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30 Dec 2012 22:39:29
I am going to say what I want to happen to Newcastle this transfer window and then what I actually think will happen

I want....
Debuchy 5 million
Remy 10 million
A solid young centre back for under 10 million
Simpson 3 million to qpr
Ba 7 million to chelski

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We don't need a young centre back, we need an experienced centre back about to reach his best. if we wanted a young CB we would dab into reserves and Williamson is still young. If anything we need to splash the cash on a V.good CB in his peak. some rumours are suggesting maybe Douglas?

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When is 29 still young in football cos that's how old Williamson is and this is the bloke that didn't play a game for Portsmouth in the champships and the following season we took him agree we need a cb in his peak but not likely going to happen any one in there peak will be snapped up by a club that can afford to pay them the big money and even if we do land someone at there best not be long until someone comes in and takes them from us then where in the same place again needing to find a replacement

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The reason he wasn't playing for Portsmouth was if he played they would of had to make a payment to his previous club and they couldn't afford to.

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30 Dec 2012 21:43:28
sissoko might sign for newcastle however if he does he will be representing mali in afcon but we did sign cisse and tried to sign maiga who knows

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Wrong sissokho - ours target is a French international, not the former Liverpool and Juventus man

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He's a french international, can't play for 2 countries.

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That's the wrong Sissoko chief, do your research. We are after Moussa Sissoko, who plays for Tolouse, not the one that used to play for Liverpool.

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That's funny he is a full French international so there is no way he can play for Mali

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Lol tomfoolery, please do not google the names of players and then get the wrong one, ie Ronaldo and fat Ronaldo etc etc

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30 Dec 2012 18:51:47
if ba's release clause is only for champions league teams how much are chelsea paying cos there not in it so really we could ask what we want and would a fee not need to be agreed to speak to him {Ed002's Note - Right.}

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Can't activate release clause. Chelsea not a CL club.

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Job done pre Contract signed Ba is gone next week Of course Chelsea can sign him they were Champions

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How r they allowed to hold talks? {Ed007's Note - They aren't unless they have been given permission by the club.}

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If he goes, i'll be sad to see him go, you can't argue against his record during his time here. Although i'll be glad to see the end of "clausegate".
Hope we get a good replacement for him.

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Ed, I was also under the impression that it was only champions league clubs that could activate the clause? And ed were has debuchy played in europe this season yet? {Ed002's Note - Right, CL clubs. Debuchy is ewligible if nominated to play in the Europa.}

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Can only be activated my a champions league team? They were the Champions last year, they replaced tottenham as the fourth team club. So yes, they can active his release clause. {Ed002's Note - They are out of the Champions League, so they cannot.}

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30 Dec 2012 18:29:33
dont think we will get any striker in january

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Even if we sign ten strikers with williamson and perchinho at the back we'll be down in three months!

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30 Dec 2012 18:07:48
ba not going to chelsea agents want him to.. ..but he wants to go to psg .... newcastles g carr has been monitering there squad very closely they have a number of very good players that are not getting game time and could do a very good job for nufc

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Can't activate release clause. Chelsea not a CL club.

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Psg is not interested in BA, he loves them as a fan i havent read about their love for him anywhere!

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30 Dec 2012 16:00:13
Ed can you explain what is supposedly happening with regard to Ba and a move to Chelsea?? {Ed002's Note - I know nothing of it. Sorry.}

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Np :)

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He's joining Chelsea on Thursday , they've had enough of one striker and want a partner for Torres

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I agree it looks like its a doneDeal but ive got to be honest i have my suspicions....for the money it will take to shift him (approx 20Mill+) they could get Falcao, Neymar or some other young lad with fresh knees and still retain a big chunk of the value?

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30 Dec 2012 15:26:41
conceding goals left right and center and now ba on his way out it doesn't look very good on the toon lads

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30 Dec 2012 15:20:26
newcastle have asked about van annholt as part of any deal with ba he can be called back from his loan in holland on 31st

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As long as he wants to stay

Ba can go for me , his heads got far too big for his own boots

He needs to remember who took a chance on him , when nobody else would

Greet person

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Great player

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Van has signed not on loan

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He was at us for a month while we were in championship wasnt he?

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30 Dec 2012 14:31:01
demba ba set to meet up with chelski representatives to discuss a move, come to think of it, it's actually quite sad coz of his time here and what he's done, as long as it means we get at least 3 signings, hopefully we can build and do an everton from last season. Hopefully ba leaving will be a blessing in disguise.
Geordie moses

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Remember when andy cole got signed for Man ute, worked out alreet...well for a season or so at least

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30 Dec 2012 13:30:19
other player is from PSG and could be lugano but not sure

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If it were PSG (which I doubt) my guesses would be Sakho/Gamerio
I'd be over the moon with Sakho but then again. Probably not.

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Debuchy on his way

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If it is PSG I reckon it is Gameiro to replace Ba, rather him than Remy. I just hope it is not Erdinc, is he still at PSG?

