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02 Sep 2013 21:33:31
Nobody in by 11pm. The next few days will bring in out of contract Carlton Cole

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We are now officially the only premier league club not to sign anyone permanently this summer -embarrassing and shame on you Kinnear
Do us a favour and resign

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What shefti ququi has even turned Kinnear down

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Our club is now a total joke and run by muppets!

I will not be going to watch anymore games until Ashley, Kinnear and Pardew have gone.

We are now going to be favourites to be relegated. But when we are will still be stuck with the same old w**k**s and will lose what few good players we have.

Am so depressed.

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Never going to sign anyone, harper, Simpson & perch leave, there's just enough off the wage bill to pay for Remy loan, sorry but true

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Oh dear oh dear lololololololol

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We are in a mess, everyone happy Kebab is staying but remember this is the bloke who refused to play for NUFC and its fans. I don't want him here I a will let him know during every game he plays.

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A) He's got no reason to be loyal to us, he's only been here for 2 seasons.
b)Do you blame him for wanting to leave considering the state the club's in under Ashley, especially for one that get's regular champions league football in a world cup year?
c) He's just about our best player, why on earth would you be stupid enough to abuse him when the best we can do now is get behind the team and support them.

All we can do now is sit back wait to see if anything happens in January, no matter how unlikely, and pray that we have a good season and that Ashley sells the club a. s. a. f. p

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I don't for one second start to think that we will be relegated this season, we do have a decent squad with some cracking players. But I am so appalled by this transfer window. I mean they keep telling the fans Newcastle are doing well financially, we're one of the better ones in the league, and with the new tv deal coming in you'd expect us to be having some cash to spend. Yet we spent £0mil on transfers that doesn't sound like a team who is doing well financially at all to me, either someone is lying, or someone is stealing.
Get these Cockney THIEVES out of my club!

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90 minutes silence at next home game. Not a single word.

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"Don't think for one second that we will be relegated"

Why we had more players last year and we nearly were!
WE have lost people and not replaced them (Ba Simpson, Perch), if we get injuries and cards we will not stand a chance of staying in the league!

You are a fool for thinking that we stand a chance of staying in the league. WE NEEDED MORE PLAYERS AS WE HAVE BEEN LOSING THEM FOR YEARS! and never brought in replacements!

our strike force is a joke, couldn't hit the target from three yards! The only forward to score this season is SHOLA

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We are doing well financially it's just because each season Ashley seems to be spending less and less on transfers which you'd imagine is where most of a club's spending occurs (look at spurs spending over £100 million)

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Norwich fan here in peace and support.
You guys are the most loyal fans i've ever met and I for one can't believe the way you treated.
50,000 every home game, b&w shirts everywhere and you end up with Joke Kinnear and an owner that doesn't know how to run a cult club.
Your club is genuinely liked across the country btw.

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''WE have lost people and not replaced them (Ba Simpson, Perch), if we get injuries and cards we will not stand a chance of staying in the league!''

Ba = Replaced by Gouffran & Remy, that is 2 replacements for 1 player.

Simpson = replaced by Debuchy.

Perch = replaced by Haidara & Mbiwa.

Try again.

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And who comes in when these players are injured of banned?
Try again.

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02 Sep 2013 20:59:37
Shane long available for 5 million would he be worth a punt oh sorry he's on his way to a bigger club HULL

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Jordan rodeds would have been better 6 mill plus ad ons by Wigan it's a steel

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Remy, Cisse and Gouffran are better. Campbell needs more games.

We do not need Long.

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I would genuinely happily take him, anyone but Shola.

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Look at some of the bids that could have been done at a relatively low cost
Ba loan
Lukaku loan
Long 5m
Rhodes 6m

Shows a total lack of ambition or effort by the club -only one word can describe it PATHETIC

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For the people mentioning Rhodes, Wigan apparently bid 6m (which Whelan denies), Blackburn paid 8m for him, there is no way in hell he would leave for that much, it would take closer to 15m, which is ridiculous for a Championship striker.

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Gouffran is shocking. Long and Rhodes are twice as good as him.

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Lukaku was £5 mill for one season, hardly a low cost

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02 Sep 2013 20:49:33
ba looks like staying as lukaku on his way to everton on loan ssn

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02 Sep 2013 19:43:03
chelsea reject offers from spurs and arsenal for ba but say they have agreed terms with an unnamed premiership club but players preference is a champ league team what u think guys

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Prem club is west ham!

