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30 Aug 2013 22:26:54
The problem with the Thauvin deal is he wants to go to Marseille but Lille say they want him to go abroad. Both offers add up to 12m euros. This guy reminds me of Hatem Ben Arfa.


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So a couple of days to go and they bid for a player that Marseille have bid for, knowing full well this kid has openly said he wants to go to Marseille. Sounds like a perfect set up for. Drum roll please. We tried to get him over the line blahblahblah.

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31 Aug 2013 16:12:42
Post above, its cause Lille don't really want to sell him to a rival. But I read from a fairly reliable French news source on twitter that they might be willing to sell to Marseille now.

Probably just using us to start a bidding war.

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30 Aug 2013 20:57:55
Reports in france that we have bid £10m for Florian Thauvin. so we have curent player on strike and trying to sign one striking at his present club. priceless well done jfk.

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If you remember Ben arfa went on strike to force a move through and most fans love him so.

You can't tarnish all players with the same brush.

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He's on strike to come to us! He is an amazing young player I've wanted him at the toon for a couple year, he will be world class in a few year!

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Just what we need -tho I wouldn't worry as I think this is the player they will use as the excuse '-we tried to sign a top class player but didn't manage to get the deal over the line in time -but we tried as we are an ambitious club!'

Sounds familiar?

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It's not true, Lille have confirmed that Toon are interested but not made a bid.

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We could have got him for half the price this time a year ago, but to be fair, he probably would be sitting playing xbox with Amafiltano by now with Pardew working on his development.

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You guys are a waste of space you come on here whining and bitching we don't sign anyone then when we bid for a very good young player its not good enough, why don't you go take your mindless gloomery and support bognor regis then complain about the team

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Show me the proof we have even made a bid for anyone? Or stop your bleating gums slapping together.
Who the hell do you think you are. ?
I pay for the opportunity to comment on the club, I pay well infact.
So as far as I'm concerned I can say what the hell I want about this regime, because I pay for the privilege.

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30 Aug 2013 19:42:55
Cabaye starts tmorrow, FACT

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I wouldn't start him, no chance. He is nowhere near as good as some people think. The last game I seen him have a good game was the 3 nil win against man u. 2 decembers ago, nowhere near world class. 3 or 4 good games a season. Who else doesn't have 3 or 4 good games per season?

Geordie Al

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Did you not watch Chelsea at home last season? Cabeye is class spoilt by our negative football

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The post above, don't do a JFK, spell his name correctly at least! Initial post, are you Pardew? How do you know who's starting tomorrow? Doilham.

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30 Aug 2013 19:11:10
West Brom now in for Moses of Chelsea. And where are we?
Again too slow and not looking at the right players.

Moses would be a great creative wide players for us and has already proved he can perform in the BPL.

Our transfer dealing/policy is just a joke along with Kinnear!

Best we can hope of with this current squad is to finish 17.

Chelsea have amazing players sat on the bench that would get straight into our first team.

Why is so easy for me to see yet Kinnear and Pardew cant.

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Because this is the real world not fifa. We can't just go around making random offers for anyone who's available.

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30 Aug 2013 18:50:59
could big sam be interested in cabaye West Ham United have just lost their midfielder for the season and are looking for a replacement

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Will only go to a team in Europe which as we all know Pardew doesn't want!

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No it will be someone like Sh ameobi or Dan Gosling

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Thauvin offer made between 10and 12 mil

Not sure if we will get him though

But you never know

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Westham lost diarra a defensive midfielder they have diame/collison for that position so defo not looking cabaye.

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30 Aug 2013 18:33:15
Cabaye now staying unless a ridiculous offer comes in, the club and the player will make an apologetic speech after the window, Gomis looking very likely but still having issues with agent fee, expect it to go through, expect a surprise winger too, I can't name him as yet although in honesty he's a bit of a has been but it's better than nowt. Last but not least there's a lot of talk of a Singaporean consortium looking to buy the club, hence the lack of activity but it's very realistic, they're not going to be 'man city' esque money but they do have funds and at least 3 are toon fans, I'm not posting facts, just what I heard. Peace out homies,

Chicken foot man abroad

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At least you're not making ridiculous claims and typing FACT after it (which as we all know makes any statement true) and it makes a nice change to see something positive instead of overly negative rubbish from so called 'fans'

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Do you mean fans who weren't thrilled at finishing 16th with a poor manager and an even worse D. O. F What exactly are we missing here?

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A decent thread for a change, well done chaps. I hate it when people write FACT as if this makes us believe the tosh they spout.

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