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30 Apr 2013 17:48:48
Cisse is off to Sunderland next season. Wants to play prem football.


So he won't be going to Sunderland then.

Silly post am a sunderland fan and although I would like cisse at sol there is no chance, and although its going to be close I think there is enough in either team to at least get the points required to both be in premier league next season

Sunderland fans honestly heres a few figures for you.

League Wins
NUFC 51 - 41 SAFC

We have a total of 53 wins over you, while wonderland only have 45.

We have done the double over yous 9 times with our last one been in 2005-2006
to Sunderlands six and there last one was 1966-1967
(where they did win 0-3, so it only took 47 years for them to do it)

We have won the most consecutive derby day wins been 5 from 24 Feb 2002 - 17 Apr 2006

WE have the highest attendance at the derby been 70,000, and the game was postponed

Wonderland have the lowest attendance to a derby only 5,000

It all so took you around 17 years to beat us at SJP and do you not remember it took you 28 years to beat us at our place.

So yer, enjoy your time in the sun. As you can see it takes you best past for 30 years to have anything to brag about, anything to be happy about, and most importantly it takes you over 30 years to get one over on us!

I thought the derby banter was just about finished, you are obviously still in the huff about it, move on man.

Is that the end of your history lesson you forget to mention the last time you won anything domestic which will be 60 years ago in 2015

Im nufc fan and it really bores me when fans argue whos the biggest club, my clubs bigger than yours etc it makes me think i'm talkin to 5 year olds. all I want from my team is to be entertained, 100% effort from players and to see good local lads getting a chance and to win some games along the way, at the moment were getting none.
the difference between us and mackems is we want our team to win first and foremost.
and the mackems are more interested in us losing rather than themselves winning.

Lol god he really is bitter and still hurting isn't he. Stop crying about it man united were outplayed and outclassed in the derby so what. I don't judge beating a team that has won nothing for nearly 60 years as a form of success anyway.

I would rather beat Manchester United once than newcastle five times.

I would have djibril cisse but not pappis offside wasteful with chances cisse.

*Stop crying about it man united were outplayed and outclassed in the derby so what.


Great Fans Sunderland ARE! NOT!

I am a Newcaslte Fan from Manchester and I went to the last Man United Game last season at Sunderland.

Sunderlands team were doing a lap of honor while Sunderlands Fans cared more about doing the MCFC Posnan with there backs turned to there own players to kinda rub it in Man United Faces.

Fare play if its wasnt the last game of the season but missing your teams lap of honor to do another teams celebration is a joke.

Just shows how loyal the sunderlands fans really are. Funny how only 2 weeks ago Di canio was the top dog now he's a rotten apple.

Pre Mature Sunderland fans as usual. Think way to far ahead!.

Who said dicanio is a rotten apple?the sunderland fans are well behind dicanio and see him as a long term manager of the club, we buy into he's vision and we back him 100%.

Can you say the same think about Pardew?.

Sunderlands fans are not great?lol, and I suppose newcastle fans rioting and hitting horses after losing a game of football are great fans?, or Manchester united fans last week after winning the league didn't even celebrate, looking at them in the crowd they were yawning and not seeming bothered. Because they are glory supporters and don't give a toss.

He is a toon fan from Manchester?Yes ok mate, you have fooled us all, deary, deary me.

I am actually a Newcastle Fan from Manchester, I have supported Newcastle for Over 20 Years, I highlighted were I was from to show that Newcastle Fans Exsist Everywhere.

Sunderlands fan base is in Sunderland ONLY!! I've Never been abroad and seen any Sunderland Fans, Have YOU?

Plently of Newcaslte, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U & City etc but NO Sunderland.

Simply a Poor Fan Base and Poor Team.

Ohh and I have been posting on here for Years about Newcastle, No one has ever doubted which team I support.

Even though I was born in Manchester, I bleed Black & White and have been a completely loyal season ticket holder for around 15 years.

driving from Manchester to watch the toon every other week is a commitment in itself because of the distance. i'm Newcastle Through and Through and will be till the day I die.

Mate are you for real, are you being serious or is this a wind up?, if your serious i'm worried for you, your from Disneyland, deluded, living in your own world.

Sunderland have supporters groups all over Britain, Manchester branch is big, you should know that. Sunderland have the biggest supporters branch in London for non London clubs bar man utd. I know I'm in it and was in manchester branch ten years ago. Sunderland also have supporters groups all over the world.

Do you also know that only 12% of sunderland season ticket holders come from the city of sunderland. So who are the 88% that LIVE OUTSIDE OF SUNDERLAND coming from if as you say all our fans come from sunderland oNLY.

So getoff your high horse and look at the facts.


I was born in southend lived in manchester now London and I'm a season ticket holder as are myfamily all born insouthend but all sunderland fans me, my dad, four brothers, Also yes I have been to milan so your argument is rubbish.




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