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Not you lot, probs west ham

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West ham my betting -they are loaning out a striker to Norwich

Don't get your hopes up -we have finished. well we never started I'd we!

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How many times do we have to say it Ashley will not spend the money he wants to sell and then buy rangers he is not interested in the Magpies I do not think he ever was

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As if Ba would go back to West Ham after he left for free. Ba totally merc'd West Ham, he even got in to a fight with a fan because he would not give his signature at a Xmas party.

Ba is and always has been out for himself. I know in this sport that you have to look out for number 1 as a career can be short, but Ba has always been sneaky. Never liked him, even though I enjoyed his goals.

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02 Sep 2013 16:36:03
Looks like we are getting kante of Caen not sure how good he is but owt will do

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No use making stories up. There is absolutley nothing no where about that.

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Source French football news m8 we have just put a bid in and has been withdrawn from the Metz game so get your facts right before you dismiss it

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Full name?

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Doubt this he's 34 years old

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We are buying nobody, no bids received for cabaye , what an anti climax

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He is 22

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I have not seen anything on this one either no indication on Le equipe or any of the other french sites. Newsnow. co. uk are not reporting anything other than sports direct news are suggesting a late bid from Manchester United for Cabaye.

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Ngoni kante age 22

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Always the same did we expect any different from jo (k) e master newcastle are a joke the only thing perfect about our club is the support we deserve better were by far the best fans in the world yet were all a laughing stock to everyone else its heart breaking

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What position is he? If he's not a striker or a winger we should not bother.

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Lovely attitude that mind! Anything will do!

You sound just like the owner and JFK!

Panic buying is worse then not buying!

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What annoys me and probably other Newcastle fans is the lack of info from the club, utter contempt towards the fans, Being a Newcastle fan it is all lows and no highs

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As I've said only way to get message across is for the whole home support to walk out with 20mins left in the next home game and protest outside only way ashley will get the message

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Ben arfa's goal was a high

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Better message is not to turn up full stop -hit Ashley where it hurts -in his pocket -that's the only way to get through to fat cat Ashley

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NO! WE have been through this before.
You walking pout of the game takes support away from the lads playing, and they are not the ones in the wrong.

There is very few ways to get at the owner, as they normally have something in the way which protects them. let's just home for a strong season with what we have, and HOPE TO GOD HE SELLS in the summer!

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If we hurt the team by not turning up to 2 or 3 games in order to force Ashley out then so be it. What would you rather have? Support the team every game and keep Ashley or abandon them, leading to what could be 2 or 3 losses, and force Ashley out because he won't stay if it starts becoming unprofitable for him to do so. Also it would take more than not going to games, it would have to be a complete boycott. That means no games no buying merchandise, no watching on tv, absolutely nothing.

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Fickle the guy who says no we've been through this before, yeah we have and one good season everyone started kissing ashleys rear end now look at us, walking out during the game and ashley watching would have much more effect and send out a much bigger statement on tv let's face it easier to make happen than a total boycott

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Just go to away games, the away team gets little to no gates.

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No not even away games. It's all or nothing. Any action against Ashley would be pointless if you're still going to half the games.

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Never going to happen, most fans who make these statements: 1. do not hold a season ticket. 2. Probably do all there clothes shopping in Sports direct. 3. After a couple of wins will be back onside with Ashley.

Unfortunately the best options will be things like peaceful protests outside the ground that blocks team buses getting through on match days where we are due to be on TV. We prevent the game club gets heavily fined and we lose TV money.

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If you think any action would be pointless you obviously don't understand the effect it will have, do you think ashley would be comfortable watching a stadium slowly emptying before his eyes the damage it does to him especially if it happened over a few games would be immense

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Seeing as Ashley already has all the season ticket money the only way to protest is by spending nothing inside the stadium.

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02 Sep 2013 16:33:02
The 1 good thing about our failings in this window is we will never hear from JK now until January. I guess that is a positive.

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We haven't heard from him all summer so I doubt it makes a difference if he starts talking in jan!

