newcastle but there is really nothing visual (like a photo) to confirm all that is being said, like hes supposedly been on a medical, surely somebody could get out there and snap a pic as he leaves, or as he even got to the medical, surely the press would be more on it too if the deal was near completion {Ed001's Note - it is looking less and less likely to happen, purely due to the time it is taking. I have heard nothing more than talks between the clubs over the player, but Newcastle's current regime are very good at keeping things under wraps until the medical takes place. Unless the selling club lets something slip, I doubt any of us will know anything until a deal happens, and I include ex-players of the club in that.}

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Mate I don't think it's true I've looked all over the net and there is none of the good site say out about him signing. I think he is the defender we need to sign as he looks great on you tube. Ashingtoon

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I really don't see anyone coming in now like.

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You could make perch look good on youtube, it proves nothing

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No you could'nt...

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He would only be seen at the club or training ground at the signing ,the medical will take place i London and its a big place

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30 Jan 2012 13:34:36
Wolves being linked to Best, is he going? Hopefully we would give Shola away before selling Best.

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Lovenkrands more likely

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Give all three... Cisse and Ba are the future. HBA can push forward and give Haris more game time if we need. He is a weapon after all!

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30 Jan 2012 12:56:43
Daily Mirror reports Newcastle are on the verge of signing Danish defender Jores Okore.

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This guy is good but one for the future as not PL standard yet according to Danish fans.

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This young defender is a good player to get. Im Danish and i really hope we get him.

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30 Jan 2012 12:49:36
Crystal Palace have accepted a £6 million bid for Wilfried Zaha from Newcastle United after rejecting a smaller offer from Bolton. The player is on his way to Newcastle to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical.

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They have accepted bid from bolton not scumcastle on sky sports

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I am watching SSN now and they have NOT accepted a bid from Bolton you lying makem git...concentrate on your own little town club...Kevin Davies..really? yeah, pushing the boat out there are you not?

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Bolton made their bid over 2 days ago and nufcs bid is supposed to have happened today so may not have got through the pipeline yet!

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"May not have got through the pipeline yet" ha ha ha ha ha. Are you really that daft. .............SteveToon

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30 Jan 2012 11:06:42
Newcastle to make bid for zaha after Bolton bid hits the rocks

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And where does zaha fit into our team.. When HBA doesn't

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In place of Jonas...who, lets face it...hasnt got an end product.

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Replace jonas give ur heed a shake man

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"Replace jonas give ur heed a shake man" obviously dont go to the games then!! He has got no end product at all...just runs into blind alleys all day falling over and hoping the ref is stupid enough to be conned...waste of a shirt number...

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Your very true mate and the same with obertan then time wasters like gosling shoala best perch need to get rid and get wages down and finally get rid of alan smith for good

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30 Jan 2012 10:57:07
Newcastle to sign Robert snodgrass for 6.5m

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When and why?

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What a ridiculous rumour; there is no chance in hell that we will pay 6.5m for an unproven Championship player, we've pulled out of moved for more experienced players and much better players than this for less money. On a more positive note, I do think Snodgrass would be a decent signing but more for 2m.

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6.5million for Snodgrass. Never. Get your head down.

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30 Jan 2012 07:43:59
a very strong rumour on various reliablev websites saying we shud b finalising a deal for wilfried zaha tonight or if the m biwa deal takes a while tommorra morning

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Didn't zaha sign a contract extension 3 weeks ago

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Name ONE website......... please

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To be fair Carrol signed a 5 year extension and he still went; all that does now is jack the price up.

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30 Jan 2012 06:02:26
Hi Ed, Any News on a CB? Much needed with Perch and Williamson well below par. Have heard Mapou Yanga Mbiwa is likely but is there anything else {Ed001's Note - that's the only one I know of, though Mariappa's agent is circulating talk of other teams in for him, in the hope that Newcastle will return with a bigger bid for him. No idea if they will or not though.}

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Arsenal are reportedly in for him thats us knackered then!

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30 Jan 2012 01:34:31
In todays paper saying Arsene Wenger is going to bid for Adrian Marriapa from Watford even less chance of getting a CB now..

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Sorry but they can have him!

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30 Jan 2012 00:48:59
weve had 4 weeks of the transfer window to buy a centre half and have failed which has already cost us a cup run we cant afford to play with make shift centre halfs against championship sides let alone prem sides,this should of been dealt with at the beginning of the window,please sort this asap we need to keep our league position for a shot at europe...del

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I thought this was a rumour site not a whinging site-

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The defence wasnt the reason we lost to brighton

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Williamsoms own goal was why we lost and is he not a defender?

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Yes but if we had forwards that knew how to put the ball in the back of the net the own goal wouldn't have mattered. You can't solely put the blame on the defence due to the loss.

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They literally got one shot on target, so yeah s**t defending

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It was a defensive mistake. simpson bottled the tackle and willo should have come across before the lad got into the box and to make it worse he turned his back.

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He was on a yellow.

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30 Jan 2012 00:23:54
Ed was Mapou Yanga Mbiwa playing for Senegal at the acon . I no he played for the French u21 but did he not go with Senegal . Plus do you think it is true Newcastle has agreed a fee for him. Ashingtoon {Ed001's Note - he has no caps for anyone mate. I do believe there is at the very least some truth in it, the clubs have been in talks over him for a while. I don't know any more than that though, I had assumed it wasn't going to happen as it was taking so long, but it seems that I was wrong about that.}

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His Agent has said he will not be leaving in this Window... also Mbiwa isnt senagalese he's declared for France and is awaiting a call up which is expected ahead of the Euros which is why he's apparently been told to stay in france until the summer

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30 Jan 2012 00:21:59
Newcastle will battle it out with Bolton over next 2 days for Wilfred Zaha also will also offer a take it or leave it bid for Mariappa

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29 Jan 2012 21:54:18
Hi Ed, any more news on either of the De Jong brothers? I think Luuk woul be a better shout, but if we lose demba any chance of us signing him in the summer? {Ed001's Note - there are a few clubs interested in Luuk, it seems unlikely either will move in January, the risk to their chances of making Holland's Euros squad is too big. I believe that is why Luuk hasn't already moved somewhere this January.}

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