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No he moved

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We had the chance to sign gamerio 2011 but he turned it down because he didnt think he could break through premier defences

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30 Dec 2012 13:14:10
Debuchy to join on Tuesday. Done deal. Finally.

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30 Dec 2012 12:51:03
I don't know why we didn't go for bassong in the summer? he's a quality defender, amazing ariel threat and only 26. Ed, are we still linked to that left back Massadio Haidara so we can switch santon right back? What are the chances? {Ed001's Note - I have not heard of any recent links with Haidara, you have been linked with Marseille talks, I expect the stories to be it is Fanni you are looking at (purely because the papers will love the name). In my opinion it is Lucas Mendes you have inquired about, though I have not been given a name, just that it is a full back. Having looked closely at the squad, I can't see another player that would fit the type of player Newcastle are looking at, though it is just an educated guess, rather than it is 100% him, so bear that in mind.}

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Bassong?? he already let us down once, We made him and he turned his back on us.

Forget that, Would take anyone over him. No player is bigger than any club.

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30 Dec 2012 12:50:08
two players will be on tyneside on thursday to sign..... both play in france... NO NAMES YET.... friend does not want the sack

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Debuchy is one of them. The other will probably be Remy

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First player is Pepe and the second is Le Peu !

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Aubameyang is the other player comes from saint etienne he s 23 scored 28 in 74 starts cheaper than remy that's why we r getting him

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Aubameyang, Remy would be ideal, but lets be honest we really need to block up the mickey mouse defence first.

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30 Dec 2012 12:13:31
Ed what are the chances of January moves to Newcastle for:
1) Debuchy
2) Mirin
3) Remy
4) Sissoko
{Ed002's Note - (1) Newcastle are still interested in Debuchy, a player that Lille accepted an offer for back in July but it never happened. The interest remains but a firm offer needs to be put to the club and player that can be accepted. (2) Perhaps, but I suspect it has some way to run. (3) Chelsea, Spurs, Newcastle, Everton and Lille have shown varying degrees of interest in Loic Remy but there have been no approaches to Marseille regarding Remy from Liverpool or from QPR who appear to be the latest club linked with the player. There was discussion with Chelsea about Remy during the negotiations over Azpilicueta but it came to nothing. Remy would perhaps be interested in a move to England but his recent form has been poor and Marseille know it will be difficult to get a good price for the player. Newcastle will very likely complete the transfer of Remy in January, although there is a slim chance that they might face opposition from Everton who made a recent approach to Marseille about his availability on loan. As far as Marseille are concerned, they have started looking for a replacement. (4) Toulouse's Moussa Sissoko has previously attracted interest from Milan, Arsenal, Lyon, Roma, Genoa, Liverpool and probably Napoli. Damien Comolli went as far as letting Sissoko's agent know that Liverpool saw Sissoko as the ideal long-term replacement for Steven Gerrard - but for some reason the club failed to make the final push to buy the player. Sissoko remains available (as he has done for two years) and Juventus, Newcastle and Spurs have enquired - with a tentative agreement being reached with Newcastle and Juventus over the price. Juve probably have the edge right now.}

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Cheers! Turns out I could've waited on Debuchy, all French media reporting that he's to sign on Tuesday. Came from a Lille based newspaper so pretty reliableI guess given that we've been tracking him for ages.
Reported to be at a cost of 5.5 million / 6 million euros.

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Sissoko has agreed to come to the toon in principle depends on us staying up. Won't happen till the summer as he is out of contract then deal done for debauchee 5m signs on the 1st

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30 Dec 2012 01:23:33
Done Deal - Ba to Arsenal - Henry and Walcott to newcastle/

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I would take that but that won't happen. especially the Henry bit because he is only going to arsenal on a short term loan

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Walcott!!! after that, what would he see in coming to newcastle? haha

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Chelsea .

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30 Dec 2012 00:52:13
Ba, Tiote and BenArfa will be sold this Jan.
DiSanto 6m, Downing10m and Coetes{Loan deal} will come in Jan...And they want Andy Carrol 17m in the summer! From a close contact who works for the club.

Jimmy K

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When will people get the hint that we will not be going for downing?? He's crap. But then again this is mike Ashley we're on about..., , , , ,

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Ba probably will leave and given hoe tiote's been playing I wouldn't mind him leaving

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What an absolute load of rubbish.

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Is that jimmy Kranky..?
Coz your a comedian!

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30 Dec 2012 00:47:22
How can our defence be pretty good one year and the exact same players be awful the next year! Have we changed the way we coach? Or is it simply that there is no competition for places! I hope that in Jan we pick up a CB who an walk straight into the 1st team and Full back who can also play CB. If we dont do any other business and noone leaves I would be happy with that!

Micah Richards on loan would be a decent signing too, he seems surplus at Man City and its always shocked me how he never gets in the england team and is behind Glen Johnson!

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What about logic remy

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They are all injured is why we are struggling this year nothing to do with the coaching.

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S.Taylor was quite good last season but the fact he is now a part time player and is taking longer to come back from his regular injuries does not bode well, I do not like saying this as he is a Newcastle lad but he is a waste of wages.

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