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I wouldn't be that sure. Could be back as our manager. I think it was Ashley tactis all day. Buy nobody and when we do have a negative attitude from the fans towards pardew stop them for expressing it as they'll be to scared his replaced by jfk. All that to maximise the advertising of sports direct. I say I love footlocker & JD :)

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02 Sep 2013 14:56:29
Newcastle considering move for Watford keeper Jonathan bond

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Thats because krull on his way out so elliot will be number 1

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Day of work for this, not being funny, why do we expect any players? The only person we have signed is jokeinear!

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Sell krul and we will be playing championship football next season, even Ashley and joke can't be that stupid???

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Ashley and joke don't give a toss about the club -all they are interested in are themselves

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Why can't we go for Jordan Rhodes? Better than what we got, but no we let Wigan go for him, pathetic nufc

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I see that MA is trying to promote a cabaye sale to man united via the sports direct site -he must feel a bit short changed pocketing the 60m TV money -must want another 20m just to top it up

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02 Sep 2013 14:33:50
And. there is newcastles 1st deadline target and soon to be there first buy of the 2013/14 season put your hands together for Jonathon Bond!

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JFK thought he was buying James his brother

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Board is a joke!

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3rd choice goalkeeper young lad aswell I think you'll struggle to get him in aswell. Elliott is young himself and krul also

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Elliot is older then Krul

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02 Sep 2013 14:13:46
man u getting harrera, so no cabaye for them either

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Strange haven't heard a dicky bird from Joe Kinnear today
Guess he's realised he's been talking out of his arse all summer -may be the penny has dropped that he is a complete and utter failure

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I think it may be the opposite. he has succeeded in exactly what Ashley had wanted him to do. that is to bank all the tv money and get through a window without signing anyone.


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02 Sep 2013 13:05:00
if were gona sign a striker only options I see left are
moussa sow
demba ba
emmanuel adebayor
jermaine defoe

im not saying were gona sign any of them just there only realistic options available but club are silent not hearing anything personally wldnt mind sow he's a beast n good scoring ratio

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Sow my first choice, that's if we sign anyone

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Adebayor lol. Shola is better than Adebayor and that is saying something.

If we were bringing a player in, tv would have got wind of it by now.

It looks like our business is done for the summer, considering we got bargains in the last mid season window, the club could be looking to do business again then.

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And carlton cole.

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Ba going to arsenal, ince spurs, your getting no1 lol

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Arsenal after ba, spurs after ince and loaning him back, u lot not watchin ssn? funny how david craig at the aol because that's where the action is, u won't get any1 apart from an academy player lol

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I'd rather no one come in than spend 20 mil on 12. yes that's TWELVE players. by the way, how's your season so far?

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By the way. David Craig is at SJP. so your talking bollox.

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Hes at sunderland

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02 Sep 2013 12:48:58
Mike Ashley let yohan cabaye listen to phone negotiations when arsenal stated 25 million is a lot for a reseve player cabaye will not be going to arsenal or Psg and is concentrating on first team appearances for Newcastle to hopefully get picked for the squad for the World Cup

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So we are recording phone conversations then
What ever next

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Have to admit I thought b******* also but its a story doing the rounds at the moment.

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Don't believe the press

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02 Sep 2013 12:39:01
loic remy now rebailed until 23rd november 2013

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02 Sep 2013 12:36:00
A picture on twitter of a toon shirt with the number 31 GOMIS. This from a lad who claims to work at NUFC and has been told to make the shirt up and give it to reception. This is after the Lyon chairman claims he is staying. Most likely rubbish but fingers crossed.

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I've checked the lads previous tweets and never does he state working at nufc. Actually quite abusive towards MA and hierarchy so doubt he really works there

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The shirt hasn't been made up properly either, the letters and numbers are just set on top, it hasn't been printed

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He states I may lose my job for this and I need to take it to reception. I think the clue in those 2 sentences to suggest he works there. Total rubbish though he followed it up with a picture of Gouraff shirt.

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Just be some guy in a random sports shop having a laugh.

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is saying people rung the club and have never heard of this guy

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Ferguson no. 31

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02 Sep 2013 11:58:54
TOM INCE in his wonga kit already, just need to change the colour,, sorted. one striker and i'd be happy! must have prem experience tho, not sure who

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02 Sep 2013 11:31:17
Reports from Turkish media that Newcastle have made a bid of �12million (euros) for Fenerbache's Moussa Sow. Please get him in. Quick, lethal a complete striker.

Other reports say that Newcastle have enquired about Tom Ince and made a bid of �12million euros for Florian Thauvin, but face competition from Arsenal and Marseille.

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Thauvin is signing for marseille fee agreed 15mil euros

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Bids lodged for Sow, McCarthy and Ince. Expect this to break on tv within the hour. We left it late but if we get these three over the line, expect a good season.

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Get real
Sow in turkey so no way can he get here in time even if bid was accepted

Ince has stated he is staying at Blackpool after spurs 10m bid rejected

McCarthy -18m bid rejected by Wigan from Everton -we will never spend that much again on a player

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£18m was not the rejected fee at all. Wigan value McCarthy at £13m, which Everton didn't match.

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4th post private jet? there might be a bid accepted we might be keeping the media out of it

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Sow wouldn't need to be here to complete a deal get real ozils having his medical in germany

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02 Sep 2013 11:24:06
OUTS - 0.7m
Steve Harper - FREE (Hull City)
Danny Simpson - FREE (QPR)
James Perch - 0.7m (Wigan)
Obertan - LOAN
Gosling - LOAN

Loic Remy - LOAN (QPR)
Moussa Sow - 11m (Fenerbache)
Tom Ince - 8.5m (Blackpool)

Starting 11:

Debuchy, M'Biwa, Coloccini, Santon
Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Sissoko, Ince

Subs: Elliot, Taylor, Haidara, Anita, Marveaux, Gouffran, Cisse

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02 Sep 2013 10:36:07
lyons president just confirmed gomis isn't leaving today. SSN

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Demba ba is travelling up to north east as we speak he left London about an hour ago

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Where have you heard that from about BA!

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What I like is that the president has actually said on tv that he won't be leaving yet people still click unbelievable on my comment. My post was literally what tv reported, some people generally have no idea

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Ba is on his way to the Sunderland training ground to discuss years loan

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Arsenal are after ba on loan so we nor Sunderland will get him, they want 3 million for 1 years loan deal

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Ba wouldn't go to Sunderland anyway. If he had a choice of us and them for a years loan, he'd obviously come here.

But he'll want a bigger club than both of us.

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02 Sep 2013 09:58:25
The journel reporting that no incomings today what happend to the best d o football same old story

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Ashley, Kinnear Pardew -get the hell out of our club

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We still have a few hours guys fingers crossed

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Don't believe a thing the papers say

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Same old, same old. The higher ups knew there wouldn't be any more signings after the Gomis deal went south. But as always, yes man Pardew feeds us the same old lies and empty promises he does every summer. Hate the lot of them.

Pards already has his speech written for Tuesday morning. "Nobody left, squad is stronger than the one that finished 5th. Remy is a massive signing. Couldn't get anyone over the line but we worked hard. "


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02 Sep 2013 09:19:37
Sites reporting our replacement if cabaye is sold is Steven N'zonzi

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So Pardew and JFK have less than a few hours to show that they are not the liars and incompetent people they are perceived to be
So long have they said they were active in the market- actions speak louder than words - we have had zero action this year
One word can sum it up INCOMPETENT

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If Cabaye goes, there will be NO REPLACEMENT!

We know the song and dance, we have been here before. Get use to it!

He goes, no one will be coming in to help fill his boots!

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Yeah - so what are we all going to do about it?

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Anita is good enough to fill his boots. Its the lack of depth him leaving would create that worries me.

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I would rather let Anita Harris play than him

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02 Sep 2013 02:46:05
Apparent £15m bid from Arsenal for Cabaye.

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Not to sure now I know there looking for depth in numbers but I rate it as 50/50

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Cant see cabaye going now unless psg make a bid he's over in france for international duty

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No signings today
And cabaye going
Prob 15 mil

Last minute

Said this all along

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02 Sep 2013 00:10:26
Have a really really weird feeling one of our stars is off tomorrow
Krul or Ben Arfa: (

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Wont be hba I think pards gets all wet talking about him but hey he is a good player

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Very few teams will want HBA, He is always injured

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Only stars leaving will be be the ones in kinnears eyes as he dreams of all the players he supposedly tried to sign

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